"The military training of the Mausoleum Palace is very strict, especially paying attention to the formation. It has always been a team of ten people and a hundred people. Just in the first few battles, they did so. But although there is no difference in their clothes, the formation is loose and unlike the elite division just now. If they are not luring the enemy, I’m sure they must be replaced!"
Mu Chongshan’s words made Mu Qingfeng finally know what the problem is. I care too much about this team. I think Mr. Zhan will not dare to die together if they are in the war. But in the end, I am not familiar with the personnel in the team. Mr. Zhan must have tricked the bandits into wearing pro-barracks clothes. It seems that Mr. Zhan is not willing to just fail
Since the pro-barracks in front of us are fake, Mu Qingfeng knows well, at least he won’t make the same mistake again.
"Being old and not dying is a thief!" Muqingfeng vomitted an one mouthful saliva.
Lone wolf
Muqingfeng called Zhang Peng, who was about to launch a charge, and told him to feint and not to try his best to mess with bandits. If he wanted to escape, just let them go. Zhang Peng was puzzled by Zhang Er, but since Muqingfeng arranged it, he didn’t care whether he understood it or not.
Looking at Zhang Peng accepted the order and went to the back, Li Daoling shook his head, thinking that it was probably the way it was, but then again, his apprentice was really born to fight, which was due to the fact that he was not a descendant of the sovereign, or who could match this commanding power in the summer?
Mu Chongshan didn’t talk. Before watching all this, he said to Muqingfeng that there was still some disbelief in the past. After so many things, he finally believed that Muqingfeng was not bragging. He thought that Muqingfeng might eventually confront Ling Wang on the battlefield, and an uneasy feeling instantly occupied his mind.
Zhang Peng’s countermeasure according to Muqingfeng is a feint against the pro-barracks after disguise, which is actually a lot of work without effort. From a distance, it is not small to kill, but to kill together is actually a slight fight with the bandits
Fortunately, Mu Qingfeng got Mu Chongshan’s instructions, otherwise, today’s battle would have been planned in a somersault. Although it is not difficult for Mr. Zhan to be strong and want deus ex, you should know that their food and grass are not too much, and if they have just been defeated for a long time, even the iron man can’t stand it. Therefore, this deadly trick was decided to entangle the people in the pro-barracks and Changlin Town several times, causing them to annihilate their ambitions. Mr. Zhan is a defeated man who thinks before winning. He has already arranged a lot of rolling stones and thunder trees here to give them a head-on blow.
Finding that the mountain can’t be fought, Mr. Wang directly commanded his own camp to climb the top of the mountain and cut off the rope before. The trap suddenly triggered stones and thunder trees, and the crowd was rolling in.
It’s not that the bandits don’t want to expose that the army in Changlin Town is able to survive without difficulty. They don’t know what the army in Changlin Town is doing. They know that there was an ambush here. After the stone fell from the sky, Zhang Peng shouted, "The wind is tight." Everyone shouted and pulled out of the danger zone. Several unlucky people were smashed black and blue.
The bandits were devastated, and I don’t know why. They were smashed to pieces, and the death toll was more than just fighting.
Mr. Zhan glanced at the mountain and found that Changlin Town had an orderly retreat. It’s a pity that Ma ordered himself to retreat only.
In Mr. Zhan’s opinion, this trap can hurt Changlin Town’s vitality, and it’s best if it doesn’t hurt. Anyway, the road to chasing the enemy has been blocked by bodies, stones and trees, and it will be impossible to clean it up for a while, so it’s better to be able to get away with it than to be able to get away with it. Although more than 50 people were killed in the barracks, they finally didn’t get hurt.
Mu Qingfeng looked far away, and Mr. Zhan was never forced to go far away. In fact, he said from the bottom of his heart that if the people in front of him were really close to the barracks, it would be an acceptable result for Zhang Peng to die with them. Maybe Mu Qingfeng himself didn’t know that he was getting cold-blooded.
Now that the victory has lifted the danger of Changlin Town for a short time, Mu Qingfeng, Wu County Magistrate and others can finally put it on their minds for a long time and enjoy it in recent years.
Mr. Zhan, they didn’t travel much before they reported to him that the star saint was leaving. When Mr. Zhan heard the news, he didn’t understand that his elite didn’t lose much and it was not difficult to make a comeback. Why should he leave?
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
"I don’t know saint adults hurried away? Is there anything important to do? " Mr. Zhan stretched out his hand and stopped the kite.
"I got the news that the Nanyue King’s army is not far ahead. I don’t want to see them." * * The kite was very upset after being stopped.
"Then we can hide, and we don’t have to confront them." Mr. Zhan still doesn’t understand why she has to go first.
"Mr. Zhan, you misunderstood that Nanyue King’s army is not our enemy but our helper. If I didn’t expect anything wrong, that * * should be in that team." * * The kite bit its teeth viciously.
"We people? **? Can the saint be puzzled when the charm pavilion owner didn’t tell me what reinforcements were there? " Mr. Zhan is getting more and more confused
"Ask yourself! I am not in the mood! " * * The kite moves the horse to go.
"Saint’s adult, you’d better give me a replacement or else …" Mr. Zhan motioned slightly for the troops behind him to lean over.
You!’ I came to teach him a lesson, but considering the combat effectiveness of Mr. Zhan’s pro-barracks, I dismissed the idea
"Well, if you want to listen to me, I will tell you that our roots are two aspects of preparation. On the one hand, my star saint leads the rebel army, and on the other hand, the moon saint seduces Wang Shi of Nanyue to get the soldiers. But then again, Master root didn’t think much of what the bandits can say on my side. Although many bandits can’t achieve great things, I don’t want to see Nie Yinger’s face!"
Now that you have said what you know, Mr. Zhan will no longer stop putting the kite away.
Looking at * * far away from the back of the kite, Mr. Zhan sighed. It seems that this charm pavilion is not so well assisted. It’s really a bit of a language for sisters and sisters to end up like this. Of course, you can’t blame Mr. Zhan for being sentimental. If you know that * * kite is really an identity, it’s actually not difficult to understand.
* * Although the kite left Mr. Zhan and her hand, my heart was very dissatisfied with this failure. To know that I had no chance to make moves, I became as scared as a Sangguquan and fled. I just killed a few short-sighted gangsters at the war meeting. This failure was actually nothing to do with myself.
* * The kite thinks so. Actually, there is nothing wrong with it. After all, it seems to the kite that since Mr. Zhan’s idea failed, it’s time to change yourself to Changlin Town. Isn’t it that someone can fight and kill them?
This idea is very good. In her plan, she can be her opponent. On that night, the ugly old Taoist priest and others were not afraid to be fast enough in their own hands. It has never been a problem. She doesn’t know that in Changlin Town, besides Li Daoling, there is Xiao Langzhong, the former vice-valley owner of Wanchun Valley, Mu Chongshan, the talent of Mujia Villa, and the "double evil spirits of sorrow and hate" Fang Qing evil spirits in the star-picking building.
Mu Qingfeng did not blame Zhang Peng and others for withdrawing from the battlefield. After all, they said that it was their own order to withdraw when the situation was not good. Today, it is still very successful
"Captain Zhang, it seems that you have gained a lot today. I don’t know if your blood is yourself or your enemy?" Seeing him alive and kicking, I knew I wasn’t hurt much.
"Hey, hey, I don’t know if Wuxian’s promise before the order counts. According to today’s gains, I can live in the kiln in the city for a year. If there are few generals who are optimistic, I might as well go to eat and live with me according to Lao Zhang’s package."
This Zhang Peng is really inseparable. He just got out of danger and the horse considered the tender nest. But this can’t blame him. After all, he is not a first-line force, but a town defense force. It is not easy for them to achieve this.
Muqingfeng smiled to find an excuse to shirk the past, or let Zhuonongyue know that he went to that romantic place, and I’m afraid his right hand would be lost.
After returning to Changlin town, Wu county magistrate was happier than Mu Qingfeng’s victory. After all, it was a moment when he could cure himself.
"Young Xia, it’s really a great contribution for Changlin Town to be insured. Please be worshipped by the old lady!" Say that finish wuxian magistrate really knelt down.
Wu county magistrate can’t kneel down because Mu Qingfeng stopped him with his hands firmly.
Mu Qingfeng said in a low voice, "I’m not the one you want to thank for Wuxian. I’m the one who makes up my mind. If you want to thank, you should thank these soldiers who risked their lives and those warriors who died in the national army!"
Wuxian looked around at the wounded soldiers and the bodies pulled by the car behind them and said, "From today on; the families for the soldiers who died will be raised by our Changlin Town; and we will be responsible for bringing them up. There are old parents at home, and we are responsible for their retirement! For the wounded soldiers, you pay taxes for three years, and the money is paid for you by the businessmen in the town! They are very grateful to you for your contribution. Everyone in Changlin Town will never forget what you have done these days! "
Wu county magistrate’s words and people’s warm welcome made the soldiers’ eyes warm. Although it is natural for a soldier to be loyal to a grain-eating country, it is the first time that he has been respected by so many people, especially when he is high in the county on weekdays. I really don’t know how to express my feelings.
They entered Changlin town in laughter, but they didn’t find that they had disguised themselves. The kite also sneaked into the crowd. Her purpose was to kill the political leader Wuxianling and the military commander.
At this time, Mu Qingfeng was still not used to such a crowded place, and he quietly returned to his place with Mu Chongshan.
"Won?" Li Daoling asked lightly
"Fortunately, not fail to accomplish a mission is a chance to win some breathing space." Muqingfeng replied quietly.
"Then have a good rest. It’s hard for you these days. When you have a good rest, we’ll talk about a kite. If you want to save her, you must stop her from going further and further in this road of no return. When she becomes an enemy of Wulin, you and I will even be willing to help." Li Daoling pointed out the most important thing now.
Their mouth to * * the kite has been mixed into the carnival crowd at this time. The battle commander is hard to find because Muqingfeng has left early, but it is impossible for Wuxian to make it very eye-catching for her parents to stay out of the public.
"Dog officer tonight I will kill you! Look at what this broken city is holding! " * * kite secretly thought in my heart
Since there is nothing to do now, I might as well take the opportunity to inquire who is directing the battle. It seems that Li Daoling is not around the kite, and the whole Changlin town is my hunting ground.
"Uncle, who can make the greatest contribution to this town?" * * The kite found the elder brother wonton stall and sat down. It is the easiest to find out the news in these places.
"A girl can’t leave her home without a second door. You are so rich. Thank you for coming all the way to Muqingfeng. If people hadn’t come all the way from the north to Changlin Town, it would have been gone." The boss couldn’t control his message box today.
"Mu Qingfeng?" * * kite feel headache again.
capture alive
* * kite brimming with a headache continued to ask, "uncle, do you know where to find the Muqingfeng in your mouth?"
Wonton stall owner looked at * * kite hey hey smile that eyes make * * kite was not comfortable.