"Did you just see those soul force mixed with some black silk? That is the mind! It is that reason that soul force can’t be absorbed casually! " Yang Xiao to see Zhang Xiaotian continued without interrupting.
"Mind? What is mindfulness? " Zhang Xiaotian asked strangely, why did a noun pop up again?
"In fact, each of us has a mind in our soul. The more we practice, the faster we practice, and this mind grows with the increase of people’s age. The more the old man dies and becomes a ghost, the faster we practice! This kind of mind is fixed, unlike the soul force, which can be absorbed by anyone. You can’t absorb it unless it is your mind force, otherwise it will be mixed with your own mind force. Some of them will be mentally confused like crazy, but others will be completely dead. These burnt-out ghosts will not belong to our own mind force, so we should be careful when absorbing the mind force, which can’t be easily absorbed without advanced practice and skilled skills. Just now, those ghosts were eliminated when absorbing it. If you don’t believe me, you can go to that garbage dump.
"Practice is to see how much the mind? So is there any way to increase your mind? " Zhang Xiaotian Yang Xiao words couldn’t help eyes bright asked.
"Unless you encounter something to increase your mind, it is impossible to increase your mind the day after tomorrow." Yang Xiao shook his head with a wry smile. This is also where he has been depressed. He has had great ideals for the ghost world since he was a child, and his qualifications are so low, just like a person who has always wanted to grow up and run as a champion broke his leg.
"Oh, my stone just now seems to have sucked in that power. Should there be any problem?" Suddenly Zhang Xiaotian frightened to disgrace shouted
"There should be no problem. After all, it was the stone that sucked, not you!" Yang Xiao is not sure. After all, the stone can be said to be a magic weapon of Zhang Xiaotian. Who knows if it can affect the master?
Who knows it’s a good thing not to say this? Zhang Xiaotian’s face became even uglier when he said this.
"What’s the matter?" At this moment, Yang Xiaodi is also now Zhang Xiaotian is wrong.
"It it actually sent soul force into my body! Now it’s still there, "Zhang Xiaotian said with a face of disbelief. When he just checked the situation of the stone, he realized this phenomenon. He couldn’t help but turn the stone from his body to his hand and put it on the next table. But this still can’t stop the stone from continuing to send soul force to his body, as if they had any channel connection.
"What? Is there such a thing? What about the mind? Did you send your mind in? " Yang Xiao stared at the stone and asked nervously, after all, I just knew that eldest brother had such a powerful magic weapon, but I don’t want eldest brother to be killed by it in an instant.
"No, not yet!" Zhang Xiaotian explored again for a while before he breathed a sigh of relief and said
However, this soul force is still being sent, and it is hard to say whether the stone will give the absorption of the mind to Zhang Xiaotian at the end, but no one can let it go until the end.
Yang Xiaodi also rarely cancels the action of absorbing monthly energy every night, which is the only way for ordinary ghosts to practice. After all, there are so many ghosts and soul forces in the world for you to swallow.
I have been waiting for a day and a night, and the soul force is finally delivered to the end. The soul force delivery is also intermittent. Yang Xiaodi also accompanied Zhang Xiaotian for a day and a night.
This day and night, the two of them have been spending their time in fear and trembling. The visibility of Zhang Xiaotian has soared to the naked eye. Although I feel that the energy is not as strong as the ghost who tried to kill him, it is not much worse than him.
"Call no finally over! The mind didn’t come! " Have been waiting for a long time Zhang Xiao genius took a deep breath and finally got excited and said to Yang Xiao, who has been waiting for the result.
"Really? That would be great! I didn’t expect you to get such a baby that can be cultivated quickly and has such a strong attack power. We can go so far that we will never stay here again! " Hearing the good news announced by Zhang Xiaotian, Yang Xiao jumped up with joy like a child, even happier than he got a baby himself.
"Eldest brother, please bring me that precious stone and let me see what’s special about it. I’ll pick one up too!" Yang Xiao to a face of excitement at Zhang Xiaotian said.
"Well, well, you’ll be happy to catch up with ten big brothers!" Zhang Xiaotian took out the stone and handed it to Yang Xiao, teasing and saying.
This also directly led to Yang Xiaodi’s collection of special stones when he saw them. Later, many people in the ghost world knew that he was called a "stone ghost" and some people who wanted some treasures in his hand also found some strange stones to exchange with him. At one time, they almost regarded those strange stones as the most popular currency at that time.
"Hey? No, how can I now that this stone seems to be getting darker? " Take a stone to observe the ages Yang Xiao suddenly export said
"Are you? Show it to me? " After hearing Yang Xiao’s strange questions, one side is picking up those soul forces, and Zhang Xiaotian is not curious.
I came here yesterday to collect the soul force, and a few ghosts didn’t come again. Maybe they were cleaned up by ghosts who were looking for treasures that day. That’s a little less trouble for Zhang Xiaotian and them, but what if they came? Now with the black stone, Zhang Xiaotian is not afraid of them.
Those big family ghosts are not rare. These spiritual forces are not much left after the fire, and they are also mixed with psychic powers. It is quite troublesome to pick them up. It is better to practice in the family. Some good family sites are just like Taoism saying that a cave is blessed with land, which is very suitable for ghost life. Although the environment is not as good as that in hell, it is also different. During the day, black can practice in cremation plants. The spiritual forces here are generally rare for some lonely souls and wild ghosts. If they come here to find spiritual forces, it is rare. It is the second time that they have lost their identity. They are just passing by and absorbing their soul power. They don’t want to supplement their consumption. After all, they just spend a day at the bottom of the sun during the ghost period, and that taste is not good.
"Well really? Strange? How can it turn black? " Zhang Xiaotian is also a bit strange to see this situation.
"By the way, the mind is black, too. Is that why it sucks in the mind and doesn’t spit it out?" Yang Xiao guessed
"Well, it’s very likely that this stone body is black. Maybe it needs to absorb the mind and not the soul, so leave the mind and throw it to me?" Zhang Xiaotian also said his guess slowly.
"Hey hey, if you want to know the result, let it absorb some psychic force again. Anyway, there is not much psychic force here, but there are definitely many psychic forces. Most of those ghosts took the psychic force away on the spot." Yang Xiao clapped his hands and laughed and ignored the hesitation. Zhang Xiaotian ran to the pile of garbage and picked up a pure black psychic force and put it in front of Zhang Xiaotian.
Zhang Xiaotian is also a hesitation. After all, what if such a precious thing is not broken? But then I gritted my teeth and thought that it was time to try something sooner or later. What if this baby needs to absorb her mind every day, but just because she didn’t give it her mind? Besides, a baby can’t be broken so easily. Zhang Xiaotian put the stone on that mental surface as soon as his heart was crossed.
Chapter X Promotion of Qualification
The black stone really absorbed the psychic force. Zhang Xiaotian, with two fingers holding the stone, watched quietly.
The black stone that absorbed the mind became darker and darker, and soon it became as black as the black juice. Finally, a drop of black liquor was dropped and it was about to fall to the ground.
Yang Xiao’s consciousness reached for the drop of black liquor, but the drop of black liquor just fell into Yang Xiao’s hand and quickly penetrated into the body.
Two kids suddenly frightened to know that the drop of black liquor is probably what the mind is. Is it so good to run to Yang Xiao’s body?
Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help secretly blaming himself for this. If anything happens to his brother, he didn’t regret it, so he quickly stared at his brother and helped himself if something bad changed, although he didn’t know how to help.
The drop of black liquor just penetrated into the body, and Yang Xiaodi was also shocked. Suddenly, the body changed, so I quickly closed my eyes to check it out.
It was a long time before Yang Xiao opened his eyes with a face of shock.
See Yang Xiao to open your eyes Zhang Xiaotian immediately hurriedly asked "? Is there anything wrong? "