"Yes," explained Lin Feng, pointing to the researchers in the crystal ball who were lying on the grass like ants in front of the hut. "You see those researchers have all been put in by me."
"It’s amazing." Chen Ling carefully touched the crystal ball and sighed.
"Well, if you say it, it must be, but let’s go first." Lin You turned to windson and ordered, "Be careful when you go out."
Windson nodded, trying to send his parents to the "Crystal House". Suddenly, he seemed to think of something. First, he took out a backpack from the ring, and then he kept stuffing all kinds of drinks and snacks into the backpack.
"Xiaofeng, what are you doing?" Chen Ling felt that it was so mysterious that he hadn’t seen him for years, and his every move was unbelievable.
Windson handed the backpack to Lin You, pointing to the hut in the crystal ball, and smiled. "The layout in this hut is so crude. I estimate that these snacks and drinks will be given to you and those researchers when you are going to stay here for a while. Later, I will put in some furniture to make you more comfortable. By the way, when these researchers wake up, you don’t have to explain anything to them. Just pretend that you just wake up and don’t know anything like them."
Although Lin You was very moved by Lin Feng’s filial piety, after listening to his words, he still couldn’t help but knock a smile on his head and scold, "What should you do, smelly little? Don’t your parents know? Do you still have to tell me? "
Lin Feng touched his head and giggled. Over the years, he used to be arbitrary and inadvertently exposed his sex in front of his parents. However, Chen Ling gave her husband a white look and said, "Son is also good for us. What do you think he is doing?"
Lin Youke nai sighed and suddenly frowned and said, "By the way, Xiaofeng, if you have something, try to go to the 67th floor, where there may be something we want."
"The 67th floor?" Lin Feng asked strangely, "Is there a 66-story Lida Academia Sinica?"
"No" Chen Ling also calmed down and explained, "Xiao Feng, it should have been a while since you came to Tran Star. It should be seen that there is some imbalance in the science and technology exhibition on this planet." Seeing Lin Feng nodded, she added, "After your father and I have studied the star field around Tran Star over the years, there is a place where the plane barrier is very weak. We all came to Tran Star from there through the plane. Since we can come, there must be many intelligent life who can come here, and Tran Star Technology.
It seems a little deformed, and it is estimated that it is just like those of us who are wise by accident. "
"It’s really possible." Lin Fengshen nodded his head. If there are no external factors, a planet with intelligent life can’t appear so chaotic and deformed in the science and technology exhibition. This is also the main reason why the Galactic Major League stipulates that Gawain race is not allowed to interfere with the low-level race exhibition. It is not good to pull out the seedlings.
"So many intelligent life will bring all kinds of advanced technologies when they come to Tran Star, and some top technologies can’t be digested by Tran Star’s scientific and technological level. Therefore, the governments of various countries in Tran Star have sealed these technologies, and the most powerful country in Tran Star, Lida Democratic Republic, of course, has the most top technologies …"
Lin Feng immediately interrupted in vain, "Mom, do you mean that Lida has hidden all these technologies in the 67th floor of Academia Sinica?"
"Yes, this is a secret that few people know. Lida is hiding here. There are some things in the 67th layer technology that are even more profound than our earth federation … that’s the case with less geography!" Chen Ling said seriously.
"Well," Lin You added, "Although the papers that that guy Buck presented were written by your mother and me, some of the theories and technologies involved were brought by him. We were originally developed by him, and later he learned the 67th secret when he made a drunken gaffe."
"I see. I’ll go and have a look."
"Xiao Feng should be careful. If the face defense is too tight, forget it. When your father and I arrive in Tran Star, we will study plane science. It is not important to be able to go back to you one day. Now that we have been reunited as a family, it is not important whether we can go back!" Chen Ling lovingly looked at his son don’t trust repeatedly charged.
"Well, you can rest assured that I am a white mother!" Feeling his mother’s deep love, Lin Feng felt that his nose was somewhat calculated and quickly agreed to send his parents to the "Crystal House".
Then windson considered for a moment and returned to the ladder.
Since there is a 67th floor, there must be a place to go to Windson. After looking at the dashboard in the ladder for a long time, I also found the 66th floor button.
After skimming the pie mouth, Lin Feng pressed this button first. When the ladder moved, he searched in the ladder again and soon found a dark board.
Dark board windson low curse up immediately.
The dark board is a keyhole!
Lin Feng never thought that there was an old-fashioned keyhole in Lida Central Research Institute full of high-tech style. After careful study for a while, Lin Feng had to admire the designers of the research institute. This is a special secret, and a chip with special material and shape can be used to play. In other words, this machine is a key-shaped chip.
Lin Feng, a device that combines ancient anti-theft technology with high technology, was a little helpless at the moment. Maybe he can crack this machine part or refine it, and immediately get a key out. But the key is that he can’t figure out the shape of the key. Exploring the key hole according to the spirit, the machine is very simple and complicated. The simple one is because Lin Feng has more than ten shapes of keys that can be played, and the complicated one is because there are too many shapes of keys that can be played, but people don’t know which one to play.
In most cases, it is well known that a lock can be hit by one shape key, but when a lock can be hit by multiple shape keys, it is said that it has lost its most basic anti-theft effect. It is not surprising if it is placed somewhere else, but it is necessary to think about it in the most confidential place in Lida Central Research Institute.
Lin Feng believes that one of the more than ten kinds of keys can be played, and other keys are expected to touch the alarm system.
I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and I’m cruel. Since I can’t do it skillfully, it’s foolhardy!
Of course, you should protect yourself before you go wild. It’s not easy for a family to reunite, but there can be no more problems.
Although has reached the yuan baby strength has been greatly improved, but windson took out a set of special warfare team from the ring to strengthen individual armor to wear in the old partner-from the energy shield to the weapon, he can take it from the ring at any time.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two 15 seconds
After taking all protective measures, Lin Feng waited until the ladder reached the 66th floor and Liyuan bent down and punched the ladder floor.
After the "bang", the strength of the yuan infant fix true person was waved incisively and vividly by Lin Feng, and the alloy plate with a thickness of more than 10 centimeters was abruptly pierced by him, and a large hole of about half a meter was directly exposed to the black face.
Just as Lin Feng pierced the ladder floor, the deafening alarm echoed in the whole Academia Sinica.
Windson like more didn’t hear the alarm expression jumped from the hole.
After taking all protective measures, Lin Feng waited until the ladder reached the 66th floor and Liyuan bent down and punched the ladder floor.
After the "bang", the strength of the yuan infant fix true person was waved incisively and vividly by Lin Feng, and the alloy plate with a thickness of more than 10 centimeters was abruptly pierced by him, and a large hole of about half a meter was directly exposed to the black face.
Just as Lin Feng pierced the ladder floor, the deafening alarm echoed in the whole Academia Sinica.
Windson frowned hand "Xiao Pang" to the academia Sinica’s brain to close all imports and exports, hit all automatic weapons and attack all intruders before jumping out of the hole with a straight face.
At the bottom of the scanning staircase, the situation instantly appeared in Lin Feng’s mind, and he took a slight breath. Lin Feng’s body suddenly slowed down one after another, and many of them fell lightly like a leaf. This is a unique thing for those who fix the truth in Yuan Baby. Once they reach Yuan Baby, they can make themselves have the ability to fly in a short time with powerful truth. If you add a flying sword, you can fly a long-distance royal sword.
Lin Feng’s parents said yes. The 66th floor of Lida Academia Sinica really |+fell about ten meters away. Lin Feng stepped on the ground and closed the ladder door.
When grasping, Lin Feng directly inserted his hands into the crack of the door, and the ladder door was forced by him. At the same time, he leaned into the door.
However, I was hit by a sudden change in the ladder door!
A huge metal fist at windson head with wind pressure can almost make people suffocate.
Windson kept his head slightly tilted in a crisis, but instead of retreating into his right hand, he directly pierced the attacker’s abdomen and stabbed it. Then, with a wave of his arm, he threw the guy with his arm hanging out more than ten meters away and "bang" hit the ground.
At the moment when windson was attacked, he had seen the situation in the 67th floor.
The most secret place of Lida Academia Sinica is not too big, showing that the center of a circular circle with a diameter of about 50 meters is separated by an indomitable strength pseudocrystalline glass wall. Through the glass wall, the visible part is a circular metal sphere with a diameter of 2, which is an advanced large-scale data device with colorful instrument lights flashing on its surface suspended in more than 5 meters.
There are 12 pairs of 63-meter-high combat robots fanned from the pseudo-crystalline glass wall to the ladder door. Of course, one of the combat robots is lying in an extremely indecent posture, and a crack about 1 cm long and 1 cm wide can be seen, and the sparks that are constantly flashing can be seen.
See windson figure after the 12 soldiers and the remaining 5 combat robots will not hesitate to pour a lot of ammunition and energy beam towards him at that time there was a deafening sound in the closed room.
Windson cold hum a pair of pedals to the body jumped to 56 meters high and flashed a lot of attacks. At the same time, a fist-sized black crystal appeared in the palm of your hand.