Brother, do you know what this is?
Lingling yiyi looked at yang day and touched spar and stood there, not asking.
This is jade spar.
Yang Tian freely replied
Jade spar. What is that?
Lingling shocked yiyi still stare big eyes confused way
It’s a rare baby
Lingling simply said that she didn’t know much about the jade spar. This is the most direct explanation that can be made.
Hehe, the jade spar is wonderful. I’ll tell you later.
Yang Tian smell speech can’t help but smile way
Hey, there’s still a word on this side
Continue to observe for a while yiyi suddenly pointed to the stone stage way
Yang Tianling looked along the finger and saw that the runes of the grooves at the top of the stone platform gathered at the bottom of the grooves to form a big gold character.
Dry gold, the golden character, represents the attributes of Tianmen large array. It seems that jade spar is put into it to supplement the energy of large array these days.
Yang Tian just thought about it and white the meaning of this gold word. When he was in doubt, he took a jade spar and tried to put it in the groove.
A white aperture immediately flashed on the stone stage, and then the center of the stone stage spread around along the rune of the large array of feet. A large array immediately lit up slightly and seemed to have been started.
Look at the face
Yang Tianling stared at her feet and cried, pointing to her face again.
Yang Tianling heard the news and looked up to see that there was a light curtain on the top of his head, which showed the situation of Baishi Square. The soldiers patrolling back and forth occasionally floated leaves at a glance, and it was really amazing.
It’s foggy around the light curtain. If there is enough energy, the world displayed in the light curtain will be much wider, but it’s not clear whether there are so many dozens of SPAR in total. It’s too waves to test.
I wonder if you can have a try on the metallic Golden Sword.
H novel
This short moment groove spar has been smaller by half, and Yang Tian will retrieve it at the same time for Yiyi Road.
Is the Golden Emperor Sword OK?
Yiyi did not hesitate to take the Golden Emperor sword and put it in the groove when she was confused.
Jin Huang Jian contains energy. Is it a piece of jade spar? It’s better than a big array with a slight shock and a sudden flash. The magical scene is now.
It’s a haze, a shock on all sides, and the peristalsis changes. It’s actually a door, and every one of them is a hundred feet high. Fiona Fang is obviously a multi-person entrance
Although it’s a blur, Yang Tian was immediately excited. It’s almost certain that this door leads to the other seven fortresses respectively, but if you want to walk together often, you have to also open the large array opposite.
The change is not that the light curtain on all sides has also expanded a hundred times. Not only is the Tianmen situation suspicious, but even the situation around the fortress is clear at a glance. The magic ratio is really amazing. I really don’t know what it will be like when a large array is finished. It is really exciting.
At the same time, a huge white vortex suddenly appeared in the fortress, in which a huge sword and awn flashed. When the vortex slowly rotated, the war gas was immediately enclosed in it, and the accumulated amount seemed to be ready to strike a thunderbolt at any time.
I feel controllable. Do you want to attack those energies?
Yiyi stared at the vortex excited way
It’s been discovered. Soon, Golden Sword.
Yang Tian saw that the monks had been disturbed and immediately let Yiyi go to the Golden Sword.
Black, how many pieces of spar did you eat?
Yang Tianqi jade spar, a total of 47 fast at the same time, I don’t know how much the little black ate and immediately asked
The little black smell speech shook his head to show that he didn’t eat.
Hehe, this thing is too rare. I’d rather eat then this one.
Yang Tiansong relieved to touch the little black head and laughed
Come on, let’s go. Maybe the other seven fortresses will return spar. I have to go and see.
There’s no mouth here. You can’t all ask Xiaohei to lead the way.
Lingling when I think of it, I have some doubts.
As soon as the little black performance goes.
Yang Tian can do anything, and then turn to Xiaohei for help.