"Yes, needless to say." Now that we have understood each other’s destination, there is really nothing to say.
"Purple light" slowly raised its head and suddenly made a small hole in the middle of its eyes, just like a vertical eye.
The other patrol team didn’t have a white "purple light" intention at the moment, and even windson gave up his resistance and prepared to surrender. Just want to lean over, but now the third eye of "purple light" between the eyes shoots a purple beam toward the square day.
This purple light is not dazzling, and it even seems a little dim. It disappears into the sky without leaving a trace.
"What are you doing? If you attack again, we will be on fire. "Although we don’t know what Ziguang is doing and can’t analyze the power of the purple energy beam, the other party still regards the purple beam as an attack.
This patrol team guessed correctly that "Purple Light" was attacking. At this time, the military headquarters behind this patrol team had become a mess. The reason was that he
A multifunctional military satellite was struck by an unremarkable purple energy beam.
Shot down his head and stared at his fly. Before the other party could react, Lin Feng manipulated the "purple light" and approached the huge metal arm to find out the sword behind him and came to the "purple light" hand.

"Purple light" instantaneous explosive force is not comparable to these low-level first-generation mecha. In the blink of an eye, they rushed to the other side and drew a dazzling light to divide the two mecha into four sections.
Because there is not much contradiction with each other, windson didn’t cross the place with a dead pistol sword and deliberately avoided the cockpit, but even so, the other party was startled. I didn’t expect "Purple Light" to take the lead in being surrounded.
"Do it!" The captain of the other patrol team was not too slow to respond and immediately reached the order
"Dadada …" Deafening guns rang in the ocean, and the heavy smell of smoke also dispersed.
Then there was a "jingle" and a burst of noise. The body suddenly exploded with bright sparks, but there was no sign of damage. Even without leaving a scratch, the old machine gun root of the other side could not penetrate the "purple light" armor.
Windson unconcerned with his opponent pouring shells toward "Purple Light", the metal arm slightly shook the sword and turned into a real pike. "Purple Light" twisted his waist and turned around and pike conveniently swung the other side and two mecha were instantly cut off.
"Break up!" It was a patrol team that lost a third of the mecha, which made them feel shocked. A chill spread along the spine to the front of them. This purple mecha is so strong.
"scattered? Late! " Windson grimace of a grin "purple light" don’t advance but retreat, taking the lead in pulling the distance with each other. In the process of retreating, the pike returned to the back "purple light", and two big holes were cracked at the shoulder blade, and two shells flashed into each other’s remaining mecha group.
"Boom" and "boom" two explosions, two magnetic waves, instantly spread. Anyone who was hit by the mecha immediately exploded in the engine parking department, and the spark machine armor instantly lost all power and plunged into the sea.
Have the farthest two mecha temporarily escaped the bad luck, happen to coincide to turn the direction toward the distance.
"Want to run?" Windson cold hum a "purple light" left arm vigorously waved a shield to sell and flew out in a half shot with a sharp sword rotating and flew to the mecha who wanted to escape.
Windson didn’t go to tube after the two have been doomed mecha back arm shield "purple light" adjusted a gesture like a purple arrow head and foot into the blue sea.
Lin Feng didn’t go to rescue the patrol team. He meant that he didn’t want to be stared at. Although he shot down a military satellite, Tran Star had hundreds of satellites of various types in orbit, and it was estimated that he could shoot the battle satellite just now. There were also several forest wind purple energy beams to shoot down the military satellite. The move was to teach that country a lesson.
"Purple light" immediately turned around after drilling into the ocean and continued to sail in the direction of Lida Democratic Republic. Just that short battle didn’t make Lin Feng excited. It is normal for the second generation of top mecha to end up like this with the first generation of ordinary mecha.
But it was this brief battle scene that caused an uproar in Tran Star.
A mecha patrol team went out in less than a minute and the opponent had a mecha!
"Violet", which is powerful and flexible, can easily shoot down the purple energy beam of military satellites, except for the optical mode, which is not locked by the scanning system. The special materials are far from people’s understanding of the mecha. All the national governments that filmed this battle took action and tried their best to get this mecha.
Obviously, both the strength of Telan Star as the first powerful country and the flight path of Ziguang before it lost its trace have occupied a great advantage, so other countries that are unwilling to give up like this have sent a large number of mecha teams near the border of Lida Democratic Republic, and a storm is slowly brewing.
Chapter one hundred and sixty Sneak in
Dulia City, Da Democratic Republic
Glory Hotel deluxe room Lin Feng fiddled with the front equipment easily, snooping around in Transtar virtual network and collecting the information he wanted.
Yesterday, Lin Feng manipulated the "Purple Light" and put it in the ring after the water entered Lida’s border. He changed it into a small aircraft and flew to Leah City. Since Lin Feng can register a mecha number for "Purple Light", it is also simple to get himself an ID card. Lin Feng doesn’t know which unlucky guy’s account to transfer a large sum of money to himself. The backward network of Transtar is like a naked beauty in front of Lin Feng.
But beautiful women always have some temper.
"shame!" Lin Fengnai cursed a.
Zeng Gong, an academician of the Central Academy of Science and Technology of Baksingh Lida Democratic Republic, has published many papers on plane science, such as On the Stability of Barriers and the Form of Parallel Plane Architecture. He is an expert on plane science in Tranxing.
And windson is this person.
When the virtual network of Telstar went against him, Lin Feng felt helpless when he invaded the brain of the Academia Sinica in Lida. This was not because he was not good enough, but because the brain root of the Academia Sinica was not connected to the outside world, which made Lin Feng like a mouse pulling a turtle.
Soft is not good, but hard is coming!
Lin Feng originally planned to check a Barker Singh’s other research results from the brain of Lida Academia Sinica, and also look at what this person has been studying recently. If he studies something, Lin Feng won’t move it until he studies it, or else he will be bound to each other rashly, and there will always be resistance. Even if he doesn’t strike, he just doesn’t contribute. Lin Feng can’t help him. After all, scientific research is a matter that requires physical and mental input, and it can make others compromise without threats.
However, Lin Feng didn’t expect that he couldn’t get the latest research materials of Barker Singh, so if he didn’t tie them, he would have to tie them. Even if he interrupted his research, it would be good to get him back to Tess as an assistant.
Now that you have a hands-on idea, windson immediately searched for a list of information such as the location defense facilities of Academia Sinica in the Democratic Republic.
Everything comes to him who waits. In less than a day, Lin Feng got the information he wanted to know, but how to get in became another problem.
The Academia Sinica of Lida Democratic Republic is located on the outskirts of Leah. It is a 2-story, 66-story building covering an area of about 2 square kilometers. There are 2 mechanized divisions and 1 mecha brigade stationed around Academia Sinica. It is difficult for militarized management to get in. It is not considered that Lin Feng will not attack before the war fortress arrives. Although he easily destroyed a mecha patrol team, it is impossible to confront a country with a huge mecha team.
Many ants bite dead elephants. Even if Tran Star is a mecha, it is generally at the backward level of the first generation. But once the number reaches a certain level, it will be enough to blow "purple light" into scrap iron, not to mention that the Lida Democratic Republic has all kinds of large-scale war machinery in addition to the mecha.
Can’t storm the ground? It’s not that Lin Feng hasn’t considered digging tunnels, but it’s too long and it’s too much trouble. In the process of searching for information in the secret databases of various countries on the Internet, Lin Feng has also shown how much storm was caused by that small conflict yesterday. Few ten countries have sent mecha to ambush quietly on the border of Lida Democratic Republic, and Lida military has also made a series of targeted arrangements. This situation is that Lin Feng didn’t think of it at that time, but he didn’t regret it. Instead, he felt that it was a good opportunity to fish in troubled waters and act quickly.
After searching the Internet for a while again, windson finally found a profitable intelligence, and a list of action steps for this intelligence slowly took shape in his heart.
On a road outside Leah suburb, which is not wide, 12 large black trucks are driving evenly. There are two armored suspension vehicles in front of and behind this truck, and there are six battle armor hovering around this train team to guard against possible attacks. The whole train team is like a fierce beast from ancient times.
When the motorcade passed through a small forest, a big tree with a person folded on the left side of the road suddenly fell down.
The body just cut off the team.
The sudden change made the team slightly confused, and at this moment, a black shadow flashed from the right side of the road like a smoke and drilled into the bottom of a truck without attracting attention.
Two battle mecha flew in from the sky, but the remaining four mecha were divided into four directions, so they were more alert and guarded the team. Two mecha looked around the tree for a long time. It seems that there is no difference now. They directly lifted the fallen tree far away, and then the team set off for the destination again.
Windson clung to the bottom of a truck. At the moment, he was wearing a tight black suit, and all kinds of smells were suppressed. According to the technology level of Transtar, there was no detector to trace him now.
The left hand buckled on a prominent part at the bottom of the suspended truck, and the right hand turned "water blue" and appeared in Lin Feng. Without hesitation, the hand drew a hard alloy plate with a diameter of about half a meter on the bottom plate of the first truck, which was not better than a piece of tofu in front of "water blue".
Pack up "blue" right hand to a forest air can’t help cursing the sentence.

Hand feels that the bottom plate of the circle is obviously pressed against the goods.
Empiric abdomen encouraged Zhenyuan’s right hand to abruptly lift the alloy plate to be cut together with the surface goods. The left hand quickly curled up with the help of Lin Feng’s whole body and easily got into the truck. Then he put his right hand on his back with a few thousand kilograms of heavy metal containers. Lin Feng easily embedded the cut round alloy plate back into the distance, braved the blue flame and circled the truck floor in the gap, and returned to its original state. If you don’t look at the root carefully, you won’t see that it had been cut.
After the floor is restored, windson moves a few steps and gently puts the metal container under pressure, which is a sigh of relief.
This is an armed convoy carrying materials to Lida Academia Sinica, and it is also the simplest infiltration method that Lin Feng can think of. If you can enter the Institute, nothing can stop him. The network inside the Institute is like a tattered spider web root in front of Lin Feng, and it is impossible to resist his invasion.
I found some tools from the ring, chose a metal container, took it out and put some of the goods back in the ring. Windson rolled over and got into the top plate of the container, and then waited patiently for the team to send him to the research institute.
Although people are in the container, the whole team’s every move is monitored by Lin Feng’s mind.
After more than half an hour, the motorcade arrived at its destination-Academia Sinica of Lida Democratic Republic.