"grass! Zombies! " Liu Fei couldn’t help cursing 1 and quickly pulled out a ghost killer from the operator bag!
Palace female let out a cry and directly regarded the golden light from the mirror of Yin and Yang of Xuantian swooped down on Zhang Bin and slapped him on the chest.
Zhang Bin screamed "Ah" and slammed into the wall. The mirror of Yin and Yang in Xuantian also crashed to the ground.
"Brother!" Lin Muyang frightened to disgrace the sword in his hand, one young and one sword, and he went to the palace to pick the female throat.
Palace female corners of the mouth is weird Yang his fingers upon the Lin Muyang stab to a sword and a claw to Lin Muyang chest.
"it’s over!"
The speed of the palace girl is extremely fast. Lin Muyang can’t hide. He can watch the dark nails stab at his chest.
"Are you going to die?" Lin Muyang’s eyes flashed with despair.
At this critical juncture, a surprise sound suddenly rang in her ear.
"The old gentleman taught me to kill ghosts, and my god took ominous pictures. After killing the evil spirits, I cut the luminous gods and dare to be a ghost! Urgent as a law! "
When the spell was finished, it fell from the sky, and it was just like being cut in the palace before Lin Muyang was hit!
This time, it is much more tragic than just now, and at the same time, it is also a mess, and the horror is instantly reduced to freezing point.
Not the kui is the operator Wang Chunyin personally making the operator seal. This power is indeed a lever.
[1] Suspended tripod
? "Little brother!" Lin Muyang looked surprised and cried, "Why are you here!"
"Hey hey, little senior sister, hello!" Liu Fei a face satisfiedly say with smile "I didn’t think we …"
"Look out!" Before Liu Fei finished, Lin Muyang and Xiaoxiao shouted at Liu Fei in horror almost at the same time.
"Huh?" Liu Fei looked up just to see the broken palace girl biting her neck with her mouth wide open.
The foul smell of dead bodies coming at us makes people feel sick and nauseous.
"Lying in the trough!"
Liu Fei scolded 1: I don’t want to think much about the right hand and hugged Lin Muyang. At the same time, I jumped six or seven meters away and drank in my mouth. "Please welcome the ancient immortal, the fire, the virtue, the true gentleman, to use Samadhi to reduce the demon and bind the magic! Urgent as a law! "
Voice crashing a mass of fire from the sky and drowned the palace girl in it.
"Very fierce! It’s worthy that Uncle Chun Yin personally refined the talisman! " Lin Muyang a face of stars way
Mao Shandi and Zhang Binshen also carry all kinds of charms, but they are far from being compared with these charms in Lu Fei’s hand in power.
Just now, when they met the palace girl, they also used the "ghost killer", but their lethality was limited, which made her and Zhang Bin fall into a bitter struggle and almost caught the palace girl’s way.
Palace female Li Changxiao once again watched the blazing fire surround her, and there was a crazy moment in her eyes. She suddenly swelled up like a balloon.
"Not good! She wants to blow herself up! " Lin Muyang, who had just landed smoothly, shouted in horror, "She will die with us!"
"Go!" This a Liu Fei also frighten not light again picked up Lin Muyang ready to run.
"Brother! Brother is still inside! " Lin Muyang hugged Lu Fei’s arm and said anxiously, "Brother, please help brother!"
"I can’t come!" It’s not that Liu Fei doesn’t want to save Zhang Bin. It’s just that the situation is too critical at the moment. I’m afraid even he and Lin Muyang can’t leave!
Liu Fei ignored Lin Muyang’s cry, hugged her with one hand and quickly escaped from the temple with a fierce stare at the ground.
Almost in Liu Fei’s arms, Lin Muyang just escaped from Piandian, and at the same time, there was a violent explosion behind him, and the whole underground followed with a sudden quiver. The Piandian, which had just exploded, was crumbling and could collapse at any time.
"Brother!" Lin Muyang anxiously shouted a hurriedly break away from Liu Fei cuddling and turned around and ran towards Piandian.
"The teacher elder sister! It is going to collapse here! " Liu Fei was too anxious to consider the danger to chase after him quickly.
After the explosion, there was a smell of corpse in the whole temple, but there was a growing posture.
"Brother!" Suddenly, Lin Muyang shouted a surprise and looked around, only to find that Zhang Binzheng was dying in the southeast corner of Piandian.
This guy’s life is really hard. Such a violent explosion didn’t kill him?
Although I got away with it, Zhang Bin was really miserable at this time, and the expensive West Direct was blown into cloth and scarred all over.
At this time, he was holding the Yin-Yang mirror of Xuantian in his hand. Unfortunately, the original golden mirror was dull at this time, and it was covered with all kinds of cracks. When it was touched lightly, it immediately broke into pieces.
It seems that it should be this precious mirror that saved his life at the critical moment, but unfortunately it only saved his life. I am afraid that his repair has completely ruined Lu Fei’s eyesight. Naturally, he saw at a glance that his elixir was broken, but at this time he was much weaker than an ordinary person.
"The teacher elder sister, you can take any panacea drugs? Hurry up and give it to your brother, otherwise … "Although Liu Fei is not particularly keen on Zhang Bin, he still woke up kindly.
"ah? Oh! " Lin Muyang woke up from a rude awakening and quickly pulled out a emerald medicine bottle from his arms and poured out a small white pill into Zhang Bin’s mouth.
"Alas," Lin Muyang gave Zhang Bin a complicated look and sighed, "Even Zhang Bin’s senior brother who is then broken can die as an ordinary person …"
"Yes" Liu Fei is also a face of regret.