Gu Yue thought for a moment and nodded and agreed to the jade bell request.
She gave Xia Qi the one-off treasures she had given them for female self-defense, and repeatedly told Jade Bell to be careful and return safely.
"Sister, don’t worry."
Jade bell smiled gently and quietly approached the edge of the law.
"Little White"
While attacking outside, most of the elite of Hao Rizong flashed off in the bright eyes of jade bells every other time, patted Xiao Bai on the forehead and let him rush out directly from the edge of the law.
She knew about this law long ago, and it didn’t matter if she walked through the law. Seeing the white mans flashing jade bells and riding a small white has appeared outside the law.
The white hair is white and holy, and the wings are gently waved behind it, which is another transfer. In an instant, it has appeared in the center of thousands of elite families with jade bells.
"Get her for me."
Geshan saw the jade bell riding a white tiger, and the skirt was very amazing, but he woke up for a moment and turned around and jumped at the jade bell.
"If you dare to offend me, you will all die."
Jade bell looks petite and lovely, but at this time it is full of murder. Drinking a cold one is more horrible than the number of Wei Zhang symbols in its hands.
These ofuda are all captured by Xia Qi from the celestial fairy, but the number is small.
"No, hurry back"
Hao Rizong, a fairy who rushed to capture the jade bell, saw that Fuofuda was inspired by light, dazzling and powerful, and suddenly he hurriedly retreated in horror.
Several ofuda broke out at the same time, and the explosion was deafening. An impact broke the core of the jade bell with the smell of destruction and scattered around like a strong wind.
The immortal of Haorizong was suddenly trapped in purgatory, surrounded by the power of terror. A real fairy burst in screams and even the Yuan God was destroyed.
The power of ofuda dispersed in a moment, but it was at this moment that thousands of elite Hao Rizong lost more than hundreds, which was a heavy loss.
"Ah, little bitch, I won’t spare you."
Seeing the miserable appearance after the ravages of ofuda, Ge Shanda roared angrily and rushed over, and his face was cruel, which was simply to dismantle the jade bell.
Seeing that Geshan was about to rush to the jade bell in front of him, suddenly there appeared a sword, a yellow awn flashing and a dangerous smell pervaded.
"The strong pour the treasures of power"
Geshan’s figure is sluggish, and it can be seen at a glance that this sword is very unstable. It takes a little fairy yuan to break the balance of the constant sword, and the power of terror contained in the sword will explode directly.
There is no doubt that this is the price of the strong destroying the fairy, which is infused with the power of the earth. It can be directly detonated in a critical moment, which makes ordinary immortals better than many powerful opponents.
This kind of treasure is very common in the hands of some immortals in the celestial world, because usually the elders in the family will give it protection.
What Geshan didn’t expect was that there was no origin, but the jade bell rose from the cultivation of immortals, not only with a powerful symbol, but also with such a strong person infused with the treasures of power.
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Chapter seven hundred and fifteen Active broken array
Chapter seven hundred and fifteen Active broken array
Geshan is full of fear, staring at the sword in the jade bell, and dare not get too close.
In this way, no one knows what level the powerful person is pouring the power treasure. I am afraid that a careless one will end up dead.
Jade bell is not in a hurry to retreat, riding a small white nifty smile and waving a sword in his hand at will, which makes Geshan feel a little scared and back off.
"Don’t be crazy!"
At this moment, Gehu, who was attacking the law in the distance, also saw the situation here. The elite loss of hundreds of Hao Rizong made Gehu fly into a rage. At this time, the figurine Jade Bell did not take the opportunity to escape, but his brother confronted him, which made Gehu angry and rushed directly to join hands with Geshan to suppress Jade Bell.
"I won’t play with you, pick up my sword!"
Jade bell saw two of the leading three brothers coming at her, and her face was too coagulated to continue to delay Jiao’s drinking a sword in one hand to cast it on Geshan.
Geshangen didn’t dare to pick up the jade bell. The strong man poured a sword of power. When he saw the jade bell, his face changed slightly and he pulled out directly.
Just as Geshan pulled away, the jade bell’s eyes showed a sly color. When the sword turned, it was not right for Geshan to make moves, but instead for the ordinary immortal of Haorizong on the left.
Bellows rang out one after another, and at least a hundred immortals were torn and shattered when this sword was bursting, and many immortals were seriously injured.
"ah! Little bitch, I want you dead! "
Ge Shanda’s anger was almost angered by the jade bell and he spit out an old blood.
He can’t see where the jade bell is from the beginning to the end, and he has no intention to attack him from the end. The targets of the jade bell are all ordinary immortals of Haorizong.
"Xiaobai is gone!"
Jade bell a clap a small white forehead regardless of rage GeShan turned toward the entrance of ancient home xuan world.
Although she killed hundreds of Haorizong immortals, it was more than enough for the elite of YanHaorizong to deal with Danzong.