After roughly understanding the situation of this planet, Lin Feng put away the equipment in front of him and took out Xiao Pang to contact the war fortress. Since Palin had the idea of looting, Lin Feng simply let Storm City move quietly in the direction of Tran Star, and then it would be better to meet his own war fortress. The mobility is much slower than that of the mecha. Violet flies for ten days, and it takes one hundred days to climb from Storm City.
After talking to Palin, Lin Feng checked the position of "Purple Light" again.
The technology level of Telanxing is much inferior to that of the Earth Federation, and the top-level mecha Ziguang is also excellent in anti-scanning. It was a long distance before it was met by the national government when it landed. Therefore, Ziguang still stayed quietly at the landing place, so Lin Feng contacted the brain of Ziguang Department to let it immediately manipulate Ziguang to fly over and pick itself up.
Windson learned from the Internet that the situation of Tran Star is the same as that of the earth before the promulgation of the "Regulations on Strictly Restricting Civil Aircraft Armor" many years ago. Although "Purple Light" is the top mecha created by Tess Windson, it is extremely smooth and beautiful in appearance, but Tran Star is nothing. Those mechs with the first generation of "joystick button system" are cooler and more dazzling than "Purple Light", so they will not attract attention.
"Purple light" landing place is not far from here, "Purple light" will soon be able to reach, so Lin Feng got up and prepared to leave this dirty and depressed cell first.
Walking to the door, Lin Feng grabbed two thumb-thick metal railings and pulled them slightly to both sides. It was easy to pull a foot to let him pass through the gap, but soon this detention center railing didn’t know what metal it was, and it couldn’t be pulled by force alone.
Angry and angry, Lin Feng had to summon up Zhenyuan to have a light drink. "Give it to me!"
This time, the metal railing finally bent to both sides. However, half the time, Lin Feng suddenly turned stiff and stopped manually.
It turned out that when Lin Feng summoned the real force, he suddenly felt that the real force suddenly lost control and spun wildly in the body.
This sudden change made Lin Feng stunned. The previous injury has not healed and recovered.
Lin Feng didn’t dare to neglect sitting cross-legged once again. As soon as he entered the abdomen, he felt that he was shaking violently. Every time he trembled, Lin Feng also followed him involuntarily, as if he had been struck by lightning. He was shocked by Yuan in the meridians of Lin Feng’s body. He tried to sink his mind into then, but he was immediately played. At this moment, Lin Feng felt that then seemed to become furious, and many scattered golden awns were more dazzling.
"It’s going to break Dan!" In a flash, Lin Feng had an epiphany and realized that Zhenyuan was out of control.
When Lin Feng’s soul returned to the flesh from the underworld, the real body Yuan has reached the bottleneck of breaking Dan again. For fear of being deliberately suppressed by Lin Feng in Jinjiao, he was injured in the battle with Jinjiao, and he was able to recuperate whether he wanted to break Dan or not. However, when he lost consciousness and coma, his body 4 recovered to normal, and then he finally reached the degree of breaking Dan again.
Just as Lin Feng thought about this short instantaneous elixir, it became more and more violent. Fortunately, Lin Feng had a broken elixir experience, and he took his time to disperse his mind into the mysterious chaotic state of thought, leaving a little light as a bridge to absorb the aura of heaven and earth.
But this time windson was miscalculated. With cocoa, his roots don’t need to absorb the aura of heaven and earth.
Seems to be now the forest air strange cocoa increased reiki than pure five elements reiki crazy poured into the forest air abdomen.
Then when the five elements of aura moisten and encourage more and more, it shrinks and expands faster and faster!
A little bit of five-element reiki overflows from Lin Feng’s skin and radiates colorful light, shining the dirty and dark room like a fairyland.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-six Yuan Ying
Know Takuya don’t know when then stopped trembling.
When then narrowed the vertex, only a ray of light remained in Lin Feng, and he automatically entered chaos, leaving a swinging body.
Suddenly, there seems to be a "pa", a shrinking apex, then a violent explosion, and the true yuan scattered and devastated in the meridians. Lin Feng crossed his legs and sat on the surface of his body. Suddenly, several cracks appeared, and his clothes were easily torn to pieces.
In the violent impact of the real yuan, the golden light of Lin Feng’s left arm flashed, and a golden dragon shadow flew out, circling around Lin Feng’s body constantly, and cocoa seemed to have been attacked by the colorful little figure from Lin Feng’s eyebrows, and angrily stared at Lin Feng in the broken Dan.
At the moment, the forest wind body is undergoing an earth-shaking change. In the real impact body, impurities are discharged, and the jade crystal energy is slowly fused with the cells, and the meridians become wider and more flexible, and the physical quality is further strengthened …
The night passed quietly, and when the first ray of sunshine pierced the darkness, Lin Feng opened his eyes, and it seemed that there were two brilliant lights which passed.
Took a deep breath, windson felt that the vigor had reached a peak, and the real yuan felt inexhaustible power in the body mooring flow.
While Lin Feng opened his eyes, Jinlong’s virtual shadow returned to his left arm, and Coco flew in front of him without hesitation. After Lin Feng’s nose took a bite, he got into his eyebrows bitterly.
Windson inexplicably touched the nose and didn’t think about what would happen to cocoa. Once again, he sank his mind into the abdomen and looked at the changes after the broken Dan.
It doesn’t matter if you look at it. Windson will be silly directly.
The original Danzhong Dantian has actually added a villain, a semi-transparent villain who looks exactly like Lin Feng!
The villain sat in the abdomen with a calm face and a faint holy meaning.
Is it Yuan Ying? It seems that it is not.
There is a detailed description of Yuan Ying in the Book of Fixing the Truth. Normal Yuan Ying should be the size of a fist, but the villain in Lin Fengdantian has a fist a quarter as big, and it is theoretically impossible for Lin Feng to cultivate Yuan Ying’s land by practicing "Dry Yuan Jiu Zhuan Zhen Jie".
What the hell is going on here?
Windson consciousness will sink into the villain’s body for a moment. Windson feels that he is a villain and a villain is himself.
With his eyes open, the villain slowly got up and waved carefully, and immediately set off a real storm in the abdomen.
Yes, it’s Yuan Ying! But it narrows Yuan Ying.
Lin Fengyuan will be very surprised by this magical change, but in fact he is very calm and calm, as if it were a normal thing.
So Lin Feng immediately turned this 4 into Yuan Ying!
According to the Book of Fixing the Truth, Yuan Ying is a product of the combination of soul and truth. When the elixir breaks, it will produce a powerful force. In this wave, the soul will be forcefully pushed into the truth and eventually merge with the truth to form Yuan Ying.
And windson’s practice of "Dry Yuan Jiu Zhuan Zhen Jie" will not form Yuan Ying, which is because most of the energy generated when then is fractured is used to transform the body, and the remaining strength is insufficient to drive the soul into Zhen Yuan.
But this time, when Dan was broken, Lin Fengti had one more variable, so it was 4 souls.
After being wiped away by Lin Feng, the soul was not swallowed up by him, but a completely controlled independent soul remained. Although he is still an independent soul, he is too weak, let alone compared with Lin Feng, who has cultivated ten thousand souls day and night in the underworld, even ordinary people’s souls are much stronger.
Then it’s easy to speculate about what’s coming.
Windson this time, most of the energy generated by then fragmentation has been transformed, and the remaining energy, though insufficient, can drive the powerful soul of Windson into the true yuan. Obviously, it is still possible to drive the weak soul into the true yuan, which is such a prehistoric example that the weak yuan baby was formed in Windson Dantian …