Unfortunately, it was not until "Storm City" entered the meteorite desert layer on the third day that Lin Feng failed to break Dan twice. This is not only because of previous injuries, but also because during this period, Lin Feng will be distracted every time he practices, which makes him feel a little uneasy. After careful reflection, Lin Feng determined that it was a magic music. At the beginning, he framed Jinjiao by magic and entered the secret room full of magic when he had to.
At first, Lin Feng had the protection of "Ling Jing Yan", and there was nothing to be done in life and death. "Ling Jing Yan" suddenly evacuated from the brain to his hand to burn Jinjiao Dan. Although he succeeded in getting Lin Feng through the crisis, he also left a gap for the invasion of magic evil spirits.
It’s not a day or two for the evil spirit to be clear and clean once it enters the brain. It seems that it has its own spiritual wisdom, and it will keep playing hide-and-seek with you. Once Lin Feng cultivates it, it will come out to make trouble, and it will be closed at the touch of a button. When Lin Feng adjusts the "Ling Jing Yan" to clear it up, it can often purify some small troops and make Lin Feng feel a little annoyed. Fortunately, "Ling Jing Yan" is really effective and has its guardian.
It is unlikely that you will be possessed if you don’t have any problems yourself.
These days, Lin Feng is crossing the meteorite desert layer in a battle of wits with the evil spirits. It seems that there is nothing dangerous. After entering the small-scale war fortress, there has been no crisis. In addition to meteorites or meteorites, it is necessary to "storm city" to travel slowly and carefully without causing meteorite vortex. These meteorites can’t have any impact on armored and tough to abnormal war fortresses.
Three days ago, after the war fortress entered the meteorite desert, Palin also came to ask what to do next. Lin Feng asked him to move as far as possible toward the center. Palin seems to be puzzled about letting the peripheral fleet stay in the outer layer of the meteorite desert and the war fortress move straight forward, but perhaps because of hypnosis, Palin seriously carried out the command of Lin Feng under the guise of imperial edict cloth.
Palin how can you know that windson is because you can’t control those peripheral fleets, for fear that these fleets will bring trouble to yourself when they enter the meteorite desert layer, so that they can stay in the outer layer. Anyway, this most elite fleet is also moored in the war fortress, and it is not afraid that there will be no resistance in case of danger. This fleet moored in Storm City is of course controlled by the war fortress brain girl before flying out. Windson is not afraid that this fleet will rebel.
In the war fortress, other pirates didn’t think so much. For them, it’s not once or twice to enter the meteorite desert layer. Although the route is "normal", there is little danger and no worries.
In windson meteorite desert layer and there is no danger but let him met by surprise.

On this day, Lin Feng just had a mandarin duck bell and felt that the floor suddenly shook before his eyes after the routine report of Qin Xinyu on earth, and suddenly a dark body floated involuntarily.
"What’s the matter?" Lin Feng was slightly surprised. "Is the control center on strike again?" Windson hurriedly thrust the spirit force into the ring, but now the black magnetic pole crystal is just lying in a corner.
Just when Lin Feng was puzzled, it suddenly lit up around him. This kind of light is not the milky white light at the top of the cabin, but the streaks of colored light are constantly passing by Lin Feng. This kind of scene is familiar to Lin Feng, just like what he felt when he shuttled between Fanhe and the underworld.
Did the war fortress enter a wormhole or passage? In the process of thinking about windson, the color stripes are passing faster and faster around him. Windson suddenly felt a little dizzy, and there was a huge pressure around him, which made his heart beat and he had difficulty breathing. Windson couldn’t help but summon up the real yuan to fight against this increasing pressure and feel better.
Fortunately, this strange situation didn’t last long. Windson’s eyes were black again, and all the colored lights and inexplicable pressure had disappeared. It was a while before Windson finally regained his sight, and the lights were still on, and there was nothing strange around him, as if he had just been born with an illusion of Windson.
Is it the evil spirit again? Windson angry scratched his head and couldn’t wait to find out the magic one by one.
After complaining for a while, Lin Feng suddenly felt something was wrong, as if he had not cultivated himself just now.
Just as Lin Feng was suspicious, the com in the room began to sing. Lin Feng hit the com casually and saw Palin crying at him in the virtual screen. 4 It seems that something is wrong. What did the boss say before entering the meteorite desert layer? "
"What’s wrong?" Windson in question at the same time also had a bad idea in my heart is just really not illusion?
"See for yourself." With a wave of his hand, Palin nai suddenly turned the virtual screen scene into an alien scene of the war fortress.
Lin Fengcai looked intently at the stars outside the war fortress, which made him accustomed to the dense meteorite scene in the meteorite desert. He was not used to it for a moment, and Lin Fengcai reacted and suddenly froze.
"Where is this?" Windson consciousness asked.
"I don’t know where this place is, and no one in the regiment knows if it is still in the meteorite desert." Palin’s face was shocked and confused at the same time, which was very wonderful. "I just asked Tess, and he said that we must have inadvertently passed through a passage just now. What should we do now? What did the boss say before he entered the meteorite desert? "
Chapter one hundred and sixty Collapse
After the shock, Lin Feng gradually calmed down and said lightly, "I can contact the head first and look for you later."
I’ve temporarily beaten Lin Linfeng, and I’m anxious to figure it out. Is this the real secret of the meteorite desert layer? All the ships and mecha that entered the floor were sent to this plane so no one could go out? But why did the war fortress come here and the dense meteorites around it didn’t come? Is the meteorite desert layer really a huge array as you thought before?
Lin Feng thinks more and more, and feels that his speculation is correct. But now, even if we really know that the meteorite desert layer is a huge law, there is nothing for the time being. At present, the most important thing is to determine the current position of the war fortress before we can determine the countermeasures.
After thinking for a while, Lin Fengcai found Palin and ordered, "The boss ordered the war fortress to stop here and let Tess analyze the state near here. He sent reconnaissance ships to explore the surrounding star fields and collect the nearby star maps to determine our position."
"Yes!" Palin should immediately.
Ten days later, the reconnaissance ship was sent back to the surrounding star domain, and the analysis report of Teus also appeared in front of Windson, and the final result made Windson feel in a trance.
A few days ago, when Lin Feng wanted Yuanyang Bell to be linked with Qin Xinyu, he felt that it was not good. He was actually linked with Qin Xinyu! At that time, windson had a bad guess. You know, no matter how far apart you are in one plane, you can connect the mandarin ducks and bells. Now that the French Federation is mostly because the two bells are not in the same plane …
Of course, there may be other reasons, but after windson saw Tess’s analysis report, he had already decided that he had come to another plane.
Tess’s report points out in detail that there are some special energy and ray aftermath around the war fortress, which shows that the plane barrier near the war fortress was penetrated not long ago!
This is not the result that Lin Feng wants!
He wanted to find his parents in the meteorite desert, but he never expected that he would come to another plane.
Lin Feng immediately discussed with Tess to see if he could return to the original plane, but learned that the passage through the plane of the war fortress was a one-way passage, and it was almost impossible for the Jinjiao Pirates to take the initiative to play the plane passage to let the war fortress return to the original plane. This answer made Lin Feng shudder like a lightning bolt. If he could not go back, he would never find his parents and even other relatives and lovers.
"Why not?" Windson tightly repressed emotions in the heart, trying not to let yourself out.
"It’s not difficult to play a plane channel in theory." When it comes to scientific knowledge, "Gollum" Tess immediately became very happy. Of course, another important role in the Jinjiao pirate group, Tess, was hypnotized by Lin Feng. Although the spirit of Tess scientists is relatively strong, it is nothing in Lin Feng’s eyes.
"say it!"
"There are two conditions to meet if you want to play a plane channel." Tess still said slowly. He was not in a hurry to go back like Lin Feng. It doesn’t matter which plane the pirates or scientists are in.
"Which two conditions?" Windson clenched his fist and couldn’t wait to smash Tess’s head
"The first and powerful energy! The second plane coordinates ",seems to be the windson anger this answer is very concise.
"Medium and powerful energy? How many hits do you want? How powerful? "
"The required energy intensity is actually similar to the power of our main gun in the war fortress, but the energy beam emitted by the main gun in the war fortress is not enough. If the energy emitted by the main gun can be concentrated to one percent, the plane channel can be played." Tess said with a smile.
Windson, a mecha operator, of course, is very familiar with the knowledge of war. The energy beam emitted by the current energy weapon is actually very refined. It is almost impossible to concentrate one percent at present.
"Even with this energy, there are no plane coordinates and there are countless planes in the universe. Now we don’t know where the original plane is. How can we go back?" Tess continued to pour cold water on Lin Feng’s heart.
Just when Lin Feng was about to collapse, an idea suddenly came to his mind and he asked like a drowning man grabbing the last straw, "Tess, have you ever heard that there is a life planet in the meteorite desert layer?" Do you think this planet will actually be on our current plane? " If so, Lin Feng may find his parents.
"You mean that life on that planet can cross the plane at will?" Tess immediately understood windson’s idea. He thought for a moment and then replied, "I don’t think so! I remember the former boss said that there was indeed a planet with a high degree of life in the meteorite desert layer. He went there alone once when he was young, but he didn’t want to cross the plane. "
"Really ….." At this moment, Lin Feng’s heart was in despair, and Zhen Yuan’s body was gradually disordered. He didn’t expect to actually confirm the meteorite desert layer in a living planet from Tess’s mouth, but even if this information is confirmed at the moment, what’s the point? He may never go back to his original plane.
"By the way, I’m suddenly interested in field study now. I want to study it. Can you ask the boss for me?" Tess see windson a face still indifferent hurriedly added "maybe I can work out a way back?"
I heard that windson barely shook the spirit and asked strangely, "In addition to the research project designated by the head of the delegation, isn’t it up to you?" What do you want to study? "
"No," Tess explained shyly. "Actually, my hands haven’t been enough recently. Before I came back for the first time, some of my hands went to visit relatives, and now they are all in their original positions."
"So what do you want to do? In addition to you and your hands, there are almost no high-tech talents in the group. "Although Lin Feng doesn’t quite believe that Tess can really work out a way to come back, it is also good to be a dead horse and have a ten thousandth hope."