I stared at windson in peace and laughed. "Uncle and aunt can just call me in peace."
Although Ann is a little surprised to meet Lin Feng’s parents in this strange place, she doesn’t doubt their identity because of their young appearance. In a street in the Federation of the Earth, two people walk hand in hand and twitter. They look like a pair of good sisters and daughters, probably a mother and daughter, and the same two are like brothers. Men may also be a father and grandsons. The life span of human beings has greatly increased, so it is difficult to accurately judge a person’s age and seniority by appearance.
After introducing parents and Ann to each other, Lin Feng immediately asked, "Ann, you can come here, and you must have entered the meteorite desert layer. What will you go there? It won’t be, will you come to me? "
"Looking for you is one of the reasons. Although you didn’t listen to my command and disappeared into the meteorite desert layer, I also have to bear certain responsibilities to get you back." An said lightly, "In addition, I think it makes sense for you to speak before entering the meteorite desert layer. If you don’t understand that the Chujinjiao pirate group and anti-government organizations can come and go freely in the meteorite desert layer and secretly guard the star field, there is no guarantee. Therefore, I volunteered to Lieutenant General Rand to find out this secret and also came to find all your missing federal soldiers in the meteorite desert layer."
Although An An said it was plain, Lin Fengke guessed how much pressure An An was under when he disappeared, and he felt very sorry for it.
Then in windson constantly ask Ann will she enter the meteorite desert layer epigenetic everything slowly said it again.
On that day, after being prepared in peace, he manipulated the "Harrier" to enter the meteorite desert layer, which can verify the statement that the meteorite desert layer can’t get in. As soon as the "Harrier" entered the layer, it immediately turned around and flew out at a distance of less than 50 meters. Who knows that the previous short distance of 50 meters seems to have become exhausted? The "Harrier" has not been able to fly out for most of the day, so it has to be safe to let "Harrier" again.
After more than ten days, there was no other danger except meteorites or meteorites.
However, when the situation in peace will continue like this, suddenly, the "Harrier" is surrounded by two mecha teams.
These two mecha squads lurked behind a dozen huge meteorites, but the "Harrier" scanning system didn’t exist until they were surrounded by the "Harrier".
After a brief negotiation, the other party let An An keep silent, but An An also confirmed that the other party was sent by an anti-government organization hidden in the depths of the meteorite desert, and could find Lin Feng and all the missing soldiers to find out the situation and location of the other base. An An could not make up his mind whether to surrender or kill them first.
Find the life planet where the anti-government organization is located behind us.
But when Ann was thinking, the mecha operators in the mecha were now surrounded by them. The "harrier style" was actually manipulated by a woman. Suddenly, some men had a bad nature. They kept provoking Ann and spoke some ugly words.
Of course, Ann, the top ten ace mecha manipulator in the Federation, has his own dignity in the face of these provocations and insults. Of course, Ann also wants to give the other party a lesson before starting work, and then she can have a room for manoeuvre. But Ann never imagined that it was these two arrogant mecha squads whose mecha manipulator’s manipulation level was simply worthless.
As a result of the other party’s mistake in a mecha’s operation, when facing your gun in An ‘an, you were at a loss to automatically gather together the key parts of the mecha. As a result, you stopped in An ‘an for a while and didn’t pierce the mecha’s energy and power system. This mecha Ling explosion caused the two sides to have a dead enemy.
Now that you’ve killed in peace, you’re no longer soft. When the other party hasn’t reacted, you take the initiative to attack. With advanced mecha and top manipulation level, you almost wiped out the two mecha squads. Then you followed the two escape mecha into the depths of the meteorite desert, but I didn’t expect to follow them and suddenly disappeared.
Before An Bai came over, the "Harrier" was ambushed many times. Those anti-government organizations’ mecha units always appeared suddenly and disappeared suddenly. Although An Bai fully waved the strength of the top ten federal ace mecha operators in these ambush wars, he was not hit hard and achieved incredible results, but a lot of energy and ammunition consumption also made An An’s situation worse and worse.
Just as the crisis head once again scattered the other mecha squad and tracked it, the "Harrier" suddenly left the meteorite desert and came to a strange star field.
When I first came to a strange star field, of course, I was a little scared, but after years of training, she quickly calmed down. I came to the reconnaissance search, hoping to find a planet where I could replenish my life or determine my position in the universe
Imagine how excited Ann was when she saw Purple Light and those pursuers, so Ann manipulated the "Harrier Style" and slowly approached the battlefield, trying to find an intelligent life that could communicate. Who knew that it was sent by Tran Star by Lin Feng to intercept the mecha indiscriminately, and Ann got the first move. She received the attack and immediately fought back. Like Lin Feng, Ann became more and more familiar with the "Purple Light" attack method during the battle. Finally, she finally couldn’t help but play the communication channel with Lin Feng at the same time, which now manipulated ".
After listening to Ann’s narration, Lin Feng also sighed for a while before sincerely saying, "Thank you in peace, thank you for coming to me in the meteorite desert regardless of your own life, and if it weren’t for you just now, I wouldn’t be so easy to get rid of those pursuers."
"Yes, it’s a good thing Angel School is all right, or I’ll make you look good!" Lin You gave a lecture on Lin Feng’s head. "You should consider the consequences before you do anything. If you don’t listen to your orders, Angel School won’t come here. If you can’t go back to the Earth Federation later, I’ll see how you explain it to Angel School!"
Windson touched his head and dared not do it.
Indeed, if it weren’t for him, he wouldn’t have come here in peace. If he really couldn’t go back later, Lin Feng would certainly be condemned by his conscience.
"Well, it’s also right to come to us before entering the meteorite desert. Don’t talk about him again!" Chen Ling saw Lin Feng’s training and immediately felt distressed and persuaded him. After two sentences, he carefully looked at Ann’s tall figure and a wavy head of gold, which was simply tied into a ponytail emerald. His eyes were as beautiful as ancient Greek statues. Although his face was full of fatigue, his eyes were firm but did not waver. Chen Ling secretly nodded and said with apologies, "It’s a small wind that has troubled you. Don’t worry, we will find a way to let you go home."
In peace, I don’t know if I was blushed by Chen Ling. I quickly said, "It’s okay. Uncle and aunt soldiers have long been prepared to ignore life and death. It’s no big deal that they can’t find their way home at the moment."
Chapter one hundred and seventy-six Missing truth
If only I couldn’t find my way home … "See Ann seems to understand Lin Feng sighed," In fact, we are not in the plane where the Federation is now. "
"Ah?" Ann was surprised when she came to this strange star field, and took it for granted that she had inadvertently passed through a natural wormhole. To determine her position, she would be able to return to the Earth Federation one day in the future. At this moment, after listening to Lin Feng’s words, she realized that she had crossed the plane. If so, it would be difficult to return to the Earth Federation.
Windson and carefully introduced a plane Tran Star to Ann. See Ann, it seems that there are still some who can’t accept it and don’t say more. Let her calm down. Windson believes that the elite in the federal army in Ann will soon be able to adjust.
"What about you, father and mother? Why are you here and not in the anti-government organization base? " Windson turned to look at his parents and asked, this is also a mystery to him.
"Alas …" Chen Ling explained with a long sigh, "Your father and I were kidnapped by anti-government organizations at the beginning, but we heard that none of the scientists kidnapped by anti-government organizations could come back. Remember that you were only 7 years old at that time, and I can’t bear to let Xiaofeng grow up alone. In this case, we have to reveal that your grandfather and I want those guys to get rid of us."
Windson immediately understood that kidnapping two ordinary scientists and kidnapping the daughter-in-law of the chairman of the Federation are two concepts. With the daughter-in-law of the chairman of the Federation, you can definitely get a lot of benefits from negotiating with the earth Federation. But if you take them back as ordinary scientists, you will not get any benefits. I am afraid that you will eventually be hit hard by the war with the Federation.
Compared with each other, everyone can learn from it and make the right choice.
"No wonder I heard that grandpa once paid a ransom, but why did you come to this plane without being put back?" Windson asked incredulously
Lin You and Chen Ling glances wry smile way "maybe this is life, although we don’t know what kind of price your grandfather paid, but the anti-government organization finally decided to let us go, but they were afraid of being arrested by the federal army, and no one would escort us back. Finally, they took us out of the meteorite desert layer and gave your mother and me an escape ship and a coordinate to let us drive the escape ship to the coordinate to meet with the federal support forces …" Speaking of this, Lin You suddenly stopped and took a sip of his coffee.
Lin Feng anxiously asked, "Then what?"
Chen Ling gave Lin You a grumpy look and said, "So your father and I drove an escape ship out, but I didn’t expect to meet a strong meteorite vortex escape ship armor root before we left the outer layer of the meteorite desert. It is impossible to live in that degree of meteorite vortex. We have to enter the layer again in the hope of chasing the anti-government organization and waiting for the meteorite vortex to calm down before they take us out. Who knows that the anti-government organization ship didn’t chase it but came here in a fog …"
"So that’s it." Lin Feng finally understood the truth about his parents’ disappearance, and he didn’t know what to say about it. Perhaps it was God’s will to trick people.
"Okay, Xiao Feng, it’s time to tell me about yourself. How did you come to Tranxing? Even brought a small war fortress? " Chen Ling lovingly looked at windson and asked.
After a period of time, the digestion gradually calmed down. In fact, she had already prepared for the worst before going out. Now she has not only found her own safety, but also found Lin Feng, which is a good result. At the moment, after listening to Chen Ling’s words, Ann also turned her attention to Lin Feng.
"My father and mother must have been detained by anti-government organizations, so I quietly manipulated the mecha into the meteorite desert layer to look for you during the attack on the guardian star by the locust star …" In the following period, Lin Feng selectively told me something about the underworld after he entered the meteorite desert layer. He didn’t say it, after all, it sounded too mysterious. He said that he suddenly regained his self-awareness and took the opportunity to kill Jinjiao and then concealed Jinjiao’s death.
Came to Tran Star
Although Lin Feng was afraid of his parents’ sadness, it was very simple, but Chen Ling still heard tears streaming down his face, holding Lin Feng and sobbing, "Xiao Feng really suffered for you. A person grew up alone and looked for us and experienced so many dangers. If you hadn’t regained consciousness later, I’m afraid we would never see you again."
"It’s okay, mom. Aren’t we together again?" Windson hurriedly advised
"Yes, my wife, don’t be sad. Our son is good!" Windson punched windson’s shoulder and changed the subject with red eyes. "By the way, what happened after you said that the locusts attacked the guardian star?"
The Earth Federation is, after all, his hometown Chen Ling. After a sad meeting, he also looked up at the forest air.
Windson was embarrassed and touched his head and turned to look at Ann. He stole away before the battle was over that day. How can you know what happened later?
Fortunately, in peace, I immediately understood the meaning of windson and laughed. "The day locust star people attacked the troops and were later wiped out by us. Before I left the country, the Federation had already hit Huang Yuanxing, who was continuing to attack the hinterland of the day locust star people. It is estimated that he can still play a few administrative stars."
"Are you? That’s great. It’s best to exterminate the locusts! " Windson waved his fist way
At the beginning, after Huang Yuanxing slaughtered six people in the Earth Federation, the people of the Earth Federation formed a deadly enemy with the people of the Earth Federation. I heard that the Federation had entered the nest of the people of the Earth Federation, and the Lin Feng family could not help but be happy.
Then Ann briefly introduced the situation of a war, and then left for the cabin to rest. She knew that Lin Feng and his parents had just reunited and there must be a lot to say. Besides, she manipulated a small "Harrier" to float in the stars for so long and also experienced several intense battles, which also required a good sleep.
Chen Ling Gherardini immediately after Ann left and said, "It seems that you are really charming. How are you going to treat such a beautiful girl when she comes to you?"
"Mom is not that Ann and I are still good friends so far. I think there must be other reasons why she will go to the meteorite desert to find me, but no matter what her reasons are, I am still very grateful to her!" Windson quickly explained
Although some coquettish narcissism at ordinary times, Lin Feng is definitely not narcissistic enough to admit that all girls will risk their lives for him. He and An An are very fond of each other, but so far they are just fond of each other. Moreover, Lin Feng knows more about An An’s personality. She is a very rational and enterprising girl who will not be fond of her and take risks blindly. There must be other considerations for her to do so.
"Look at you. I think Ann is a good girl." Chen Ling seems to have another plan. She smiled and changed the subject. "By the way, what happened to your later and careful language exhibition? She is your father and I decided to daughter-in-law. "
"Heart-to-heart ….." Lin Feng immediately appeared in his mind. Qin Heart-to-heart that beautiful face was warm for a moment and then it ached again. He lost his news again. Heart-to-heart must be worried to death. There are also jade elder sister Chu Yulan Beibei whose beautiful face flashed from Lin Feng’s mind, which made him determined. Those girls he deeply loves and deeply loves him must find a way back!
Chen Ling looked at Lin Fengfei and changed his expression, knowing that he had touched a sore spot. "Don’t worry, son, this time you got all the sealed high-tech technologies in Lida Democratic Republic, and your father and I will be able to work out a way to go back!"
"Yeah, don’t worry, be careful, I will wait for you." Lin You also advised.
"I’m fine, but we will be able to find a way back!" Lin Fengli waved his fist and said firmly
Later, Lin Feng briefly told his parents about some things that happened during his growth. When he heard that Lin Feng and Chen Jia were reunited, Chen Ling smiled with relief.
The three talked for a long time, and Chen Ling suddenly exclaimed, "I’m afraid we have to go back to Tran Star again!"
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Inexplicable hostility
That’s right! "Hearing his wife’s words, Lin You immediately thought of some bag and cried," Yes, how did we forget Xiaoxue and Nianfeng? "
"What’s the matter? What are you going back to? Who are Xiaoxue and Nianfeng? " Windson doubt asked.
Chen Ling smiled shyly and said, "Xiaoxue and Nianfeng are your brothers and sisters. They are still in Tran Star. We are going to pick them up."