After everything has calmed down, the metal container where windson is located has been neatly placed in the first floor warehouse of the research institute, waiting for further distribution.
Taking advantage of this gap, Lin Feng looked around the warehouse and found two monitoring devices at the door. Lin Feng smiled gently and quickly jumped out of the container and took out a small wisdom brain to control the goods brain.
Sure enough, as windson expected, the brain in the warehouse was indeed connected with the network of the research institute, so windson invaded the brain of the research institute very easily, and most of the facilities of the research institute were under his control.
Pack up small wisdom brain windson didn’t act immediately, but found a hidden corner in the warehouse and sat cross-legged and quietly pranayama.
Windson this practice is more than 10 hours, when he woke up, it was already the tenth and normal work time for the research institutes.
Windson got up and took out from the ring a long-prepared standard system for researcher of Lida Academia Sinica-a white coat set on the outside of the tight-fitting war, and the face of the imitation badge also seemed to be a different person unconsciously. If Han Yu were here, I’m afraid he would immediately jump into his arms and happily call him Xiaoye!
When everything is ready, Lin Feng took a deep breath and swaggered the warehouse door and went out.
There is no one outside the warehouse. Of course, this is Lin Feng who has long known that the entire 66-story research institute is divided into dozens of research departments, and Lin Feng wants to kidnap the brain database. According to the information in the database, it should be in the fifth layer.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine ones
Noon is the most tiring time of the day. Researchers at Lida Central Committee are either still absorbed in their research work at hand or taking a rest and catnap. Experts and scholars have very loose freedom.
Turn out of the doorway of the warehouse. The scenery of Lin is fair. He shuttles on the first floor of the research institute. Occasionally, when he meets other researchers head-on, this guy will nod and smile gracefully with each other without any guilt.
Of course, the Academia Sinica of Lida Democratic Republic has a very strict security system. Even the important places on each floor are guarded by armed soldiers, plus all kinds of advanced weapons hidden on the floor and ceiling. It is really not easy for other agents to sneak in secretly.
According to the topographic map transferred from the database of the institute’s brain, Lin Feng soon came to the front of the high ladder. Perhaps it was his unfamiliar face. Two soldiers who stood in front of the ladder had some doubts. One soldier on the left had a small instrument on his wrist. He wanted to check Lin Feng’s identity, while the soldier on the right stared at Lin Feng’s chest tag for a long time before smiling and asked, "Dr. Ye, you should have just arrived at the institute."
Windson didn’t answer is a light "well" expression seems to be some disdain, but this is exactly in line with his current identity. It is normal for a young doctor to look down on ordinary soldiers. What’s worse, it is very educated to be questioned by the other party and not immediately flew into a rage.
Sure enough, the soldier didn’t seem to see anything strange from Lin Feng’s performance. He turned to look at the soldiers around him, but now he made a gesture in the right direction. So the soldier immediately smiled and explained, "Don’t get me wrong, I just want to make friends with you."
Windson like didn’t hear the general noncommittally walked into the just play the ladder door.
After the ladder door closed, the soldier spoke angrily and scolded, "Bah, what is it that you are still a big shot after reading for a few more years!"
"Forget it, these young research experts are all like this," another soldier advised. "If you didn’t study hard when you were a child, you might be a doctor now."
"Goodbye, who will give me a headache when I see it?" Speak first. The soldier said bitterly
Both of them were heard by Lin Feng in the ear, but they didn’t pay much attention to it. After entering the ladder, Lin Feng directly pressed the 5-layer button and then closed his eyes and arrived quietly.
Soon the ladder door came into view again. It was a thousand square meters big and was divided into three parts. At the innermost end, there were all kinds of advanced instruments separated by a high-strength glass door. Through the glass door, you can see some researchers who were also wearing white coats doing various experiments, and one of them was just like the arrangement in an ordinary company. Dozens of researchers were sitting at their desks, doing their work seriously or having a small discussion with each other. The atmosphere was very harmonious. There were several small rooms at both ends near the ladder door, which might be used as a lounge.
When Lin Feng stepped out of the ladder, it attracted the attention of a small number of research experts. At a glance, they turned their heads and went to some busy places.
Windson smiled and turned around the lounge at both ends through the door and glass window. Windson is now alone in the lounge, which made him feel very satisfied. There are alarm devices everywhere in Lida Academia Sinica, some of which are not controlled by the brain, but are directly connected to the guard center. If they start their hands for a while, they will be in trouble now.
After checking the lounge, Lin Feng walked along the office area to the innermost laboratory. His eyes swept all the way here, and there was no trace of the current target, Barksinger, but it caused dissatisfaction among several researchers.
Windson saw someone get up and seemed to have come over and questioned himself. He was going to quickly speed up the pace and walked to the glass door of the laboratory. Windson saw at a glance the guy he wanted to kidnap. His middle-aged bald face just wore a pair of glasses and looked like a fish-hook nose. To be honest, it was not so good to be fat.
"It was all that glitters is not gold. Such an ugly guy is actually the most famous plane study of Transtar.
In hard to believe "windson sighed with emotion while decisive.
"Who are you looking for, sir? This is where laboratory personnel are not allowed to enter! " An old man with a long white beard was near the door in the laboratory when he saw the intrusion. Windson immediately asked with some displeasure.
"Excuse me, I’m looking for Dr. Barker" is translated by the same translator. Although Lin Feng’s own voice is adopted, it still seems a bit weird.
"Are you looking for Buck?" The old man leng a consciousness turned to look at the bald head in the laboratory at this moment windson hand gently put on the old man’s neck qi a spit motionless color will he fainted in the past, the other hand repeatedly play five or six marbles-sized projectiles by him to all directions outside the laboratory.
"Wave" and "wave" rang a few times, and then clouds of air mass that were invisible to the naked eye exploded and instantly enveloped the whole five floors.
"What’s the matter? I suddenly feel dizzy. "
"Well, me too. Didn’t you sleep well yesterday?"
That is to say, in two sentences, Kung Fu went to the ground in the whole five floors except windson.
Lin Feng, a researcher who watched all kinds of poss fall to the ground, smiled proudly. It was very simple and easy to transform the smoke bomb before he came, in which the smoke retained the substance that spread rapidly and made people faint. Ordinary people have little resistance to this substance, and even if you don’t breathe, you can faint through skin invasion.
After a while, Lin Feng took out the "Crystal House" from the ring and sent it to the "Crystal House" one by one. This layer of researchers are experts in plane science. Since we have dug our minds, we simply have nothing to be polite about.
To tell you the truth, if you didn’t get this magic weapon from Jinjiao, Lin Feng couldn’t kidnap so many experts. It is foreseeable that without these people, the research on the surface of Lida Democratic Republic will definitely stagnate, and it will be impossible to recover in the next ten years, but these are all irrelevant …
At the moment, windson is like a humanoid vacuum cleaner, but he sucks not dust but a living person. The powerful soul force will take the experts to him one by one and then plug them into the "Crystal House" one by one. The whole set of movements is like flowing water.
Not long after, the researchers in the laboratory were almost collected by him, but after all, this is a plane research laboratory. Some instruments seem to have great restrictions on the spirit, which makes Lin Feng have to walk around and search to make sure that there is no omission. You know, everyone here is valuable to Lin Feng, and it is up to them to help them find their way home.
Just as windson walked to the front of a huge instrument, he suddenly heard a slight groan coming from a corner behind the instrument, but the sound suddenly stopped and seemed to be covered with his mouth.
Windson immediately came to the interest that someone woke up so soon? And it seems that there is not one who is awake!
The trip has been completed almost, even if he is now windson, he is sure to rush out forcibly, so he slowly turned to the back of the instrument with great interest to see who can wake up so quickly.
However, when windson saw the two men behind the instrument, he immediately froze in place like being hit by lightning!
A moment later, Lin Feng’s body trembled uncontrollably, and the degree of trembling became more and more chaotic, just like an out-of-body experience. The ever-changing facial expression made his handsome face look a little more ferocious. He opened his mouth and seemed to want to say something, but there was a hoarse and ugly voice. The eyes gradually turned red.
Behind the instrument is a man and a woman with black eyes and the same white coat.
Male, slender, about 10 meters tall, long knife-shaped eyebrows, straight nose, slightly thin lips, but extremely sexy. The whole face is handsome and timid, like it will shine, which is enough to attract women’s favor. He looks young, about 27 years old, but his deep eyes are full of vicissitudes and fatigue, and his every move is mature and steady.
Chapter one hundred and seventy Unexpected reunion
When Lin Feng turned to the back of the instrument, the man was holding the woman’s mouth in one hand to do it, but when he saw Lin Feng, he immediately put the woman behind him and flicker in front of Lin Feng. His left hand became a palm, and he leaned forward slightly, holding his right hand in a fist and putting it in his chest, posing as a fighting gesture with a hint of determination in his eyes.
And that woman also seems to have 245 kinds of graceful posture and beautiful appearance, a pair of curved arch eyebrows, clear water-cutting eyes, beautiful Yao nose and deep red lips, gently sipping a small bag and slightly raising it to look at Lin Feng’s eyes without the slightest fear, but it seems a little confused. Her noble temperament and expression can tell from a glance that she is not an ordinary woman.
The man also saw windson face strange expression at the moment, although feel a little strange, but didn’t put on guard Landau "who are you? What do you want? "