Kuda glared at Tegai bitterly, walked beside the young man, pushed him and said, "Come with us."
The youth still didn’t move Kuda, although he didn’t have much strength, but he still felt like pushing a mountain when pushing the youth’s body, which made his expression dignified immediately.
Special cover also light "yi" a walk to hold the young wrist gently pulled a light way "young man go home with us first"
This time, he succeeded. The young man obeyed and was dragged by him to the side of the off-road patrol car. Da Pei immediately said, "Tegai, you really have a set."
"That is you don’t look at who I am?" Tegai was proud for a while and turned to look at the young man sitting in the back seat and handed him a bottle of mineral water. "Let’s drink some water first, young man."
The young man gawked at Tegai’s hand mineral water. Just as Tegai was preparing to take his hand back, he took it one after another. Perhaps he didn’t know how to make a bottle cap. The young man directly held the bottle cap and pulled it out. It didn’t seem that he had any strength to hear the "wave". A bottle cap was abruptly pulled out.
Tegai and Kuda gaped at all this. After half a ring, Kuda sleepwalked and muttered, "I know who he is?"
"What person?"
"I must have just become a humanoid devil, so I don’t know anything."
Tegai shuddered and remembered the myth that the devil was holding a mineral water bottle and drinking it before his eyes. The handsome young man nodded his head and agreed, "It is possible that the devil is extremely handsome after being transformed into a human form."
"That … that he will not eat us? I heard that the devil likes to eat human hearts raw! " Kudayuan just blurted out that when he heard Tegai agree with his point of view, his body trembled slightly.
"Ha ha ….." Tegai couldn’t help laughing when he saw Kuda’s appearance. "Whether he’s a devil or something … we’ll just take him back. After that, it’s none of our business. We didn’t offend him. If he wants to eat, we would have done it already. Will he still drive with us?"
"Well, you should hurry up." This time Kuda didn’t become angry from embarrassment. He always felt that the young man was in some danger and wanted to get rid of it early.
"Well, then you hurry!" Kuda’s expression made Tegai cautious. He stepped on the gas pedal and drove off toward the route.
All the way, Tegai turned to look at the young man from time to time after drinking Kuda, but now he just sat there motionless after drinking the water. If his chest was not slightly undulating, it would look like a statue.
Before dark, the off-road vehicle finally returned to a compound on the edge of the forest, but there was no light on in the dark in the courtyard.
"Mom, those guys must have slipped back." Tegai honked the horn for a long time, but no one came out.
"So what should I do now? I don’t want to stay with this guy, "Kuda frowned.
Tegai looked at the still dark courtyard and thought for a while and said, "Let’s send him to the nearest detention center and let the detention center people investigate his origin."
"Good, that’s it." Kuda nods at once.

So Tegai struck a light and stepped on the gas pedal. The off-road jeep continued to run towards the distance.
An hour later, the SUV stopped in front of a two-story building, and Tegai still took the youth and Kuda into the building gate.
At the moment, it was already dark, and there were not many people in the detention center. Dortmund seemed to be very familiar with it, and soon he found a middle-aged police officer in charge of the detention center and said the situation aside.
Because the young man never speaks and has no ID card, the middle-aged police officer discussed with Tegai and decided to take the young man into custody first and wait for the day to investigate his origin.
Then the middle-aged police officer took the special cover and they came to an iron gate in the basement. They knocked on the door for a long time and didn’t see anyone coming. The middle-aged police officer immediately cursed "Mom Hans, that guy must be listening to the yellow radio again."
Tegai and Kuda looked at each other with a knowing smile.
The middle-aged police officer knocked on the door for a while before swearing and returning to the building to get the key, knocking on the iron gate and leading the people to go in.
As soon as he entered the door, Tegai saw a young man wearing a policeman and a pair of huge headphones, shaking his head and drooling at a desk by the door, and even someone came in without feeling.
The middle-aged police officer lifted Hans up in front of him and finally made him react by wearing headphones.
Although he is now a handyman, Hans is not afraid to smile at the middle-aged police officer. "Boss, you haven’t come home yet."
"Hans, if you don’t have someone in front of you, I won’t dare to touch you. If you fool around all day, who will be responsible?" Middle-aged police officer angry scold a way
"Boss, there won’t be any problem. It’s just a few prisoners eating dogs. These scum die one by one." Hans seems to be used to training and doesn’t care.
The middle-aged police officer seems to have no choice but to point to the young man who was brought in and say, "This guy doesn’t have a certificate. Please find a bill and detain him here for one night."
Hans shook his head and smiled. "It’s the end of the year recently, and petty thieves are all ready to get a ticket home for the New Year. It’s not like there are many people in it."
"Then find a room casually." The middle-aged police officer seems to have no desire to talk to Hans more about leaving the youth alone with Tegai and Kuda and went out.
Hans locked the iron door, picked up a stick and walked to the young man. After looking at it, he disdained to ask, "What happened to the little offender?"
The youth is still silent.
"Yo, you’re quite arrogant? I’ve seen too many people like you. You must have been brought in by a pretty boy who took a mistress of a big shot." Hans seemed to believe his speculation and suddenly smiled maliciously. "Come with me!"
Hans took a few steps, but now the young man didn’t follow and was angry. He walked behind the young man and pushed him, but he seemed to push him on a mountain. The young man did not move.
Hans just wanted to light the fire, but he felt a little palpitation. He remembered that the young man was brought in. His eyes turned and he took the young man’s hand and walked forward. Sure enough, this time the young man obeyed and was taken away by him.
"Mom turned out to be a fool, but it’s a good thing she didn’t make him crazy. I can’t stand it," Hans muttered softly as he walked.
On both sides of the basement are rows of cells separated by iron bars the thickness of the thumb. At this moment, there are dozens of prisoners in the cell. These prisoners are all kinds of people. When they see Hans coming with young people, they suddenly make noise.
"Be quiet, everyone." Hans drank a lot, but no one paid attention to his noise, but it got louder.
Hans frowned and pulled the young man to the door of a cell, knocked at the door and waved a stick and shouted, "Everybody back!" "
When all the prisoners in the cell retreated, Hans took the young man in sideways and immediately stepped back and locked the door.
"Hey, hey, crazy or stupid, I don’t know who is better?" After locking the door, Hans insidious smile went back to his desk and put the earphone on his head again to enter yy.
The youth cell is a big one with seven prisoners in it.
After Hans left, the people in the cell immediately surrounded the motionless young man led by a burly bald man who was two meters tall.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four Wake up