6 Cher gave Gu Yu a slight red face and said nothing before jumping into the wine, but sat on the spirit ruler and put a pair of jade hands in the wine, naughty and splashing on 6 Can and Gu Yu.
After entering this wine, with the penetration of 6 can and others, the strength of the wine quickly recovered with only one wick of incense, and even the strength of the Ministry was restored with only one pair of hands and six cher.
After being suppressed for a long time, the energy was restored. Both of them wanted to scream in the sky, but 6 can warned that the first two had to give up, but the joy of their faces was difficult to control.
These two people are different, but after a short period of joy, they have new doubts, because in the heart of 6 Can, he already had a general goal for the person who left a map message in the soul of 6 Late Tang Dynasty and others, but the appearance of this cup of wine did not overthrow 6 Can’s original speculation.
"Is it a person who doesn’t know that I can make Warcraft?"
6 can first got the sacrificial skull, and now he has regained his strength. The sacrificial skull has almost become a waste. This contradictory thing makes 6 can have new doubts about the identity of the mysterious person who has always been a legacy.
Chapter ninety-two The unacceptable truth
The post of Warcraft celestial Chapter ninety-two The truth is unacceptable.
Uncle 6 … "When I saw 6 Can, I was always sad, Gu Yu, and 6 Mo Li Xian Di explained," We are now in full strength, even if we encounter that Mo Li Xian Di, we have a fighting force! "
See Gu Yu misunderstood the idea that 6 Can smiled and didn’t speak, and now restore strength. A Mo Li Xiandi is no longer in the eyes of 6 Can. When he was in the celestial world, 6 Can once put Mo Li Xiandi into chaos. This time, add 6 Cher 6 Can and be confident to kill Mo Xiandi.
Feel carefully that Yizi is still the peak of Xianjun or there is no sign of breakthrough. 6 Can knows if his body has been lifted.
"Let’s go to one side!"
Although I said that I was not afraid to leave the immortal emperor, 6 Can still chose to be careful not to make the immortal aura have little power to make 6 Cher.
The three people still flew out of the room by the spirit ruler. Maybe there are other treasures in this room, but the six can three people have no time to stay here. The huge time difference outside makes the six can three people have to complete the survey at several points in the map as soon as possible.
This time, six can three people dare to go out from the front door, which has been surrounded by those black beetles. If you want to break through there, it will definitely disturb the immortal emperor Mo Li and the heavenly doctor Immortal emperor, and even disturb other special creatures in this lost city.
In this lost city, the late Xiandi was just a joke. Even those black beetles who regained their strength can instantly devour a so-called superior in the late Xiandi.
If he loses his memory, his arrogant personality will inevitably be directly rushed out, but now that he is mature, many people know that it is bound to be very dangerous to blindly do things in this lost city.
Go out from the castellan’s mansion. 6. Go along the map and come to the front of a giant mansion. The lost city was originally a medical clinic, but now it has been abandoned for a long time. At this time, the immortal emperor Mo Li and the celestial doctor, the immortal emperor Ji Yue, also lost their voices. I don’t know that the lost city is silent in the city. There are 6 people whose footsteps are ringing in the open streets.
Entering this medical clinic, six can three people came to the medical clinic and stood in the square. This huge bronze statue is huge compared with six can three people. If it is the original owner of the lost city, it may be an ordinary sculpture.
"Turn three times in reverse and two times in forward …"
6 Can recalled that the message in my mind was just about to reach out and push this huge statue. 6 Can’s body changed dramatically, and the effect of the gods suddenly lifted.
"The strength has been restored when it is connected with the skill limit of Warcraft?" 6 can wry smile without the gods, 6 can in the case of not moving fairy aura root method to promote this behemoth.
"Cher is an enchantment!" 6 can command fluctuations are more secretive than fairy reiki.
"Make …"
Make the fairy aura | The statue slowly rotates in 6 cans. As the statue finally freezes, a medicine rack in the first room moves slowly, which actually opens a secret room door.
"What person!"
Just as the chamber of secrets was opened, a quiet and cold drink came from the chamber of secrets when the three people’s faces lit up
"Heaven doctor immortal emperor!"
6 Can three people were surprised. I didn’t expect that Mo Li Xian Di didn’t stop Tian Yi Xian Di and she actually hid in this secret room.
Sure enough, after a while, an elegant woman dressed in white looks very young in the secret room, but there is a solution to her brow. This woman is in the mouth of the immortal emperor Mo Li, who heals the immortal emperor Ji Yue.
And the most surprising thing is that the female eyebrows have a third eye flashing golden light.
The original secret room door suddenly gave off Lengli’s pitfalls, but when she saw 6 Can, her murder suddenly disappeared and her face showed a little surprise.
"It’s you! I didn’t expect you to come back so soon … "
6 can be stunned. Obviously, this Ji Yue speaks to himself. 6 can move in his heart and say, "Do you know me?"
Emperor Xian shook his head with a wry smile. "You are really strange … of course I know you, but you are the first person in this lost city to enter the lost city during the abuse period. If I can forget!"
"I really have been in the lost city …" 6 Can sighed. Everything was too familiar for 6 Can from entering the lost city, so that 6 Can had a feeling that he had been in this lost city. Indeed, this conjecture was confirmed by the heavenly doctor Xiandi now.
The heavenly doctor, the immortal emperor, said in some laughter, "It was a strange man. When you first came here, you said that you might not remember those things when you came here again …"
Suddenly, the heavenly doctor Xiandi said in a hurry, "Come in!" Said the heavenly doctor fairy emperor fly back into the chamber of secrets.
Gu Yu and 6 Cher looked at Can.
6 Can smiled as the heavenly doctor Xiandi calmly entered and as 6 Can three people entered the chamber of secrets, the door closed again.