People have common property, so the country can’t monopolize it. Therefore, Lida Democratic Republic, the first powerful country in Taizhong, can’t drive away the mecha from other countries at will. That is to say, in TaiChina, the mechs can come and go at will. In this case, if you want to get the "purple light" country, you can cross the sea and show your magic.
However, it is a pity that there are not enough "purple light" and there are too many countries to want, so it is inevitable that conflicts will arise.
Windson smiled smugly at the chaotic situation in front of him. It seems that the fish in troubled waters plan was a perfect success.
But Lin Feng was also proud for a while, and soon he couldn’t laugh. When "Purple Light" appeared outside the Queen Mother, all the mecha units in the melee seemed to reach some kind of agreement, and they all gave up the fight and jointly exhibited the encirclement and suppression of "Purple Light".
"Mom,’ Purple Light’ is a delicious cake. Can anyone take a bite?" Lin Feng was annoyed that he had finally found his parents, which made him feel good and anxious to go back to the war fortress to share his parting feelings with his parents and enjoy a happy day. Therefore, he didn’t want to get away quickly, but when he saw that these Transtar mecha had overreached him, Lin Feng blew up.
A purple energy beam that was not dazzling drew the prelude to the’ purple light’ counterattack. Three mecha were penetrated by purple energy beams at the first time, two of which were broken down and the energy power system exploded on the spot, and the other one lost the possibility of continuing to fight.
"Purple light" ducked to the right, and the alloy sword pike cut behind him jumped out like a poisonous snake, stabbing the sneak attack mecha with a cool deep red blood bead, which was taken out of the gun and floated in the virtual space.
Auxiliary engine rev "purple light" a strange turn pike cyclotron forced around a few mecha left arm shield pop up a circle with a cold light sword to sell and fly out of the whirling, not far from the two mecha split into four sections.
In less than one minute, the mobile phone armor folded in Ziguang has reached double digits. Ziguang is like a ghost in the star, and then walks away with one blow. The strength of the second generation of control system is vividly displayed in Ziguang, but the first generation of "joystick button" mecha can’t keep up with the attack rhythm of Ziguang. Except shooting a lot of rockets and energy beams to limit the scope of Ziguang’s activities, no mecha can survive three moves in melee.
Take back the arm shield "purple light" engine, and shoot like a purple flash, and abruptly break a mecha that stands in front of it. In the face of such fierce "purple light", the surrounding mechs have retreated to Sanshe for a while, and people dare to take the lead again.
Just as Lin Feng killed very well, the brain gave an alarm. Lin Feng scanned the unified eye in front of him in spite of his busy schedule, and immediately got a fright. Three starships appeared not far ahead. Look at the size, it seems to be a light cruiser and two destroyers. I don’t know which country sent it from Tran Star.
Windson immediately calmed down, even if the "purple light" has advanced energy shields, it can’t stop the starship’s main gun from volley at a time.
"Let’s run quickly." Windson calculated the distance between the three starships and Ziguang, and then manipulated Ziguang to fly in the direction of meeting the pirate fleet.
Because of the previous strong performance of Ziguang, the surrounding mecha were frightened. When Ziguang turned and fled, those mechs didn’t react, so Ziguang easily escaped from the encirclement.
However, these encirclement and suppression "purple light" mecha are, after all, elite troops from various countries, and they quickly rallied to fly out of the three starships with hundreds of mecha and thousands of fighters.
Mecha degrees are always faster than starships, and "purple light" degrees are faster than most chasing mechs. It is said that most of them are because dress knights are mostly unable to outrun rangers.
The exclusive mecha of "Purple Light" forest air continued the fighting style of forest air in design, ensuring the advanced in all aspects, and at the same time paying attention to balance and not deliberately pursuing one aspect to highlight, which led to the "Purple Light" degree being weaker than those of fighter aircraft and armor to be negligible.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Happy to meet
Violet just escaped, and it didn’t take long for those fighters and mecha to come. Fortunately, the difference between these fighters and mecha and Violet is that they are far from long-range weapons, and none of them dare to rush to the front of Violet.
And the third eye of "Purple Light" can’t even be recharged for a period of time every time it is shot. Therefore, there is no good way for windson to attack those fighters and mecha who are pestering themselves like flies, except for shooting down one or two purple energy beams from time to time. Anyway, it is almost impossible to be hit by these mecha volley. "Purple Light" energy shield and armor can be attacked separately.
So the battle gradually changed from the encounter exhibition to the chase "Purple Light" and those too fighter-type mecha were playing and running in front. Because of these guys’ containment of "Purple Light", a large group of fighter mecha could not be left behind, and even the three starships were still far behind, so no one could quickly break the deadlock.
Windson will be safe if he wants to find a way to meet the pirate fleet, but he doesn’t know what these pursuers are doing behind him, but he soon realizes that these guys must be waiting for the "purple light" to run out of energy, so he can capture the "purple light" without blowing off dust.
"ridiculous!" Windson sneer at a even if there is no pirate fleet meet "purple light" that adopt "fairy crystal" as energy power system is enough to run for several years, not to mention there are hundreds of fairy crystals and a lot of food and water in his ring, even chasing the sky, these followers can’t catch themselves.
As time goes by, each side is chasing each other with his own thoughts, and the two sides are still chatting about the flight race in the stars.
In this way, the forest air battle will remain deadlocked until they meet the pirate fleet. Suddenly, a mecha stands in the way of the "Purple Light" flight route. Forest air wants to manipulate the "Purple Light" without thinking, but it is easy to stab the other side with a cool stab. Who knows that the pike in the other side of the mecha’s hand will be set up with a gentle pick, and the "Purple Light" pike will follow the gun and stab your gun directly at the "Purple Light" other side.
Windson heart jump left arm shield blocked each other your gun in the hands of pike a split was easily flashed by each other.
Is just a round windson knew that this mecha manipulator is a top mecha manipulator even the other mecha is first-class stuff.
"Tran Star has such an advanced mecha and such a high-level grader?" Windson some can’t believe the battle gap carefully looked at each other mecha.
At present, the mecha and the "purple light" are almost high, black, smooth and concise. The body is covered with all kinds of scars. It seems that it has just experienced several fierce battles. Behind it, there are a pair of big metal wings that seem a little different at first glance. At first glance, it is like the "angel" in peace, especially the other party, making a pike.
"If Ann comes, the two of us will be able to kill the followers behind!" I don’t know what windson suddenly came up with this idea, but he immediately dumped his head and put this inexplicably idea behind him. He tightened his pike and seriously confronted this tough opponent in front of him.
Gun shadow roaring "purple light" and this winged mecha battle in front made a group of "purple light" excellent performance. The manipulation level of windson’s top mecha can’t solve this opponent in front for a while, and those fighters behind also took the opportunity to chase after it and launched a new round of encirclement and suppression against "purple light"
To tell the truth, although the performance of this mecha is very good at present, it is still a bit worse than that of "Purple Light", but the level of manipulating that mecha operator seems to be not inferior to that of Lin Feng. In the surrounding area, other mechs cooperated with "Purple Light" and fell into the defensive for a short time. This is the last time in this battle, which makes the surrounding mecha operators rejoice and seem to feel that victory is just around the corner.
Even in the face of this unfavorable situation, Lin Feng didn’t feel anxious and fearful. On the contrary, he was more and more surprised, because in front of him, this single-handedly stalled the "Purple Light" mecha, and its fighting style made Lin Feng feel more and more familiar.
When "Ziguang" swept the other side and dodged the snake, he raised his gun and was flashed by "Ziguang". After that, Lin Feng couldn’t help but hit the directional contact and called "An An?"
In windson talk at the same time there was a contact.
The sound "Lin Feng?"
Then there are two surprise sounds on the communication channel at the same time.
"It’s you! You’re here, too? "
"It’s you! Are you so here? "
Windson wry smile I didn’t expect the flood rushed to the Longwang Temple, and one of his own fought. He did not ask what was urgent and said, "Help me kill the destination coordinates hg575659."
"good!" An An firmly said, "As usual, I will attack you and keep it."
Say that finish in peace before windson answer turn your gun a gun will be a hiding behind her sneak attack "purple light" mecha wore a hole.
Lin Feng looked a little surprised that he had joined Transtar’s encirclement and suppression forces for some reason. Although Lin Fengyou was completely sure that he would turn to help himself after knowing his identity in An, he never imagined that turning around in An would be a "friendly" killer. Lin Feng estimated that he was wrong. An and those mecha roots are not a group.
At this moment, windson also didn’t want to manipulate the "purple light" immediately with a quiet pace.
Lin Feng and An An are the top mecha operators in the Earth Federation. The tacit understanding between them has been further strengthened in many battles. Plus, those besieged "Purple Light" mechs did not expect that "friendly forces" would suddenly turn back. Suddenly, Lin Feng "Purple Light" and An An "Harrier" will scare the living hell out of the surrounding mechs into flight.

"Purple Light" and "Harrier" don’t continue to fight, but they quickly rushed to the encirclement and fled to the distance. With the help of an An, Lin Feng no longer fled blindly. Two advanced mecha relied on the advantages of fast armor and strong attack power, and a beautiful counterattack would come from time to time. Before the other three starships in bring up the rear approached, they fled again a few times. Except for those fighters and the type mecha who were still hovering around "Purple Light" and "Harrier", other fighters were afraid to approach and hung far away.
Until now, Lin Feng still had a strange idea like feeling in a dream, which actually came true in a blink of an eye. Ann really came and killed those followers with herself, but Lin Feng and Ann didn’t communicate in the fierce battle until Ann showed the pirate fleet in front, which broke the silence in the communication channel again.
"There are a large number of starships approaching us in front of Lin Feng. Do you want to turn around?"
"It’s okay, that’s to meet us." The top mecha scanning system of "Purple Light" is more advanced than that of "Harrier". Some forest air has already appeared to meet the pirate fleet and has informed the other party of their own situation.
"To meet us? But those starship signs show that they are all Jinjiao pirate fleet. "After guarding the star domain, of course, I recognized those starship signs in peace during World War I, so I was very surprised. If it weren’t for windson’s talk, I’m afraid she would have run away and fought a fleet. It was definitely a death.
See meet fleet coming windson heart replied with a smile, "believe me that’s ok! We’ll discuss it in detail when we’re settled. I also want to know how you came here. "
"Hum, I hope you have a perfect explanation then!" There is no favor for the Jinjiao pirate group who once invaded the guardian star domain with the locust star people.
"Good sir!" Vomitted to stick out tongue funny windson quietly replied that after finding his parents, the heavy burden in windson’s heart has been unloaded and his personality has become much longer.
Ann also smiled in the "harrier style" and finally found Lin Feng in this strange place after all kinds of hardships. She was not in a good mood.
Windson and Ann saw the followers behind them who came to meet the fleet. After a while, they also found that this powerful fleet was not in a good position. Those fighters and mecha who were "Purple Light" and "Harrier" immediately stopped, and the battle armor behind them slowly pressed down. It seems that some people want to negotiate first.
However, at this moment, tens of millions of energy beams of various colors cut through the stars and shot into the mecha group behind them from the side of "Purple Light" and "Harrier". Even the "Purple Light" was too strong to attack with hard-headed naval guns, not to mention the backward mechs of Tran Star.
After the energy beam crossed, clouds of beautiful fireworks exploded in the mecha group behind the "purple light", and both fighter planes and various mechs were devastated.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-five Experience in peace
Then thousands of pirate mecha and ten thousand fighter planes flew out of the fleet and rushed to the remaining troops opposite.
Windson secretly funny want to negotiate with pirates? You must have the corresponding strength, or you will surrender or perish.
The pursuers finally knew that something was wrong. Their side was no match in terms of fighting capacity and quantity. How dare they fight? It’s hard to get out of the yard when you turn around and want to escape. How can pirates just let each other escape easily? One by one, "whoa" shouted and rushed to chase after the "purple light" ass. All the troops were either destroyed or captured. Even the three starships in bring up the rear were destroyed and two were captured. If it wasn’t for Lin Feng who didn’t want to bring harm to the people of Tran Xing Gu, I’m afraid these pirates would have been hitting Tran Xing all the time.
And before the end of the battle, Lin Feng and Ann were already drinking delicious drinks in a luxury cabin in the flagship. Lin You and Chen Ling were also sitting beside Lin Feng.
"Father and mother, this is the top ten ace mecha manipulator in Angel School-the chief instructor of the mecha manipulator in the Central Military Academy is also my chief officer and good friend." Said Lin Feng, pointing to his parents, and introduced them to Ann. "This pair of handsome guys and beautiful women in Ann is my parents, and I must enter the meteorite desert layer just to find them."