After several years of enlightenment, it turned out that the world was transformed into a world, and the tree shaped the source of everything!
A mass of clear air around Mengsheng is entangled in chaos.
A cloud of clear air floats in the palm of your hand, and it changes a lot. First, the amount of color turns into light, then the yin and yang turn dark, and then the turbidity divides the water. hot wheels turns into five elements and six roads, and it becomes extremely nine obsidians. With the flame of the changing area, the universe in HarmonyOS is initially biochemical.
"Everything comes from extreme chaos! In the past, the extreme change was born, and Tai Chi was born. The four images of heaven and earth were determined by the differentiation of Yin and Yang and the evolution of water, wind and fire everywhere in the world. Then the five elements established that everything was biochemical! "
Meng Jie yin sat down and explained slowly.
Dust floats in the listening, and her eyes fall in the palm of her hand, which changes a little again.
Everything comes from energy and the source is all symbols! It is in his hands that he has been concise for several years, although it is half.
Look slightly coagulated, raise your hands slowly, and print to the dusty forehead.
When the brilliance disappeared into the dusty body, it expanded into a clear color, and the clear color gas first flourished and then declined, and gradually stopped.
After explaining the light, the dusty seat suddenly produces a blue lotus head, and an acre of Qingyun is brilliant.
Meng looked calm and continued, "The yogi seeks to crush the creation of all things through the creation of heaven and earth! A glimpse of the world’s origin and transportation of heaven and earth is limited, while the imperial limit is limited. Measure the success of robbery, the magical power, as our generation knows, the source of the world is stable in the four poles, and external forces cannot be lightly destroyed!
The only regret is that heaven and earth robbed the universe and changed greatly! Therefore, the patient only thinks that the universe has changed greatly! "
Leaning on the towering wonderful trees and thinking freely, "the world is always new!" The magic method of the high universe only seeks endless life, and everything changes colorful! It is the old way that loves the new and hates the old, and the heaven seeks change and is not constant! "
Meng Chen seems to have realized something. "Can you break the law?"
"If you want to get out of the law, you must break the universe and break the time limit of heaven! However, I don’t know that I have entered a bigger heaven outside the heaven! "
Be a light sigh look dim "three thousand small world one world! Three thousand in the world, a big world! 3 thousand world is nothing but dust and sand! That’s why it’s difficult for us to practice! In addition to breaking the heaven, break the robbery by other methods! If you break out of heaven but don’t know the way ahead! "
I pondered for a long time and asked, "Is there a real cracker who breaks the law?"
After a long meditation, I said, "Tao Zu Hongjun is like him, he is like heaven, or there is a law to break the great god Pangu Heaven and Earth, or there is a law to break the heaven, but I don’t know."
Dust indifferently refers to the wonderful tree smallpox, and it falls like rain.
"The story of smallpox Baoyu Huazhen! Three thousand roads lead to the sky! I see, but I have "dusty smiled indifferently.
As soon as the Mongolian printing method became dim, the world suddenly collapsed and everything went to Qingyun.
"My way belongs to you, and if I am in trouble, you will be my way." Pamela started to be dusty and a face of positive color way.
Chapter 60 Diablo has Aoki and now
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Nonsense to this side of the text.
Not to mention, if you don’t allow yourself to be too powerful and out of control, you can prove that the mixed Taoist fruit has taken precautions at the same time, and if you don’t make yourself lose the tradition, you will dust yourself half.
Said the dark one-person escape light towards people.
When I came to the city outside the beginning of a poor country, I saw that Fiona Fang was surrounded by a large array of Aoki for thousands of miles, and I knew that I had come to the right place
Ha ha a smile, Diablo has a heart to show off his magical powers and doesn’t sound a call to raise my hand and throw a picture. This picture shows a rotating Fiona Fang’s perception and suddenly a dark sunshine is like being swallowed up.
A dark bridge stood upright in the Aoki array, shook its head and lifted its feet, and went inside.
It is said that since Kong Xuan and others preached in the early city every day, there were many people in the early city, and some of them flew to HarmonyOS to become the official disciples of HarmonyOS.
Now there are thousands of people in the whole HarmonyOS Peak, which is a little popular and not dead.
Today, Kong Xuanzheng is sitting on the podium and slowly telling his own understanding of heaven. At the front is his new brother, Xing Xing, who listens to Jun Xiaoju. After that, there are thousands of people who listen to it. Everyone is close-eyed, silent and understanding.
Kong Xuanzheng talked about the beauty, but suddenly he felt that Aoki was shocked, followed by a dark bridge, which just happened to be on the edge of HarmonyOS Peak.
Although Kong Xuan has seen the dark Tai Chi Tu Nai himself, he has never looked at what he saw. This dark bridge has not been associated with the Diablo God. Thousands of other Taoist priests are novices, but they know the Diablo God even if they don’t know the mixed leader.
Kong Xuan’s dark magic is ready to get the first hand as soon as there is something wrong, but then he saw a man stepping on the dark bridge.
The three gods of heaven and earth see that we are still in front of the gods;
I am the first to realize that Shenjun Island is free and unfettered;
Congenital spirit treasures my own dark tai chi;
The supernatural power is limited to boasting, and the dark god is not allowed to give way.
Kong Xuan knew the dark sound. When he put away his mana, he quickly got up to meet Kong Xuan. After all, although he had to give advice on the dark day, his mana rose sharply, but it was still not as good as that of some old monsters. Seeing the dark day just left, he was naturally happy again.
After welcoming him, Kong Xuanyi bowed down and said, "I don’t know if I have seen Martial Uncle, but I am far away to welcome Martial Uncle to atone."
Diablo saw that Kong Xuan was so polite and happy, and suddenly he saw a few cross legs in front of him, and there was a platform standing in front of him, which was more pleasing to Kong Xuanshou.
Kong Xuan saw that thousands of disciples behind him were stupid and didn’t know what to do. "Why don’t you visit your granduncle?"
Thousands of people behind them woke up after hearing Kong Xuanda’s words, and they bowed down together and said, "Visit granduncle."
Diablo has been visited by so many people when he was alone in meditation since the queen of heaven. When he felt that the mixed Taoist fruit was so much, he waved his hand and said, "Good good" for three times in a row, but he didn’t know what to do!
When I was in Diablo, I didn’t know the north and the south, but I heard a loud crack. At the beginning of the city, Aoki’s large array source actually rocked and broke away.
Kong Xuanxin was frightened and hurriedly transported mana to leave the giant wood, but it was still broken and left with a slight meal.
The dark god was in a good mood, but suddenly he had this sudden change. When he was surprised, he was furious.
Cold hum, a pair of hands, and a grasp of the giant wood actually stopped in the middle like a lock, but it just didn’t fall.
Slightly frowning, dark curtain, however, increased strength. With a wave of his hands, the giant wood returned to its original position and did not move.
"Martial nephew is waiting here for Martial Uncle to look at people and dare to shout here." Then put away the dark bridge turned by the dark Taiji diagram and go to the layman.
Kong Xuan frowned and wanted to say something, but he saw that Diablo had gone far enough to swallow his words. He had seen Diablo avatar that day and still had great confidence in him.
Wave Kong Xuandao: "Today, I will preach here, and when I go back to Ying Qin, I will be enlightened, but I will not waste it." When thousands of people who listen to Kong Xuan dialect also worship, they will go to their homes to digest what they have heard today. "
"Master, I’ll be excused!" The stars listened to Jun Xiao Ju and said that Kong Xuan nodded. They retreated and the three of them also returned to the palace in the middle. They lived in Kong Xuan and Kong Xuan naturally.
As soon as the three men receded, three people came out of the light. It was liu er, Yuan Hong and Pan Wang who didn’t say much about the Kong Xuan Round and went to the layman.