Before Min Shao left, "I have a way to avoid tracking. Give me that piece or give it to the little master."
Hu Yingxue turned to Min Shao and smiled, "Don’t let me have a mask that can be hidden to change my breath. If they don’t send out distracted experts, I won’t be recognized by them if I don’t take the initiative to expose my identity, and you have been dealing with Shui Accord for so many years. They should have a certain understanding of your words and deeds and be easily recognized after a makeover."
Wei Zhe patted Min Shao on the shoulder and put one of them into his hand. "You didn’t object to Shi Bozu, so don’t delay any more. If you get my prescription, they won’t easily kill me. They will be as cruel as they are to you. The most hated person among the three Zhongshui Accord is that you are most likely to give us a knife."
After listening to Wei Zhe’s words, Min Shao clenched his right hand and sent Fu Shi back to his original position in silence. His body pressure was significantly lower than before. Many people who didn’t understand him would think that he was unhappy that his proposal was rejected. He was angry there, but he knew that he was unwilling to give up an opportunity that might experience several battles, so he was a little depressed.
Su Yi took a piece of gift stone from Wei Zhe before seeing Min Shao, and then smiled at Hu Yingxue. "Little grandmaster, don’t be unhappy that Min Shao was rejected. Although he is silent, he is a fighting madman. If you agree with him, he will definitely show his whereabouts on his own initiative. When he always goes out alone like this, Zong Jiu and I are always on tenterhooks."
Mu Tianxuan ha ha smiled. "When you go back, you can get a chance to fight. It must be better than people outside who want to fight. There are many people in the martial arts field who feel that fighting is not enough. There are more places in our family that are more suitable for making a big impact."
"After listening to Shi Bozu’s words, I have some expectations and I can’t wait to go back to Zongmen." Zong Jiu took a gift stone from Wei Zhe and then turned around and handed it to Hu Yingxue. "Little grandmaster, take this thing. If the hand stone is not enough, take this card to the Qianli Inn to send me. I said that it is no problem to borrow a million advanced stone."
I can’t foresee what will happen to me. Hu Yingxue didn’t reach out and accept the card with Zongjiu politely. "I’ll pay you back without me."
Zong Jiu retired Mu Tianxuan and filled that position with a shout. He took out a bunch of magic weapons and weapons from the Sumeru ring, all of which were piled in front of Hu Yingxue. Soon, there was a pile of people who stopped and smiled at Hu Yingxue. "If you like these, you can keep them. If you don’t like them, you can sell them for Lingshi or something you like."
At the same time, I gave Hu Yingxue a sound, "I’ll give you a magic weapon to blow itself up against the enemy. If you don’t feel bad, just ask me for it again. Just like you don’t lack Dan medicine, I don’t lack all kinds of magic weapons here."
And Mu Tianxuan Hu Yingxue, of course, are not polite. They raised their hands and put away all the piles in front of them. After entering Gankun Ring, those magic weapons were arranged according to classification and order, and what magic weapons were in the ring was clear at a glance.
Mu Tian Xuan Yin taught Hu Yingxue such as explosive multiplier method to inform and persuade others that the blade finally reappeared in front of several people. "The evil spirits have come out to attack together with those evil spirits, which has broken the outermost enchantment." I said, I took out six pieces to send Fu Shi. "I don’t know if it will be worse. I quickly divided these pieces and left."
Hu Yingxue took a gift stone from the blade before. "There are four gift stones in Tianxuan’s body, so we can take two more."
"You can take all the rest," said the blade, and stuffed all six gift stones into Hu Yingxue’s hand. "It’s very convenient to have this thing when you are in trouble. Unfortunately, I can’t or don’t bother Lao Wu to walk around with it."
Chapter 65 Yuanhua Monk VS Shuiqingyuan
Everyone next to him tried his best to attack the enchantment Hu Rui, but yawned repeatedly. "You have been in the white time sword burial for so many years. If you storm in, you can get the treasure inside. It must have been breached long ago."
Later, a stout man came up to her, and an unknown fierce beast, a skull multiplier, bombarded the enchantment and said to her, "Maybe no one thought so before."
Hu Rui curled her mouth. "Are you smart when you are together?"
Hu Rui’s eyes are aiming at the enchantment from time to time. Although she doesn’t want to get involved, she doesn’t want to miss the good things inside. If she can really get the treasure inside, she must be the first to rush in.
You can tell by a look that her idea is pudgy and Jie Jie smiled a few times. "Don’t worry, I will definitely let you ask you to promise …"
"There is something wrong with you to shut up first." Hu Rui interrupted Humpty Dumpty and took out a purple bead from her waist bag. As soon as it was taken out, it shone brightly, and her face changed immediately.
Hu Rui quickly called out the boat that she was in charge of "hurry back as far as you can"
People who saw the pearl in her hand and knew what it was immediately returned to the boat or called out their flying instruments. Seeing that the pearl’s light became more and more dazzling, Hu Rui didn’t appeal to the people who continued to bombard the enchantment. He immediately drove the boat and quickly left the place.
Seeing that the boat is really returning, people who are bombarding also quickly stop calling out the flying device or taking someone else’s flying device to quickly return, but by the time these people move, it is too late. As soon as they get up, they listen to a loud noise.
People in the distance can see a hundred-mile-wide sword-shaped light beam soaring into the sky, while people in the vicinity have no chance to see anything. Their bodies are instantly crushed into dust, but they can’t escape without pain, and they will disappear without reaction.
Because Hu Rui woke up, most of their group retired from time to time. For those unlucky people who didn’t retreat from time to time, there was no sympathy in their hearts. These people would have no alliance, and even worse, those who refused to retreat would be able to enter the treasure first if they continued to attack.
Hu Rui and his party mocked those greedy unlucky people there, but they didn’t know that the light beam was right in the middle of a person. It was the last one that had to leave Hu Yingxue. After the blade was reduced as planned, the blade received the Yun Ling jade card. She wanted to trigger the rune of the rune at the same time, but she didn’t consider that the boundary burst and the self-consistency would trigger an aura storm, which made her pause when delivering the spirit yuan to the rune.
Pause for only a second delayed the start of the rune for a moment or so. Fortunately, the center position is the weakest place of the reiki storm. Although Hu Yingxue’s clothes were instantly rolled up by the reiki storm and torn by the hurricane, wearing close-fitting armor can still stand firm in the spring.
However, armor blocked the Reiki storm and the Reiki storm rolled up the hurricane, and the secret house in the brain can also protect the head from the damage of the Reiki storm and the Reiki storm rolled up the hurricane, which can’t stop the sword as a mental attack.
Those swords are left by people who have entered the sword burial dreamland for many years. Although not all of them can leave swords, at most, once they have accumulated from the sword burial, the number is quite amazing.
Thousands of kinds of swords with different understandings are intended to get into the body from all parts of the body in an instant. It seems that they all want to replace Hu Yingxue’s body and condense their swords. Therefore, no matter where they get into Hu Yingxue Hall, they have one purpose-they are located in the heart of the sword in Danfu.
Consciousness is still awake, but the body is out of control. Those foreign swords can be everywhere. Those swords are intended to bump around the body, which not only makes Hu Yingxue’s body scarred, but also damages the body meridians. Fortunately, Mu Lingyuan has a strong recovery ability and immediately starts to repair those injuries. Although the repair speed does not destroy the speed, it always weakens the rate of injury deterioration.
Mark resolutely refuses outsiders’ swords. When they approach it, they will be played immediately, but some of the understandings contained in the sword will penetrate into the sword. Those understandings will immediately emerge in Hu Yingxue’s mind, and all kinds of complicated information will make her dizzy as soon as they flood into her mind.
Knowing that if you give up at this time, there will be no Hu Yingxue biting his teeth to resist it. It seems that the body will burst into pain, and the body will be able to mobilize Lingyuan to hold tightly the right hand to send Fu Shi. Then the central energy will inject those Lingyuan into Fu Shi, and Lingyuan will pour into Fu Shi, and Fu Shi will show a purple light in an instant, and then she will be soft and wrapped up.
When the storm around her disappeared, Hu Yingxue couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. As soon as she relaxed, she immediately fainted. Before she lost consciousness, she vaguely felt that she seemed to overwhelm the water, and then she heard a beautiful voice saying, "Amitabha, the poor monk didn’t see anything."
Yuanhua came to inquire about Xia Wuzhou’s first visit. When did he learn that he would come and send bursts of pictures three months later? He squatted and sighed and was about to get up. A figure suddenly appeared in his head and pressed him back and forth, and he saw glistening.
It was Hu Yingxue who fell. At the last moment when Fu Shi started the delivery function, her armor reached the limit. She was hit by a reiki storm in the back. Her mouth didn’t hurt her flesh, but it was quite big. It extended from her right shoulder to her left waist, revealing a large piece of snow. Her hands would catch her and raise her hand against her back, so there was a sentence.
Yuanhua gently threw Hu Yingxue away, quickly untied her cassock before she fell again, and then forced her eyes to leave a big cocoon in the process of catching Hu Yingxue again. He looked like crying. "This is difficult for a poor monk. What should I do with such a great beauty?"
At this time, in addition to the meta-formation and the appearance of Hu Yingxue, there are guards to send the guards to meta-formation. A baby face and Hu Yingxue are almost the same height. It looks like being fifteen or sixteen years old and seemingly mature. I laughed at those guards.
One of them, who looked more calm, quickly stopped laughing. "Young monk, don’t make a fuss. People who can appear in the procession at this time in the spirit period must have used the gift stone. It’s not ordinary things to get them. People with backgrounds or physical strength are not easy to offend people."
Yuanhua smiled, "No one has called me a little monk for a long time."
At this time, someone came over in a hurry and saw Yuanhua’s eyes suddenly bright. "Master Yuanhua, I told you that I would definitely inform you when the array was started."
Yuanhua nodded at the bearer. "I remember coming out for a walk today, but I just came here to ask." I lifted my arms around my predecessor. "Please find someone to change clothes for this girl and see if she is injured."
The man didn’t stretch out his hand to take Hu Yingxue over, but sideways. "Master, come with me. My wife happens to be here to take care of this girl. She is a master of Baicaogu and can also treat this girl."
Yuanhua looked down at Hu Yingxue, who was still frowning in a coma. "That would be in trouble."
Seeing Yuanhua holding Hu Yingxue followed the man away from the escort. The guards often breathed a sigh of relief. They didn’t know Yuanhua, but they knew who was the most popular monk in Xia Wuzhou recently. Who would have thought that a monk would look just like a boy of fifteen or sixteen? Fortunately, he called a little monk and there was no other offense.
They just breathed a sigh of relief to send bursts of pictures, and a man appeared in the picture. Seeing his guards’ waist, some stiff people could not help but go to the front and bend over and say, "Lord Liang Ya"
Liang Jingsi went straight to wait at the exit without looking at the guards. A group of people walked and parked at the exit and sailed. A group of people surrounded and left the guards. Instead, they were glad that he didn’t pay any attention to their meaning, otherwise it would be more terrible than just offending Yuanhua monk.
When Liang Jingsi’s parents were victimized by traitors, Liang Ying shed blood and slaughtered the other side’s blood-weeping cliff. Although there was no overbearing behavior in Xia Wuzhou, many adults were frightened to see them.
Don’t say that the guards here discussed where to go after the relief workers came, and said that Yuanhua came to a mansion with Hu Yingxue to find someone else. Yang Jingfeng, the duke of Binhai City, was the mansion of Binhai City.
When I entered the gate, I got the news that Yang Jingfeng’s wife, Shui Qingyuan, met me. "Please follow me."
In Shuiqingyuan, lead Yuanhua to hold Hu Yingxue to a clause, put people down in the bedroom, and Yuanhua left the room alone and waited in the garden with Yang Jingfeng.
Yuanhua went out to Shuiqingyuan and went to bed. She reached out and wrapped herself in Hu Yingxue’s cassock, just to see Hu Yingxue’s face. She couldn’t help raising her hand and covering her mouth.
Suppress the excitement in my heart. Shui Qingyuan shook his hand and wrapped it in Hu Yingxue’s cassock. Although Hu Yingxue’s body armor was damaged in many places, there was no wound. It was a little sigh of relief.
The yogi doesn’t get dust, Hu Ying-xue doesn’t need to do anything to clean her body without any wounds. What Qingyuan needs to do is to take off her nails and change her clean clothes. This should be a simple thing, but she does it carefully.
Looking at a lotus-shaped birthmark on the left side of Hu Yingxue’s lower back, Shui Qingyuan wept with joy and quickly put a set of people through her clothes and Hu Yingxue got up and trotted out of the bedroom. "Jingfeng, where did you meet her with Master Yuanhua?"
Looking at his wife, Yang Jingfeng, who was crying and laughing, quickly put her arms around people. "It was met by Master Yuan Hua."
"The poor monk met her when I was squatting in the array, and she suddenly hit me with her appearance." Yuan Hua looked at the eye water Qingyuan. "Amitabha, it seems that the poor monk did a good thing."
Shuiqingyuan bowed to Yuanhua, saying, "The master of the original predestined relationship met my family again, but he sent me to the front."
Knowing that finding relatives has always been a wife’s obsession, Yang Jingfeng asked with surprise, "Can’t you make a mistake?"
Shuiqingyuan raised my hand and wiped my tears. "There is no mistake. Although I was lost when I was young, I remember very clearly that three generations of children and grandchildren in my family have a red-violet birthmark on the left shoulder and a female on the left side of the lower back.
I have seen that she has a red lotus birthmark on the left side of her lower back, and when I see her, I have a strong feeling of blood connection, which means that she is not only my ethnic group, but also my blood relationship is very close. "
When Shuiqingyuan said this, Yang Jingfeng believed that Hu Yingxue really should be a wife. She remembered that Hu Yingxue was unconscious and asked, "Does it matter if she is injured?"
Water clear garden stay leng a "ah! She didn’t have any trauma, so I went to visit happily. "Say that finish, I broke away from Yang Jingfeng and Huang Zong and hurried back.
Back to the bed, Shuiqingyuan took Hu Yingxue’s right wrist and planned to check for her that God was wrapped in a true yuan. He just sent God in and cried out. Although he didn’t jilt Hu Yingxue’s wrist, he was afraid to send God in.
Hearing his wife’s pain, Yang Jingfeng immediately rushed in and saw his wife pressing her temple with one hand. He immediately pressed her temple for her. "What’s the matter?"
Shuiqingyuan has a steady breath. "I don’t know what her practice method is. It’s very overbearing. I think God has just sent her to check her body and was bounced out. It’s just that a face-to-face actually shocked my blood."