It’s a pity that I’ve been through many dangers and you haven’t felt it.
Hehe, that’s because I’m not strong enough to practice in your body. When I get enough strength through your body, I want you to be in danger. I can sense her at the first time and say with a smile.
Situhao knew her avatar, and he hoped that her strength could reach this situation as soon as possible through her own physical practice. She immediately asked her, How long will it take for your strength to reach this situation?
Well, I don’t know, maybe soon, maybe for a long time, because I live in your body and rely on your body to practice. Whether my strength can grow rapidly depends on you. Take not long ago, for example. I sensed a strong force breeding and a very special atmosphere benefiting these two things, and my strength has been greatly improved. Hao, what did you do not long ago? Yuer asked doubtfully.
On her question, Situhao couldn’t help being slightly stunned. He immediately thought of Ouyang Tianqin. In front of her, Situhao didn’t hide it. He directly said that I had an affair with a girl from the underworld, helped her lift the body seal, and got some magic from her. At the same time, my body also absorbed the essence of Haoyue, and your strength increased dramatically.
Haoyue essence is a good thing. Even I can absorb these things. How did you do it? She asked excitedly.
I don’t have the ability to be the elder brother of the girl from the underworld. I helped her explain the body seal and specially set up a large array of condensed moons, which made our bodies suck the essence of the bright moon.
Wow, great. Hao, so you already have the essence of the bright moon. If you want me to kiss Xiao Hao for you and swallow Xiao Hao’s water, I can also get the purest essence of the bright moon, which will play a huge role in my practice.
Listening to her words and looking at this jade-like beauty in front of her, Situ Hao’s heart immediately became restless. She wouldn’t let us make out. I think that your attraction to the essence of Haoyue will become faster, which will be more beneficial for your practice.
No, I’m an elf. How can you humans be harsh? Don’t say such things in front of me later, or I’ll be rude to you. Situhao said coldly as soon as her voice fell on her face.
But today her when warning SiTuHao has no murderous look.
Situhao was killed immediately by her cold drink. She nodded with a gloomy face. Well, I won’t touch her if she doesn’t let me touch her.
Hey, hey, hey, that’s a good boy. Okay, let’s cut the crap. I’ll take your body and accumulate great strength now, and then I’ll kiss Xiao Hao. Her face immediately smiled and said with relief when she heard Situhao say this.
Her power intake is very simple. Situhao should fall lightly. She just like this. Situhao immediately sensed that his body’s accumulated law power was rapidly disappearing.
Her eyes were immediately stupefied at the towering place of Situhao, and her eyes shone brightly. I haven’t kissed Xiaohao for a long time. I really miss it. Hao, hurry up and take off your pants. It’s more urgent than words falling on her. Chapter 8 is disappointed.
Situhao also hasn’t enjoyed her special for a long time. On her own initiative, he immediately cooperated with her.
On her, her efforts in this way have been quite superb in Situhao’s shape training. Situhao asked her to perform six special times in succession, which was really great.
It’s almost time to guess. Situhao just said that her is fine. You’d better enter my body. I’m going to act.
I haven’t kissed Xiao Hao for a long time, but I still want to. She pursed her mouth and said
Situhao is very depressed. At this point, she is not allowed to touch her. This is really the most painful thing for a man, but he can’t say that because he is afraid that he has said too much, let Xiao Ni know that this kind of line is actually affectionate. She won’t do this special thing for herself. That’s really a big loss. Now I guess it’s almost time for her. When I go to summon my mother’s ghost, I’ll come back immediately and let you kiss Xiao Hao.
Well, it’s also possible that Xiao Hao’s straight water can make my strength increase rapidly. Although I feel tired when I kiss Xiao Hao, it’s worth it.
You can’t increase your strength by kissing Xiao Hao. Don’t you kiss it? Situhao asked with a gloomy face.
No, I feel this way. I will kiss it even if it is not good, but I will not keep kissing it like this.
Situhao felt great when he heard this. He stretched out his hand and scratched his right index finger on her nose. That’s more like it. Speaking of this, his eyes couldn’t help staring at her Qiaofeng. When will I touch your chest again? I really want to touch it.
Well, you’ve improved my strength a lot this time, so I’ll reward you once, and I’ll let you touch it when you’re done.
By the way, you really don’t look good in your underwear. You’d better take it off and look beautiful in front of me.
Well, Na Yuer readily promised to return directly to Situhao’s right arm by disappearing, and the suit fell off in front of Situhao.
Situhao picked up the underwear before and could smell the exciting scent of the underwear. He couldn’t help but grab the underwear and put it on his nose and smell it. When will it be pushed to Xiao Ni’s mumbling? Situhao threw the underwear into Gankun’s ring and picked up a mood. Then he flew to the deep mouth and ran away.
When you come to the mouth of the cave, you can see the mottled sunlight coming in through the cracks in the leaves, and it should be noon by this time.
Although she has made six special performances, each continuation is very long, and twelve hours pass quickly, but it is also very common
Situhao no longer delays and directly turns into flying insects, flying down to the precipice and directly coming to the place yesterday.
Situ Hao was still yesterday. Generally, first, he turned back to the body and absorbed hundreds of ghosts, and then he used his body to absorb the array power. When he found that his body could no longer bear the powerful array power, he turned hundreds of supernatural birds into lightning and flew away on the spot.
This time, the ghost of the same month is still not disappointed now.
At the bottom of the precipice and abyss, when Situ Hao was about a pillar of incense, the ghosts all turned into a dark atmosphere, which filled the dark forest. In Situ Hao’s eyes, a beautiful woman’s eyes kept running with tears, but she had turned into a shape before she left tears.