"I’ll do it!"
"Let me do it!"
"I want to challenge!"
At last, many people can’t help but come out of the situation that obviously involves dignity.
"Very well! It is like a real soldier to know that you are still fighting for the first place! " Chai Jin seems to have a face of praise and encouragement, but what do you think is like boasting …
It is a pity that although the students are courageous, they have no courage in the face of absolute strength.
Few people can support Zhao Rulong and Ma Han in Chai Jin’s hands, but Xian didn’t challenge Chai Jin. It’s not surprising for Lin Feng that the sage orthodox fix true person doesn’t pay much attention to the fighting skills, but he will join the army and seek a breakthrough in the realm.
Anyway, after a fighting training class, no one dares to underestimate Chai Jin. All the students have recognized Chai Jin’s strength.
However, in the post-fighting training class, Chai Jin showed more powerful teaching ability. He did not rigidly ask the students to learn a certain type of fighting skills, but pointed out different exhibition directions according to everyone’s characteristics, which made everyone, including Lin Feng, feel that the fighting level was also advancing by leaps and bounds.
Of course, Lin Feng’s fighting level has reached the realm of quasi-master, so Chai Jin did not give directions to Lin Feng in fighting skills, but kept his past experience to discuss the understanding of Wushu with Lin Feng. Lin Feng also thanked Chai Jin very much for becoming a teacher and a friend.
Unconsciously, it has been nearly half a year since Lin Feng was in the Central Military Academy. In this half a year, the war between the Earth Federation and the celestial locust star people is still in a stalemate. This is because the Earth Federation underestimated the determination of the celestial locust star people. I didn’t expect the other party to put all your eggs in one basket to move the azimuth attack, but the momentum failed again and exhausted. Lin Feng believed that the Federation would soon be able to show its strategic counterattack when it survived this period.
Therefore, Lin Feng did not focus on the war. As he expected, he was repeatedly provoked by others in the months after his confinement. However, Lin Feng did not have an impulse when facing these malicious provocations.
If the other party is malicious abuse, then Lin Feng will also respond viciously and sternly to the guest’s "teasing flow". Once in ten times, he will arouse the other party to become angry from embarrassment and take the lead, so Lin Fengcai will fight back and beat the other party’s mother beyond recognition, so that even if the other party sues the disciplinary department, it will not take up the reason. Because of the sinister Lin Feng, the situation will be completely filmed …
If the other person is being sarcastic, then Lin Feng will leave with a smile at that time. However, in the next few days, all those who mocked Lin Feng will be interrupted, their limbs will be swollen, their faces will be knocked out, and their teeth will be thrown in every corner of the military school. It is strange that these people don’t know who they were hit by, and several people are being attacked. At the same time, Lin Feng appears in all places with a lot of witnesses.
So for three transgressions, no one dared to provoke Lin Feng again, and Lin Feng also found the behind-the-scenes person from the mouth of these guys who were beaten.
Then something quite sensational happened in the military academy, that is, Major Paul Hill, the federal minister of politics, suddenly fainted on the way back to the dormitory from the bar one day. After being rescued, he was examined and now his memory loss is equivalent to that of a teenager due to severe brain damage.
At that time, there were steps stained with blood, and a trampled banana peel was found on the scene. So after careful investigation, the military academy had to declare that this was an accident. Paul himself was drunk and stepped on the banana peel, and then he crashed into the steps when he fell. Finally, the minister protested against the military academy for a new round of rectification movement and severely cracked down on the bad behavior of littering …
Chapter one hundred and twelve This is not an exercise!
Feng has long wanted to deal with Paul. He still remembers that he wanted Tiffany to be sent by Paul during the training. Lin Feng was definitely not polite to kill his own people. This time, he still looked at the war situation and didn’t want to add chaos to the federal and military schools before he showed mercy and let Paul enjoy a wonderful childhood again.
Generally speaking, in the past six months or so, Lin Feng has been more leisurely, which makes him feel depressed. It is because of the manipulation of the mecha that he was defeated by Anan, just like Anan said that day. In the battle between Lin Feng and Anan’s mecha, Lin Feng did not survive ten strokes in Anan’s hand. Only then did he know that it was not enough to manipulate the mecha with fighting skills …
Leisure day will come to an end. Late at night, the Federal Military Academy suddenly remembered the piercing alarm.
"Warning now don’t fleet invasion guard star domain please everyone ready to fight, please pay attention! This is not an exercise! "
"Warning now don’t fleet invasion guard star domain please everyone ready to fight, please pay attention! This is not an exercise! "
"Repeat, this is not an exercise!"
The shrill alarm woke up the dormitory to rest, and the sound of "banging" overturned the table and chairs kept ringing.
Consciousness seems to be gradually floating from the bottom of the sea of 10,000 meters to wake up. Lin Feng frowned and got up. After a late incident, Lin Feng set a biological clock every time he practiced, and spread a wisp of spirit to make himself awake as soon as there is an existing movement. Although this will lead to poor cultivation effect, people can’t help themselves in the military school …
Quickly put on the military school system. Windson walked out of his small room and came to the public living room. He saw Zhao Rulong bleary-eyed while wearing pants and came out. "How come it’s endless again?"
"Yes, yes, I have to come here once a month. I don’t know what the big shots in the military think. Do you want people to have a good rest?" Kate, although dressed, is obviously not awake yet. After yawning a lot, she collapsed in the living room, her eyes drooping, and she may fall asleep again at any time.
These two guys complain for a reason. Night emergency training is an important training program in every military school, and the Central Military Academy is no exception. Every month, a large-scale emergency training is held from time to time, sometimes during the day, but more often at night.
However, the large-scale emergency training once a month in the Central Military Academy is not the same as that required by other military academies for some instructors and students to participate.
The Federal Central Military Academy is located in a satellite of the guardian star. It is said that this satellite is modeled after two large federal war fortresses. Every emergency requires all military academy personnel to participate in the military academy principals to instructors. Military academy logistics personnel do not even belong to the military academy. A satellite is set up to defend the military academy, and the security forces personnel will be required to arrive at their respective posts at the appointed time.
Moreover, the order to conduct large-scale emergency joint training once a month is not distributed by the principal or an instructor, but by the brain of the military academy at random, that is to say, even the principal does not know when each joint training will be carried out.
Because the Central Military Academy includes almost all the federal services, everyone has their own area of responsibility in the war fortress. For example, the president will report to the command center that the general commander will study the starship and command the students and their instructors to report to the military academy fleet. The Federal Central Military Academy has a main fleet directly under its control, which is equivalent to the fast reaction brigade in the first fleet of the Federation, which can be said to be the top fleet configuration of the Federation at present.
All starship commanders in this directly affiliated fleet usually take turns to learn starship command to increase their command experience. However, in a large-scale emergency training once a month, starship commanders are borne by instructors. Students can take up other positions of starships according to their grades and grades. Future starship commanders should learn and understand.
The same is true of other services. Instructors command students and military academy personnel to assist them. Generally speaking, in the process of large-scale emergency joint training once a month, everyone has his own post to achieve the goal, that is, the military academy will be simulated as a fortress of war to "move" in the shortest time, and then a series of military exercises will be carried out according to the random situation of the main brain.
It is the establishment of the Federal Central Military Academy that the confrontation will be summarized immediately after each exercise and the respective positions will be trained during the exercise.
It is precisely because such an emergency is held once a month that Zhao Rulong and others will complain so much, but this time it seems different from usual, and this different place was immediately alarmed by cautious thinking. He tightened his face and said seriously, "Don’t listen carefully to the last words in the alarm …"
Because of this training experience, everyone in the dormitory has almost finished dressing. In accordance with the regulations, Ouyang Mu, the chief executive of the dormitory, is waiting in the living room for the first roll call. Later, after going to their respective posts, it will be called by the instructors again. Because each roll call has to be reported immediately, Lin Feng now has to give Ouyang Mu this face, but his attitude is licentious. At this moment, everyone has paid attention to it after hearing Stuart’s words. Soon, everyone is in a different place from usual in this alarm.
"Repeat, this is not an exercise!" The simulated female brain of the military academy is still tirelessly repeating the alarm, and Lin Feng and others have also heard this most important sentence clearly, and they have immediately understood the meaning contained in this sentence. You see me, I see that you all know that you have not heard wrong. Suddenly, everyone seems to feel a thunderbolt hitting their hearts, making their hearts almost stop. Then everyone’s expressions are different, including calmness, indifference, panic and excitement …
At that moment there was a terrible silence in the live room.
Finally, Stuart Liu, who was the first to know this information, took the lead in saying, "Okay, Ouyang, hurry up and name others. It may not be so simple to be late at this time …"
Situliu’s words have a profound meaning, but everyone still got out of it. They got up silently and trotted towards the door.
Finally, Kate couldn’t help but take the lead in breaking this strange atmosphere. He asked Lin Feng as he ran, "I didn’t hear Lin Feng wrong just now, did I? This time is not an exercise? "
"You didn’t listen to wrong! This time it’s not an exercise. Our horse is going to the battlefield. It’s really cruel! " Windson impatiently low drink a way at the moment windson is very upset, not that he is afraid of death, but that this sudden war has disrupted his plan.
Lin Fengyuan recognized that the Earth Federation would have to fight for seven years at the very least, and the final result must be the victory of the Earth Federation. Therefore, Lin Fenggen didn’t show his ideas in the army. He planned to retire directly after graduation and then set off for the meteorite desert to find his parents. However, he didn’t expect to have to fight in the military academy now, and once he was deeply involved in the battlefield, he didn’t know whether he would be in the Year of the Monkey or the month of the horse. If he didn’t let Lin Feng feel depressed?
Lin Feng’s conversation with Kate also made others recover from the shock. Zhao Rulong asked cautiously, "Where do you think this invading and guarding star field fleet came from?"
The structure of the six administrative stars controlled by the Earth Federation is like a giant dumbbell. One end of the dumbbell is composed of the fierce sun star in the front line and a little blue star in the back, and the other end is the three administrative stars, the Earth Rainbow Star and the Sky Star. The guardian star is located in the middle of the dumbbell, one side is the meteorite desert, and the other side is a large broken star belt. The guardian star is as important as its name, and it firmly guards the main road of the entire Earth Federation. This passage is very named the Silk Road in the star.
The broken star belt surrounding the Silk Road and the meteorite desert are both famous and dangerous areas in the universe, and it is impossible for the roots to pass through the large-scale fleet. Therefore, this unannounced fleet has made everyone wonder
"Could it be that anti-government organizations hiding in the meteorite desert came out to fish in troubled waters? It seems that only they can freely enter and exit in the meteorite desert! " Here, Lin Feng’s eyes flashed a complicated and difficult look. If it is really them, it may be a good opportunity for Lin Feng to sneak into the meteorite desert.
"What? Anti-government organizations hiding in the meteorite desert? Lin Feng, who did you listen to? " Kate asked several people in different voices. Obviously they didn’t know the news.
Chapter one hundred and thirteen War
Why don’t you know? "
Many people have known the news that windson anti-government organizations are hiding in the meteorite desert. I didn’t expect that the root is not the case. After a little thinking, windson turned white. At first, he didn’t know that he had always recognized the meteorite desert. No one could enter this information, or the chief commander of the Federal First Fleet, Chen Yu, personally told him. Later, he also confirmed the news in the confidential database of the military academy, but ordinary people or unscrupulous people may not know it. Even if they knew, it was unlikely to spread on a large scale.
Many people present were shocked by the news again. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether the anti-government organizations are hiding in the meteorite desert. What matters is that some people can freely enter and leave the meteorite desert!
We should know that the strategic position of the guardian star is extremely important. Once it is captured, the Earth Federation will immediately fall into a dangerous situation where it can’t take care of each other. If you want to reach the front line from one end of the earth, you will have to detour a long distance if you don’t protect the Silk Road through the guardian star. In a rapidly changing war, it is doubtful that you will find your own way!
"Lin Feng, are you telling the truth?" Situliu also cautiously asked
"Of course it’s true. In fact, it’s not extremely important confidential information. It’s not difficult for you to know your identity and background. It’s just that you’re usually upset!" Windson had to explain
"That’s right! I also know that this intelligence anti-government organization is indeed in the meteorite desert! " Surprisingly, Harry Green, who has always been at odds with Lin Feng and several of them at ordinary times, also took the initiative to talk. It can be seen that he can afford to put it in the face of war. If he can’t unite as one, then the war will not be fought.
Everyone was silent again. Everyone knows how the loss of the guardian star will affect the Earth Federation. War failure or trivial matter. You should know that the locust star people and the Earth Federation are even worse. This tragic humanitarian crime is the most normal for the locust star people …
"Nothing!" Ouyang Mu, the head of the dormitory who kept silent all the way, finally waved at him. He reluctantly smiled and encouraged, "When I patrolled the star field, I now arranged a large number of turrets on the desert side of the meteorite. At that time, I still felt strange. Now that I think about it, this is the right thing to deal with anti-government organizations. Besides, the Federal Second Fleet stationed in the guardian star has deployed a main fleet and a rapid response brigade to the front line, and it still retains most of its strength. In fact, the situation is not ugly."