The young man quietly looked at the bald head and didn’t mean to speak.
"Mom always asks you something, do you dare not say it?" Baldheaded immediately annoyed waved and slapped him in the past, and the prisoners behind him also showed their eagerness.
"Pa" a bald head slapped the young man in the face. The young man still did not move, but the bald head felt that his hand was like hitting the steel plate.
"Mom called Lao!" Bald head dumped cutting and became angry from embarrassment. Cloth ordered the prisoners behind him to rush to the youth immediately, and bald head didn’t believe in evil and slapped him in the past.
In anger, the bald man and the prisoners behind him didn’t notice that when the bald man slapped the young man in the face, although the young man didn’t move his eyes, he showed various complicated emotions such as struggle, confusion, anger and embarrassment
It’s "pa" again-however, this time it’s not the young man who is being slapped, but the bald man’s wrist is caught by the young man, just like being caught by an iron clamp. No matter how hard the bald man struggles, he can’t let his hand move at all.
Later, the prisoners didn’t seem to notice this scene. They were in high spirits. The young people were tall and straight, waving their fists and feet. When they saw the fight here, the prisoners in the surrounding cells were also excited and yelling, just like a holiday.
However, Hans, the guard of the cell, still listened to the yellow broadcast with headphones and saliva, ignoring the commotion in the cell.
At this moment, those young prisoners who kept hurting Europe retreated one by one in pain, and kept stamping their feet and screaming, "Mom, is this little body so hard that it is made of iron?"
"Ouch, it hurts. I’m afraid it’s a monster."
The bald man didn’t pay attention to the hand words. At this time, he realized that the original clear eyes in the eyes of the young people changed into sharp and cold eyes, which made people unable to look straight and made the bald man feel more scared. The young man grabbed his hand and slowly tightened it. Soon he heard his wrist moan.
"How dare you slap me?" Finally, the young man spoke clearly, but it seemed to contain anger.
However, no one here can understand the young people’s words. After a long time of patience, the bald man finally couldn’t help but cry out, "Let go!"
Answer that he is "click". The bald head with a crisp bone fracture immediately screamed. Looking at the murderous look in the eyes of the young man and his body gradually spreading out, the bald head trembled all over. He suddenly had a strange feeling that the young man was "awakened" by his slap.
It is the youth who "wakes up", not Lin Feng who "wakes up".
I felt a little pain in my face before I woke up and windson came to look at my environment. I felt that when I saw my bald head and slapped it again, I immediately turned white and felt pain.
Windson is furious at this moment!
Since childhood, Dalin’s face has been punched but never slapped. Although fists and slaps are different forms of hand attacks, their meanings are completely different!
Fist is an ordinary attack slap but an insulting performance!
I was slapped by a waste. This is Lin Feng’s theory that I can’t stand it!
Crushed the bald wrist after windson hand loose along the bald arm slightly to move an inch, pinching again is a crisp "click".
"Ah …" The more the bald head screams, the more the piercing tears are involuntarily slipped away. The left hand force is pounding towards the windson face.
Windson didn’t look at each other’s fist, right hand moved loosely and pinched "clicks" …
When the bone breaks again, the pain makes the bald head wave to the half, and the left fist suddenly seems to be drawn with all its strength. I can’t help but draw a semicircle and catch Lin Feng’s hand to crush his bones. But now it’s impossible to break Lin Feng’s fingers, so I have to go crazy and ask the younger brother for help. "What are you all doing?" Give it to me! "
Just as Lin Feng crushed the bald wrist, the bald hands were shocked. You know, the nickname "crazy" of bald heads is a place near the detention center. The boss of the underworld is usually brave and ruthless, and he is famous for fighting. There are indeed two people who are interrupted by him at ordinary times. I didn’t expect that there were not a few people.
One day, he was crushed by others.
Then, when Lin Feng still didn’t give up, he crushed the bald arm bone inch by inch. These people felt a chill coming out of the spine and spreading to the body, which made them dare not move at all, and even the noise in the surrounding cells was much smaller.
When I heard the bald man asking for help from his hands, look at me. I think you finally got up the courage to rush in the past and raised your fist at Lin Feng again.
Windson cold hum single-handedly holding the bald hand waved his whole body as a weapon, and immediately the bald younger brothers were smashed and flew out, and the bones were broken and the blood was broken.
Hit the younger brother windson and repeated the previously unfinished things …
In this process, the bald head fainted several times in pain, but in an instant it was stimulated by severe pain and woke up several times.
I don’t know when it was quiet around. The prisoners in other cells were shocked and looked cold. No one dared to make a sound except the bald head and his younger brother whining.
Finally, Lin Feng’s hand came to the bald shoulder. After another "click", Lin Feng kicked the bald head out with one foot. Although Lin Feng sometimes seemed very ruthless, he was not a tyrant who was slapped. He still couldn’t kill anyone. I believe that the pain caused by the crushing of his arm is enough to make the bald head unforgettable!
The bald man bounced back to the ground after hitting the iron railing behind him, and then his eyes closed and finally "happiness" fainted.
Vented the anger in my heart, windson calmed down and carefully observed the surrounding environment.
Is slightly swept a few eye windson guessed where you are at the moment is not a detention center or prison in what will come here windson frowning rummaging through the memory.
The magic is that although Lin Feng just "woke up", he clearly remembers everything in his memory when he was in a coma.
It turns out that there are 4 ghosts.
After the soul was wiped away by Lin Feng, all self-consciousness was not swallowed, but was kept as an independent soul.
When Lin Feng lost consciousness in the "purple light", his body immediately took over again, but without self-awareness, some souls were left to react.
"Purple light" felt thirsty and hungry after it stopped for a while in the orbit of the planet that made Lin Feng vomit blood.
Of course, Lin Feng, a true practitioner, doesn’t say that even if he doesn’t eat or drink water for a few days, but if he doesn’t eat for a long time, the human body can still send signals that he needs to eat and replenish water from time to time. At ordinary times, Lin Feng can run the real yuan to suppress these signals, but he doesn’t have self-awareness. So he can manipulate the "purple light" and land on the planet of life to find food and water
Fortunately, the top mecha brain intelligence made by "Purple Light" Tess is also extremely powerful. Now, after 4 intentions, it can react with No.4 to actually let "Purple land"
Of course, there was no food or water in the "purple light". 4 After leaving the "purple light", it appeared in the forest, and then it met Kuda and Tegai and was taken to this detention center.
During this period, the memory and experience were very simple, but it was unacceptable for Lin Feng to let a waste slap himself. 4 The soul could react and decided that it would not take the initiative to defend or counterattack the slap on the bald head unless it encountered an attack that might hurt the body. 4 It seems that the root could not cause harm to the body, so he did not respond.
This makes Lin Feng hate gnashing his teeth when he wakes up, because if he doesn’t have 4, he will respond or defend, dodge or fight back no matter what kind of situation he is attacked by, and Lin Feng is a fighter with a very high level. Fighting can determine that even if he loses consciousness and slaps his bald head, he can’t hit him. But 4 is an independent soul without emotional response. He suppressed the human body and his soul can judge and finally decided to ignore the bald head attack, so poor Lin Feng suffered the most serious insult in his life.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-five The second broken Dan
It was the slap on the bald head that made Lin Feng wake up. Four spirits and one body had no emotional response. Although there was no response after Lin Fengyou got a slap on the face on the 4th, Lin Fengxian, who has always been vengeful, could not stand such a thing. Even in a coma, he seemed to feel something, so he immediately woke up. This shows that Lin Feng’s refusal to suffer is deeply rooted in his bones …
Understand the coma afterlife, Lin Feng closed his eyes and felt his own state, but now the real yuan flow is very smooth, except that the soul and the body have not been perfectly integrated, and everything else is normal, as if he had slept before.
Lin Feng is very happy that his body is back to normal, but he is also puzzled. In fact, human coma is actually a phenomenon to protect himself. After Lin Feng’s coma, he immediately took over the body. There is no emotional fluctuation, and the independent soul magic is very difficult to influence.
Without the interference of the magic evil spirit, the jade crystal energy of the main body "Ling Jing Yan" will soon purify the magic evil spirit, and then the injury of the meridians in the body will gradually recover. It can be said that the injury in the body is better than Lin Feng’s own and it is easier to recover.
Take a deep breath, exhale for a long time, and all the irritability and unhappiness will be suppressed in this deep breath.
Now that my body has returned to normal, I decided to walk, but first I have to make sure that I am not hurt on this strange planet, so it is urgent to know everything about this planet first.
Windson turned to look around and moaned softly. The prisoner gave up asking about the situation from their mouths and planned to speak to these people without understanding them.
Although there are all kinds of advanced high-tech equipment in the forest air ring, it is not difficult to decipher the language of this planet, but it can not be completed in a short time.
After thinking for a while, Lin Feng gave a faint smile, and with a flick of his finger, a small ball immediately flew out and hit the ground, and a mass of black fog instantly enveloped the whole basement.
Before the prisoners could react, they all lost consciousness and fainted to the ground.
"fix true boundary smoke bomb is really good" windson satisfiedly smiled cross legs sitting on the ground from the ring took out some strange equipment assembled.
Since this is a planet with a high degree of culture, most of them have their own networks, and it is also an inevitable trend of the network science and technology exhibition that they can access the network through some special signal lines. It is definitely much faster and safer to learn about a planet from the network than to pry about it by themselves.
Lin Feng guessed correctly, and soon he came into contact with a top hacker on this planet’s network through the equipment in front of him. He easily succeeded in accessing it, which made him both disappointed and disappointed. The disappointment was so easy that he accessed it and said that this planet’s technology was worse than the Earth Federation, so he hoped that this planet could have the possibility of crossing the plane technology.
With the huge information on the Internet, Lin Feng quickly deciphered the main languages of the planet, and then he browsed the Internet at will and finally got a general understanding of the planet.
This planet is called Tran Star Sphere, and there are hundreds of countries on the surface like the former Earth.
What makes Lin Feng feel strange is that the situation of Tran Xing Wen is a little weird. It is said that the exhibition of Tran Xing Science and Technology is extremely unbalanced. The overall scientific and technological level of Tran Xing is less than that of the Earth Federation by one thousand years, but it has reached a quite high level in some disciplines, which is very abnormal, like being encouraged by others.
For example, the manufacturing technology of Tran Star mecha starship has been very good. It is estimated that it is two or three hundred years behind the Earth Federation, but the colonial technology of planet transformation seems to have no clue, which also leads to that no country in Tran Star can produce its own colonial star.
What surprises Lin Feng even more is that Lida Democratic Republic, the most powerful country in Tran Star, has extremely advanced research results in plane science. It can cross the plane and go home. Lin Feng has learned some knowledge in plane science in War Fortress and Tess, and has some understanding. From several public papers distributed by Lida Democratic Republic on the Internet, this country is right.
The research on noodles has surpassed the earth Federation!