Happy is to have a baby, not only the strength is greatly increased, but also many powerful spells can be cast. For example, Lin Feng thought for a long time and Yu Jianfei.
But the worry is whether such a small baby can wield the strength of the Yuan baby as a true practitioner, or whether the Yuan baby will bring trouble for himself to continue practicing the "Dry Yuan Jiu Zhuan Zhen Jie"? You know, it’s more difficult to practice than it will be doomed if you are a little careless. Whether this baby brings Lin Feng a blessing or a curse remains to be tested.

But on the whole, windson is still more concerned. After all, a person who fixes the truth in Yuan infant period can be regarded as a real person who fixes the truth.
Hand a turn a small round bead appeared in the windson hand.
This small round ball can be seen entangled with a little purple awn, like a thunder storm brewing with a suffocating pressure.
Windson slightly move read.
Small round beads seemed to melt slowly into the palm of windson’s hand, and then windson felt a heat flow along his meridians and came to the abdomen. When the purple light flashed, a small baby appeared, covered with purple awn armor, wrapped the whole baby in even the head and covered it with a mighty helmet, revealing a pair of small eyes.
That’s right. This is the gift that Lin Feng gave him in the underworld-"Royal Thunder". Although he heard that the Royal Thunder Armor suffered heavy losses in helping him resist Armageddon, the ability to resist thunder was greatly enhanced. Besides, Lin Feng can also pay attention to wearing this one without another baby armor, even if the defense ability was discounted, it would be better than not wearing it.
It’s a pity that Yuan Yingjia has a flying sword but not a windson. I’m afraid it’s impossible to fly with a royal sword in a short time, which makes him feel itchy, just like a child who has got his favorite toy but can’t play yet.
It’s time to get out of your mind.
When Dan was broken, the clothes were torn to pieces by external energy, and Lin Feng had to find a dress from the ring.
Go to the door this time, I didn’t really come. The two metal railings were easily pulled by Lin Feng for the second time, and Lin Feng’s physical quality was further improved.
At the moment, the smoke in the basement has already dispersed, but none of the comatose prisoners can wake up. Even Hans, who listened to the yellow radio, slept all night with headphones on.
Just after drilling the railing, Lin Fengma stopped again with a malicious smile on his face.
Turned to windson will break the two curved metal railings and straighten their mouths, saying, "Mom dares to slap the old man and won’t let you go. Stay inside!"
Go to the top of the basement, near the iron gate, and the key will fly to Hans’ hand with a move.
Strike the iron gate and windson just walked out.
As it was just dawn, it was not long before the office area of the detention center was silent, and only two duty officers were sleeping soundly at their desks.
Windson, of course, won’t disturb others’ good dreams, so he was not monitored until he walked out of the detention center. When he even connected the internet last night, he was deleted.
Just out of the gate of the detention center, Lin Feng saw the "purple light" at a glance. The high "purple light" shone at the dawn of the horizon, and the purple with gold was as magnificent as the god of war.
Looking at his own mecha windson, he couldn’t help smiling. He believed that it would be impossible for anyone to threaten himself if he had the strange planet "Purple Light"
After entering the cockpit of Ziguang, Lin Feng immediately manipulated Ziguang to fly and slightly adjusted its direction. Ziguang galloped towards the northwest and went to the first powerful country in Telstar-Lida Democratic Republic.
Purple light "top mecha although moderate can’t be compared with the universe in the atmosphere, but still in just one hour through several time zones.
Seeing that we crossed an ocean and reached the border of Lida, we had a little accident. More than a dozen mecha stopped the "purple light" head-on.
This is a team of mecha with uniform style, about 1 meter high, with streamlined black and cold light. These mechs are divided into two rows, with alloy swords in the front row and giant guns in the back row, with their black guns pointed at the purple light.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven Small conflict
Please immediately report the number of the mecha in front of you "Ziguang" driver:; &1; With the help of the translation system, Lin Feng immediately understood each other’s words and he frowned.
Windson saw at a glance that these mecha are patrol teams in a certain country, but they don’t know what they will intercept themselves. According to windson’s information from the network, Transtar is very loose in controlling the mecha, so you can buy the mecha if you have money.
Of course, citizens must apply to the local government for an exclusive mecha number. This mecha number is common in all countries of Transtar, and it is also allowed to drive the mecha across the border in peacetime. However, after the mecha arrives at the destination, it is necessary to report to the local government and abide by local laws and regulations.
Windson, the outsider, should not have any mecha number, but he relied on strong hacking ability to register a mecha number for "Ziguang" himself after connecting the network last night.
Although I don’t know each other’s meaning, it’s better to do more than one thing. Windson still replied, "Mech number--Jkgy1546224, what’s the problem? I don’t seem to have violated your laws, do I? "
The other party was silent for a while in windson presumably in the query he quoted mecha number but didn’t expect the other party is and headquarters.
Strange to say, Lin Feng himself is not careful. Although Transtar allows private owners to own the mecha, there is still a rule that Lin Feng didn’t notice, that is, private mecha are not allowed to be equipped with weapons, but "Ziguang" has been openly carrying the sword and gun during the flight. If it is not seen, forget it, but Lin Feng happened to meet a patrol team head-on. Of course, the other party will come and inquire.
More importantly, after meeting this patrol team, the body made of special materials immediately attracted the attention of the other party. In this patrol team, the "purple light" could not be found in the fire lock system, and of course it became a decoration. If it was not the optical system, they would not be able to work.
In the face of this special mecha, the patrol team leader immediately reported to the headquarters and quickly got a reply "detain at all costs and shoot it down if necessary!" "
Of course, all this is unknown to Lin Feng now. Just when he was impatient, the other party said, "MechNo.--Jkgy1546224 The registration period of Arcaya Empire, the place where the civil aircraft armor is registered, is that right?"
"That’s right!" Windson decisively replied that he didn’t believe that there would be any problem with his registration information. Tran Star was behind the network technology roots, and it was impossible for Windson to forge information now.
"I order you to surrender immediately. We suspect that you are driving in a forbidden mecha." The other party quickly changed the formation when giving orders, and surrounded the "Purple Light".
"What do you mean?" Windson felt that something was wrong and immediately launched the mecha detection system, which soon captured the communication signals of the other party and learned that the other party’s eyes were completely unknown to windson, but it was possible to seize himself only by this pair of patrol mecha in front of him.