Now that the psychedelic gold silkworm method has been integrated with Jiman’s soul, Yang Xiu will have no doubts about what she ordered. It is a willing condition, which makes Yang Xiu let go and at the same time feel a little lost
Just as he was going to successfully settle the elixir in one go, he received a message from Bai Zhi asking him not to come.
Although it’s not the first time to enter Bai Zhi’s training room, Yang Xiu still doesn’t feel a cold war. Since Bai Zhi’s training, it’s suddenly cloudy and ghostly, and the cold wind is flowing. It’s also the "nine ghosts’ heart" in Yang Xiu’s knowledge that suppresses Bai Zhi intensely. Otherwise, the general monk who comes in rashly in the foundation period will be lost immediately by Yin Qi immersion.
"What happened in the news is not very white?" Yang Xiu, frowning, who is disturbed in the science of uniting the Hou will not have a good breath.
Bai Zhi was lying in the scarlet coffin and saw Yang Xiu come in. He quickly propped up and brought up a pool of blood.
Yang Xiu saw that he was going to come out and quickly stopped. "Forget it, don’t come out, just tell me."
Bai Zhi saw this and couldn’t help saying, "Master, forgive me. After hosting this corpse, you can practise, but the master will do it soon."
It’s not far from coming to Jiedan in the later period of Tsukiji. "
Yang Xiu "well, don’t talk so much nonsense. What’s going on? Didn’t I say, not only are you not happy, don’t bother me easily during this period? "
Bai Zhi suddenly revealed his grievances. "In fact, I’ve blocked it several times, but the news outside keeps turning out to be once every other day. Now it’s once a day. If the owner doesn’t come out again, they will even ask for news several times a day."
Yang Xiu smell speech unknowingly heart a mission seems to be really gave birth to something important, otherwise the law enforcement cousin also dare not do something to think about it when knowing that he is closed, which can’t help but also reveal a bit heavy immediately, "They give me all the information operators."
Yang Xiu frowned after reading it and thought for a moment, then turned out of the law and came to the hall.
When I entered the hall, I saw that all the law enforcement cousins were there, but everyone showed a sad and bleak look, and Oxfam was even more restless and walked back and forth in the hall.
When they saw Yang Xiu coming, everyone felt relieved and quickly got up and saluted, "Elder Yang!"
Yang’s face was calm as water, and he couldn’t see the joys and sorrows. When he walked to the main seat and sat down, he said lightly to everyone, "Sit down."
Seeing that everyone had sat down, he said to Oxfam, "Tell me the story in detail."
Oxfam "is what happened."
After Oxfam’s narration, Yang Xiu finally got a good feeling, but Bai Ouqing, the younger brother of Nanling Sect, secretly picked a Millennium elixir at Peiyao Peak three days ago and escaped from Nanling.
If the monks in the general practice period don’t need law enforcement cousins to be in such a hurry, a dozen people will chase them directly.
It’s a felony to privately collect and cultivate medicine and peak elixir, and the Millennium elixir is also rare in Nanling Sect. If it is in accordance with the door rules, once Bai Ouqing is captured, there must be a way to reincarnate.
But the bad thing is that Bai Ouqing was a couple’s daughter at the peak of drug cultivation (otherwise she wouldn’t have stolen it). At that time, the couple realized what their daughter had done, and of course, they tried to clean up the mess at the same time.
If Mr. and Mrs. Bai want to make up for the panacea, they should also press it.
I don’t know who stabbed this matter to Mu Yi’s head office, and then it was well known. At this time, if Mu Yi’s head office let this matter go, where can it deter his master?
Moreover, some high-ranking monks should be severely punished for heckling this matter, and then everyone should collect the elixir first, and then return it to one plant after they upgrade, so it will be fine.
This involves power struggles and personal grievances.
Finally, the method worked, so I decided to chase Bai Ouqing.
Then, of course, it is to discuss who should be sent to chase.
Mr. and Mrs. Bai go in person? Certainly not. That’s not equal to giving the fish a rainstorm.
Send another brother? However, if you don’t want to share this kind of hard work, it will be a crime if you catch someone. If the Bai couple can’t catch that sect, they will blame you for not doing things, so it’s a thankless thing anyway. No one wants to.
It was not until the end that someone practiced the twelfth floor for Bai Ouqing, so it should be the law enforcement class during the practice period, which is not pushed here
Oxfam and Hong can’t do this kind of thing, so they can’t find Yang Xiu.
After listening to Yang Xiu, it’s also Nai Ruo. He said that even if the couple lost the elixir, then it’s still so troublesome. He is the most aware of this kind of struggle involving the power of the gate. And the monk in the practice period is really the end of his parents. Is he still "stealing" a thousand-year-old elixir?
And generally, monks rarely have heirs to listen to the fact that the Bai couple are already in the Dan period and their daughters are only practicing, so we can know that they must be very precious. If you really can’t catch them, you won’t secretly make sure that you won’t watch your daughter being taken back to die. This is the main trouble of Yang Xiujue, otherwise you can just catch them back and hand them over with how they punish them.
Oxfam and others dare not disturb Yang Xiu’s silence. Anyway, they just listen to orders
I thought about it for a moment, and Yang Xiu also thought of any proper way to take it one step at a time, so he asked, "Do you know where Bai Ouqing is now?" Anyway, we must first find out what we are talking about.
"According to the news, a monk was sent to see that she was going south across the Grand Canyon that day," Hong said without a word.
Now that you have made up your mind, Yang will not delay immediately and ordered, "Hong Bu-yi, take my token and go to the" Spirit Beast "to get a" leopard kite "."
"Yes" Hong took the token and left immediately.
Leopard kite is a second-class spirit beast, which can be trained to find the target with the smell.
Yang Xiu then said "flowers"
"Brother Zai" Mrs. Hua is a middle-aged person and now has eleven floors of practice.
"You go to Bai Ouqing’s former residence and get some clothes that she usually wears. When you are ready, we will."
Mrs. Hua heard that Yang Xiu asked her to go to Bai Ouqing to get some clothes, and her face suddenly turned to be reluctant. Bai Ouqing usually lives with her parents in the Dan period, and now she will definitely not give a good face when she goes to catch their daughter. But now Yang Xiu looks cold, and she dares to disobey. She can crustily skin of head and go.
Then, while waiting for two people to come back, Yang Xiu returned to the bottom abode of fairies and immortals and told Jiman to set his mind at to practice, and then took the ghost king into Gankun’s hand and brought it out.
When Jiman heard that there would be a knot Dan period, the friar also wanted to go with him, but Yang Xiu would take Bai Zhi and Wang, so he was really worried that if Jiman came, he would be distracted, so he didn’t respond.
Moreover, the Bai couple certainly dare not intervene, otherwise they will also betray the Nanling Sect, and waiting for them will also be a sect suppression, so they will also distinguish between the important and the important.
After 20 years of self-cultivation, the ghost king has recovered from being hit by the sky, but his ghost sickle and other weapons have not come to practice. Therefore, Yang Xiu gave it the ancient treasure from the bag of "Ancient Martial Uncle"-the white bones, which is the ghost of the ghost, to bring out the best in each other.
Then go and put Bai zhi
Later, in the hands of Gan Kun, the hall was flooded and Mrs. Hua had returned.
Seeing Mrs. Yang Xiuhua’s face suddenly turned to be reluctant, she said, "Report back to Elder Yang that I went to Bai Shizu’s abode of fairies and immortals, but Bai Shizu said that Bai Ouqing took all the clothes and ornaments away at that time, and it didn’t fall at all."
"Well, I can’t blame you." Although Yang Xiu had long guessed that the Bai couple wouldn’t cooperate, when Mrs. Hua really returned home, she still felt a rush across the Grand Canyon. Is it still a blanket search in Fiona Fang and Wan Li? After that, you can’t practice sometimes.
Just as he was racking his brains, a flash of Hua Kuang came in from the outside, and then there was no movement in the hall but a note.
Seeing this scene, Yang Xiu moved his sleeve and with a wave of his hand, he immediately ingested the notes and then looked at them without moving.
After watching it, Yang Xiu was dazed first, and then the corners of his mouth could not help but slightly tilt to Oxfam. "You go and fight the law to meet a teacher."
Oxfam "yes"
But for a moment, he respectfully led a middle-aged man wearing a gown who felt slightly fat and always had a smiling face. A middle-aged man came in. When he saw Yang Xiu in the middle of the building, he smiled but was not rude. "Brother Yang, don’t come ill? I haven’t seen you since the peak of cultivating medicine. I can’t believe that Yang Shi has reached the late stage of the foundation. "
Yang Xiu didn’t have a faint smile. "It turned out to be Teacher Zhu. Please sit down. I heard that you and Miss Ma were lovers ten years ago. I should personally go to congratulate you, but I don’t want to be closed. Please forgive me."
Brother Zhu shook his head and said, "Brother Zhu is a stranger, but it is also because he can endure the Qing Dynasty that he can be refined so quickly to the later stage of Tsukiji. At the beginning, we were in the peak of cultivating medicine, and now brother Zhu is the first person."
The man named Zhu Jia was also a genius brother who was refined with Yang Xiupei’s medicine peak. He heard that he was adopted by adoption in Nanling ten years ago and sent the second great Ma family back to Yang Xiu with an invitation.
However, because he was in the middle of breaking through the bottleneck and didn’t know Zhu Jia very well, he sent Shi to send a gift and ignored it.
But he didn’t expect to see Zhu Jia for decades, but it was much smoother than before.