It was eleven o’clock in the evening, and there was no movement on the opposite mountain. Yu Long instructed Rowling not to relax his observation and monitoring for a moment, but he was lying in a spacious bed, wondering whether he wanted to peep at Han Yue with his eyes open.
He is now in the realm of Tao power, and the eye can’t continue to make it
Therefore, he has to calculate that he must not give the effective opportunity to the waves unless it is normal, but he must not be careless when the storm is coming today.
"Always pure and lewd-!" Yu Long finally gave up peeking, and all his family went to sleep, but Yu Xin was alert and didn’t dare to neglect anything.
The night is darker, and large dark clouds slowly condense in the moonlight, covering the last ray of moonlight. At that moment, a strong and cold breath covered the Korean villa, and mosquitoes and flies flew over and fell dead.
A shadow came flying from the back with a bloody sword in his hand. After a moment or so, the shadow came to the balcony of the Korean villa hall and twisted its stiff neck and nose. Then it jumped in through the side window.
"Here we go-!" Yu Long and Rowling sensed an evil smell approaching at the same time.
At the same time, Yu Long also sensed a very familiar smell, which seemed to be Ma Xiaomei coming.
"psst-!" Just then a scream came out in the dark.
Yu Long dare not neglect to find the sound and fly past, only to see a puppet man lying next to the living room floor with a pool of black blood.
And Xiao-mei Ma has been sitting in the sand to see if she seems to be waiting for Yu Long to come.
"Why are you here?" Yu Long is obviously a little surprised.
"It’s not clean here-!" Xiao-mei ma face some cold "let’s go …" Said Xiao-mei ma got up and wanted to leave from the balcony.
"Go away and don’t send-!" Yu Long said, then sat in the sand and ignored Xiao-mei Ma.
Ma Meixing’s eyebrows are wide open and he turns around and says, "The dragon divination bureau has been set up here. They will close the net today, and nothing will grow here now."
"Is it so serious?" Yu Long frowned and said, "It’s a pity that I can’t go. I can’t leave when I take people’s money to eliminate disasters."
"Do you know how to solve the evil dragon divination bureau?" Ma Xiaomei said, "Don’t say it’s you and me. Even if my father came with Yukime’s sister, it may not be able to get away with it." The body shocked and spit out a small mouthful of blood. The candlelight at the altar reflected her delicate and graceful figure. His face was veiled to see her face.
The man cursed in a low voice, but it was a female voice, "Huma’s family also came to this muddy water … I want you to look good."
With that, the man’s finger flicked a little bit, and the whole altar "Peng" burst into flames. Then she reached out and took out a red puppet from the side and recited a few spells. Then she threw the puppet man into the altar fire, which was an instant opportunity. A figure jumped out of the flame.
"Go and kill them-!" Men in black angrily reprimand angrily to "Ma’s women don’t let go … kill them all …"
The figure heard a grunt and then disappeared into the night.
Black dress person also immediately disappeared in the night.
"It’s an evil puppet-!"
Ma Xiaomei sensed the breath of the figure for the first time. She frowned and said, "I have seen the Daoism in Ma’s ancient books. It is said that the evil puppet art has been extinct for one hundred years." Yu Long quickly asked, "What can be the solution?"
"The evil puppet is the product of the forced fusion of the Millennium mahogany and the evil Daoism of the stranger’s soul. According to the tunnel method of casting, the energy of the peach wood is different … The cracking method is also different." Ma Xiaomei said, "The former evil puppet is a common quality of the Millennium mahogany, and the stranger’s soul is also a common thing. I easily destroyed it. I didn’t expect the caster to appear. He may have suffered a little injury and become angry from embarrassment. At the moment, it is extremely difficult for him to deal with that kind of evil puppet."
"What happened to Xiaoyu?"
Just then Han Yue and Han Xiong increased their salaries and hired several retired special forces bodyguards who rushed to look at the beach with black blood. Han Yue quickly motioned for those bodyguards to go out.
Yu Long was about to speak, but he didn’t want to be beaten by Ma Xiaomei. "Two of you, the Korean family, provoked people who shouldn’t provoke people. Please ask for your own happiness … I hope you don’t bring trouble to Xiaoyu. By the way, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Ma Xiaomei, a psychic horse family and Xiaoyu’s only girlfriend. I am responsible for his safety. I hope you can understand my mood …"
Han Yue’s eyebrows a wrinkly said, "Xiaoyu has accepted our Korean family’s money … he has to be responsible for it."
"Money? how much is it? I’ll give it to you. "There was a flash of disdain in Ma Xiaomei’s eyes." My family has never been short of money. How much did Xiaoyu take from you? "
Yu Long walked up to two tit-for-tat women and said, "Don’t bother me first. I’m in charge of Xiaomei. I ask you, are your Ma family really rich? What, you eat, I live, I haven’t seen you pay a penny for so long? This shows that your horse family must be very stingy … "
Yet a horse Xiaomei face suddenly big embarrassment "you … what are you talking about? She’s your girlfriend. I eat, you drink and you live. Shouldn’t you? You are not so stingy as a big man, are you? " Ma Xiaomei is also speechless. If she doesn’t want to pay, the problem is that Ma Zhengfeng doesn’t give money, and she says that monks should treat money like dirt and be free and easy.
Han Xiong a quick laugh, "I said that now is not the time to care about these small things … since the strong enemy will please go, I will do things alone."
"Dad … he took the money …" Han Yue muttered in his mouth and thought to pay in his heart. "Today, Yu Long can help them. If Yu Long leaves Korea’s home, it will be hard for her to report to the city bureau this time. But on second thought, even the police are just ordinary people. Lin Fengneng’s secret service team has the ability to cope with today’s situation. It’s a pity that she can’t connect.
Fu Bing can connect but he can’t intervene in the secret service team. Fu Bing’s duty is to be responsible for the peripheral alert.
"What do you mean, Mr. Han? Who do you think I am?" Yu Long patted his chest and put on a righteous expression. "Teacher Han is right. I have to be responsible for this matter. The principle is to take people’s money to eliminate disasters …"
Speaking of which, Yu Long turned his eyes to Ma Xiaomei and said, "Girlfriend, if you are afraid of death and trouble, please leave first. Remember to save breakfast for me early tomorrow and I will try my best to get back to breakfast."
"Don’t rush back, I’ll do it for you." Han Yue saw Yu Long take the initiative to pay attention to Zhongxi and hurriedly said, "Xiaoyu, I will personally make breakfast for you to make sure you will like it."
Xiao-mei ma cold hum a didn’t words.
"Well, what should we do now?" Yu Long ignored Ma Xiaomei. He turned to ask, "Mr. Han, think carefully about who will think about your hand again and who is the least likely to do it to you?"
Han Xiong carefully thought for a moment, "I’m Han Mou’s business has always been a tribute to Han Jia Renyi Zuxun. How can people make enemies? However, the exhibition momentum of our Xingyu Group in recent years is relatively good, and it is difficult for some people to be jealous. I don’t think it is necessary to do such a thing to be a little Tianshi. I think your reverse thinking is more interesting … In reality, many times, you will often have something that you think is the most impossible. "
"Dad, you mean Huang Da?" Han Yue seems to think of something.
Han Xiong said, "Lao Huang and I have recently made a big deal, which can be said to be a glory and a loss. Theoretically, he doesn’t want me to have an accident."
"One hundred million projects should be impossible, right?" Han Yue gasped and said
"Teacher Han, there is nothing impossible in this world." Yu Long seems to deliberately teach Han Yue to make up for his grievances at school. "It is very important for you to do criminal police reverse thinking, and you must consider that Zhou can’t let go of a clue …"
Stopped Yi Long Yu continued, "The second time I saw Huang Da, I thought he was a little weird, especially the woman around him, Hu Mei. Now it seems that this matter may have something to do with Huang Da. Let’s split up now. Manager Han, you take people to Lian Huang Dahan. You inform your police officers to support Manager Han and Xiaomei to stick to the Korean family. I want to see how important Hu Mei is." Yu Long once doubted the Hu Mei identity. This time he wanted to see "Xiaoyu, in this case, please-!" Han Xiong primly said, "Don’t thank me for your kindness."
"Well, it’s getting late. You should go as soon as possible." Yu Long urged one.
When Han Yuelin went out, he suddenly turned around and gently told "Xiaoyu take care"
"Don’t worry, I will be fine." Yu Long threw Han Yue a confident look.
"She seems to care about you?" Xiao-mei ma side head asked