"What are you laughing at!" Chen Ling was blushed by Lin Feng’s face and knocked on his head again before saying, "Xiaoxue is your own sister this year, and Nianfeng is our adoption. At that time, your father and I were 17 years old. When we first arrived in Tranxing, we were unfamiliar with the language, and Nianfeng’s mother helped us settle down and gave us a lot of help. Later, we learned that Nianfeng’s biological father abandoned both of them when he was born, and Nianfeng didn’t even have a decent name …"
Speaking of which, Chen Ling paused and added, "Good people don’t live long. It wasn’t long before we came to Tranxing to read the wind. My biological mother died of illness and entrusted Nianfeng to us to take care of it, so that he wouldn’t be discriminated against after Nianfeng. He also asked him to follow your father’s surname Lin and I named him Nianfeng."
"Read the wind read the wind …" Windson gently chanting this name, of course, he knows what his mother will do to help the little girl with this name. Doesn’t reading the wind mean missing herself?
Lin Feng felt warm in my heart, but I was a little jealous of this name. Lin Fengyuan was not a generous person. Although he lost his biological parents at a very young age, he was still very happy in general, but he grew up alone with his parents at the age of 7. I don’t know how many kids laughed at him when I was a child, saying that he was a wild child without parents. Even those kids were often crying by themselves, but the word "wild child" left a deep wound in his young heart. Until now, he didn’t want to communicate with strangers.
It can be said that the care and love of parents for that little child over the years should be enjoyed by their own children! With a long sigh, Lin Feng put these careless thoughts behind him and took out the "Crystal House" from the ring and said, "Before we leave, we will take Xiaoxue and the little father and mother. You should rest in the" Crystal House "and I will change a mecha to Tran Star."
Hear Lin Nianfeng Lin Nianfeng call the little Chen Ling and Lin You frowned. After all, they are more than 40 years old. It is easy to hear a trace of jealousy and even a faint hostility from Lin Feng’s tone.
Chen Ling was worried that the two fraternities would not get along well in the future. He just wanted to persuade a forest friend but pulled her.
Although Lin You and Lin Feng have been talking for many years, they have learned something about their own children’s personality. I think it will be counterproductive to persuade them at this time. Let the two brothers contact each other again and again, so he said, "Well, that’s it. Don’t say that you are still quite comfortable in the Crystal House. That guy, Baksinger, was a little annoying when he was just inside. This guy wanted to take advantage of his position and let us give him the cabin. Later, I was beaten by me. I didn’t expect to dare to swear. If your mother didn’t stop me, I would definitely beat this
"What?" Windson immediately frowned and raised the "Crystal House" to look in and see that the researchers he caught all woke up, sitting or lying on the lawn in twos and threes, basking in the sun, and that ugly bald head was among them. In fact, the only move in the "Crystal House" was the "Crystal House" hub, which could not get in without the owner’s permission, but this guy dared to scold his parents for that theory if he wanted to teach him a lesson.
Windson hand refers to the "Crystal House" where the sun shines and the weather suddenly becomes overcast. Before the people inside can react, a flash of lightning falls in the middle of the bald head door, and then a muffled thunder rings, scaring the researchers in the "Crystal House" and fleeing.
A flash kept falling, and every flash hit buck accurately. Wherever he went, the flash followed the past like a tracking missile, which soon blew him black and ragged.
Lin You and Chen Ling laughed for a while, but Chen Ling relented and quickly said, "It’s not good to stop killing people."

"It’s okay. I will teach him a lesson. There will be no danger to his life." Windson adjusted the bald head for a while before sending his parents to the "Crystal House". Then he told them in peace that the pirate fleet outside Tran Star had been pursued and stopped in situ. He found an ordinary mecha in the carrier and flew towards Tran Star again …
Due to those who pursued the "Purple Light" mecha troops and wiped out the pirate fleet, the Lida Democratic Republic was in chaos at the moment and stayed in Lida. All the satellites were destroyed by the pirate fleet under the command of Lin Feng, so Lin Feng easily found a place near Lida Academia Sinica to land and put away the mecha. After his parents gave directions, he came to the villa on the edge of the institute.
The villa area is located on the edge of the research institute. A hill is designed for researchers and their families to prepare beautiful scenery, sober spirit and various unique and elegant villas. There is a small blue lake in the center of the villa area, surrounded by a circle of buildings, which is the entertainment and leisure center of the villa area, various shopping malls, cinemas, gymnasiums and leisure squares.
Because all the people who live here are the scientific and technological elites of Lida Democratic Republic, the defense is also very strict. Apart from the fact that the whole hill is blocked by the army, deputy armed soldiers can be seen patrolling there from time to time in the streets.
After Lin Fengxiu became Yuanying, some advanced spells in the fix-up world can also be used. Because part of it is not surrounded by thick alloy plates and reinforced concrete like Lida Academia Sinica, Lin Fengxiu’s short-distance escape technique broke through the blockade and entered the villa area, swaggering along the commercial center street towards the mountain. No one knows that he is the culprit who will make Lida make trouble.
At the moment, it’s already sunset, and the Huang Cancan light shines on the surrounding buildings, which makes people feel like a dream like a fairyland.
Lin Feng walked leisurely in the villa area, feeling the breeze coming from the face, and his heart was at peace.
Before he found his parents, Lin Feng finally felt that his heart was weighed down by a big stone, so that he could not easily come to the journey of life for a moment. All the good things were faint to Lin Feng, and it seemed that he could not be immersed in it through a thin gauze cage.
At the moment, although a lover in a foreign land is still at the end of the world, his parents’ affection soothed his heart and gave him the courage to believe that he would find his way home, so he was calm and confident, feeling everything around him and trying to make up for the shortcomings over the years.
The breeze is still full of flowers and faint fishy smell in the lake, which makes Lin Feng feel richer than before. Only now can he be sure that he is truly rooted in this world instead of going where the duckweed floats.
Spirit in calm gradually put then in trembling little baby a face of quiet and peaceful unconsciously windson soul and body finally perfect fusion together again, there is no half gap and conflict.
Mind throbbing with keen senses, Lin Feng suddenly felt that he had mastered heaven and earth, and the corner of Xuanobi Avenue gradually melted into the fresh nature and walked in the middle of the street in the eyes of others. This handsome young man all emitted a faint light, which attracted people’s attention. He wanted to see it carefully, but he didn’t feel that he was in this strange feeling, but he didn’t surprise them. It seemed that it was supposed to be so general.
Looking at this handsome young man, everyone feels calm and calm. At this moment, the troubles in life seem to have been thrown out of the cloud without leaving a trace.
However, the quiet and beautiful atmosphere is always so short, and suddenly there is a noise in front of the street, which breaks the peace of the community.
Windson woke up from that mysterious and mysterious feeling and frowned. At a glance, he saw seven grotesque teenagers standing on a jet skateboard and rushing straight at him.
Chapter one hundred and seventy Light snow
Some teenagers are about 16 or 17 years old: not bad, with a brown head and a half fluttering in the wind, a blue eye pupil full of excitement and 34 rings hanging from their ears, wearing a hole-like appearance, which is very rebellious.
Windson stopped and coldly looked at these teenagers yelling at their faces and calm waves.
For teenagers to make trouble, make public their personality and release themselves, Lin Feng doesn’t have much resentment, but he also has a hint of envy and jealousy. But if the other person doesn’t have eyes to get into his own head, Lin Feng doesn’t mind disciplining them for their parents.
In a flash, those teenagers rushed to the front of windson, but there was still no intention to reduce or turn, and windson was set in the middle of the street, and there was no response, like being scared silly.
Just as others screamed, the teenager made a beautiful arc turn sharply, and the teenagers behind him almost clung to Lin Feng’s body one by one, bypassing the teenager and passing Lin Feng. At that moment, Lin Feng saw something playful in each other’s eyes, knowing that this helped to chat and scare himself.
It’s a pity that windson’s strength and experience will be scared by this childish trick? He disdained to sneer at a black wind, which automatically weakened dozens of times. The soul storm quietly blew out of the boy behind him. Suddenly, he felt a dizzy sense of balance in his brain and immediately lost his head. He immediately danced and fell into the mud, and those teenagers behind him were caught off guard and hit each other and rolled into a ball.
At that time, the curses and cries of teenagers "ouch" and "ouch" were intertwined with the laughter of the surrounding residents, which brought a vivid breath to the quiet community.
Windson corners of the mouth slightly cocked up without looking back and stepped forward again. In the spirit force, he "watched" those teenagers complaining to each other and got up, blushing and stepping on the skateboard again and roared away.
Windson didn’t pay attention to these teenagers, but quietly realized his own changes. In a short period of time, he felt as if he had melted into the whole world. Not only did the gap between soul and body disappear, but even the real yuan had a great growth. Is this to say "epiphany"?