Yi Mark suddenly found himself gaffed, but he was embarrassed. He took the Long Yu map and put it in the secret map. That’s the only way: "Well, I accepted this thing because I had too many enemies. I killed my master at the gate of Jiuzha Mountain, and now I have taken care of myself. I sent you those things. You find a quiet place and then practice well. I will come back for you when my strength rises."
Shan Fengyu’s face is shy with her daughter, and she is taking out Long Yutu. This thing with body temperature will make Shan Fengyu feel that her face is very hot and easy to mark. It’s obvious that it’s not that she doesn’t accept her double cultivation, but that it’s difficult to protect herself.
Shan Fengyu also knew that she would be a drag on Yi Mark, so she took a deep look at Yi Mark with a sip of her lips and said, "Well, take care of yourself. I will wait for you, even if I die, I won’t change my mind!"
Yi Xun heard that a string in his heart seemed to be touched.
Although he knows that Shan Fengyu has some scheming, it is necessary for a woman to be the only lucky girl in genocide.
It is acceptable that these scheming are not so easily marked on him.
But eyes are not the time to be immersed in love.
"Well, you should take good care of yourself. Now that you have entered the field of monks, you will know that there are hundreds of Lingshi in Gankun’s bag, but these things should not be easily revealed."
Yi mark once again charged 1, although these words have been a little repetitive, but for now, Yi mark’s only friend or dependence can be said to have Shan Fengyu.
Although this is based on a transaction, Shanyuan’s contribution may not really touch the heartstrings.
"I’m leaving …"
Shan Fengyu said in a low voice, then took a deep look at Yi Mark and suddenly threw himself into Yi Mark’s arms, kissed him gently on the face, then turned around and quickly headed for the mountain.
At that time, the light fragrance lingered around Yi Mark like a dream, which made Yi Mark feel puzzled.
It was not until Shanfengyu was far away from being a phantom that I came to my mind. Some kind of love string in my heart seemed to be provoked and became a little hot.
Suddenly when Yang Gan and Yue Lingshan were naked on the moonlit night, the glistening scene suddenly appeared clearly in Yi Mark’s mind.
Yi mark is not from a careful heart, then convergence mind and then gradually calmed down.
Sometimes it’s not a good thing to remember well. It’s cold, soft and fragrant. A kiss has an unforgettable taste.
This kind of kiss is not as pale as Zhou Yaoru’s hug, but with a sincere and unswerving belief, which is deeply easy to mark and easily feel.
"This is a strong and poor girl!" Easy mark eyes look into the distance at that time I don’t know thinking.
When will there be a chance to meet each other after practicing for a long time?
With so many Dan medicines, Shanfengyu should have enough hope to build a foundation, but what about after building a foundation?
The easy-to-trace method imagines that the future is always turbulent and changeable, and no one can predict it.
He looked at the beautiful scenery over the mountains, but his heart was not relaxed at all.
Yi Mark didn’t leave here, but consciously entered the map, feeling the dragon jade map carefully.
Longyutu still has a faint scent of frankincense, which is so clear in Longyutu.
And the girl’s body temperature and waste heat are so exciting.
"Master, you are thinking!" Cat figure smile happily said
At this moment, the secret map has been transformed into the appearance of Shanfengyu, which is very different from Shanfengyu’s sad and sad momentum!
But this kind of appearance makes Yi’s heart not jump hard!
Yi mark: at that time, some languages, the secret map is too good at drilling.
Looking at the cat’s nest, it’s easy to trace the appearance of Shanfengyu.
"Go away, children understand!" Yi mark didn’t good the spirit said
"Hey hey master Long Yutu but have a good discovery! Cooperate with the fire phoenix jade to find out where the water dragon jade is. "
The secret language is not amazing and endless!
Easy to mark heart fiercely jump face big lane change "hoses jade? Things! "
"Dragon Jade Map data is interpreted, and it is said that dragon and phoenix jade is divided into two parts: fire phoenix jade and fire phoenix jade, which can induce each other and dragon jade map can display the map".
Yi Mark’s face flashed with surprise when he heard this. The big Yan Jian array and the big Yan dun technique are absolutely extreme treasures for him!
"good! Ok! Let’s go and find the water dragon jade! " Yi mark immediately very firmly said
"Master according to the dragon jade figure shows that the dragon jade is located in Longfeng Mountain? Do you know where it is? It’s the Jiufengge site! " Cat figure said with a smile
"Jiufengge site?" Yi Mark’s face became slightly ugly.
There is a Lan Yuming in Jiufengge, a perverted woman in the Dan period, which is really not a good thing, so there is no good impression on Jiufengge’s easy-to-mark roots!
"How could Shuilongyu run to Jiufengge!" Yi mark some unhappy way, his face became very ugly at the moment.
"There are two copies of the Dragon Jade Map. Because the Dragon Jade is divided into two copies, the Dragon Jade Map is naturally divided into two copies." The cat figure explained.
Yi Mark’s face suddenly sank. "So other people can sense where the fire phoenix jade is when they have a dragon jade map?"
"That’s the truth," said the cat figure after careful consideration.
Yi mark smell speech suddenly a little nervous.
The fourth hoses jade Chapter 139 Yin dragon [1]
The fourth hoses jade Chapter 139 Yin dragon [1]
Long Yutu will naturally feel very at ease if there is an easy mark, but there are two words, and the danger will be unimaginable
However, with the uncanny and powerful background like the secret map, it’s not too worrying.
After all, the cat’s nest diagram with gold silkworm A generally doesn’t have the strength to blow the monk in Yuan’s infancy, and it will kill Yi Mark completely.
Although the method can resist the strong blow, it is still possible to instantly guard gold silkworm armor to the place where it is attacked.
Of course, being besieged is another matter.
"Well, now in the practice period, the eleventh floor has been improved, but the effect of drinking Yangxin spring water in this realm is not good, so I decided to try Longfeng Mountain." Yi Mark thoughtfully said.
He can feel that the tone of the secret map is not too serious, and the tone of the general secret map is naturally not serious to the extreme, and there is still room for relief.
Yi Mark believes that after reading the Dragon Jade Map, the secret map has a way to deal with the other party’s investigation.
Sure enough, the cat figure murmured after hearing the words of Yi Mark. "Master, you are not worried at all, and you have seen through it again! In fact, it is necessary to put the fire phoenix jade and dragon jade map in a place in the real department, and the other party will not be able to sense it. "
Yi mark smell speech heart suddenly relaxed a lot, but he also thought of the instantaneous since the other party can’t detect Long Yutu, so it is conceivable that he must find out where the other party is.
Yi Mark has some doubts. The secret map seems to know Yi Mark immediately. Xi Xi laughs. "If the owner wants to lock the general position of another Long Yu map for the first time, then the secret map can be tracked, but it may be dangerous when the Long Yu map is placed outside for a while."
Yi mark nodded that he is also conceivable.
"Have you locked another dragon jade map and water dragon jade now?" The wrong novel network does not jump and the words are easy to mark. I asked myself what I was most concerned about.
"Well, the master’s general orientation has been locked in the Longfeng Mountain, but perhaps the specific information is vague for the time being because the water dragon jade person is relatively strong." The cat figure said seriously
"Then we are heading there now, and you will now receive the fire phoenix jade dragon and jade figure in the real world." Yi Mark wanted to think and ordered.