"MuYing I …"

"Don’t say anything, I think we are doing well now. You are also the first man I like in my life and the last one. My life is ruined by you." Mu Ying suddenly expressed her love for Li She.
But Mu Ying also said that it is impossible for the two of them to say anything about Mu Ying. Li was just about to ask a question. Mu Ying has already said it herself. "I decided to turn my eyes from you to the battlefield and be a commanding female general admired by thousands of people!"
It turns out that Li can only say that he silently looked at Mu Ying and said, "Come on!"
Chapter two hundred and twenty Sleeping together
It’s a time when you shouldn’t be sentimental. You might as well turn your attention to your own interests. Mu Ying thinks very thoroughly, and Li She can rest assured that he can cheer up his feelings in his heart. Maybe he can turn it out when he dreams back at midnight one day.
It’s like a knot in one’s heart has been solved. Mu Ying smiled and said to Li She in the lake, "Come on, it’s not cold to soak in the water!"
"No, I’ll feel better in this lake." Li was embarrassed and shook his head.
"I’m not afraid of you eating me. What are you afraid of?" Mu Ying laughed.
Er, to others, a girl’s house is not afraid of me. What are the big men afraid of? Thinking that Li jumped and stepped firmly on the ground, he said, "You are inviting a wolf into the room!"
"Ha ha ha also afraid of you" MuYing issued a disdainful smile.
Muying is a sign of self-confidence. I really don’t know who can beat who when they fight. When Muying first entered Tianmen Town, it wasn’t Li’s opponent. Recently, Li heard Huang Zhong and others say that Muying had understood the "Qi" power and would soon break through 90.
The mysterious abnormality of the word qi must not break through the final soil ash.
Moreover, every time Mu Ying fights fiercely, there will be a blue horse with a weak back. He asked Huang Zhong and others, but they didn’t know that it was a lame monk who knew a thing or two. But this lame monk didn’t make it clear, and then he would be sleepy.
Mu Ying came to the room with Li She and said casually, "You are the master. You go to bed and I sleep well." He said, he found a set of cotton wool in the cupboard.
"Don’t be ridiculous, how can I let you sleep on the ground?" Li Sheqian grabbed Mu Ying’s cotton wool and laid it on the ground at will. He was about to lie prone to sleep and was immediately stopped by Mu Ying. "You don’t really want to sleep on your own. I really can’t do such a thing that is beneath the image of a man."
"All right, you see, you’re all wet. How can you sleep …! **!” Muying hurriedly turned his head.
Because Li’s clothes are wet, Mu Ying wants to wake up. If Li’s clothes are wet, let him take them off and sleep again. Some eyes will be relieved. After Li’s clothes are wet, he will naturally cling to his body, but Li’s clothes are bulging high. No wonder Mu Ying will scream.
"I told you it would be better to soak in the lake. Why don’t I go to soak again now and I’ll go to sleep when it stops?" Li said wryly.
Mu Ying didn’t respond, but went to the bed and waited for him to lie on the bed before saying, "Take off your sleep if you can’t."
"Aren’t you afraid?" Li involved slightly with a hint of * * tone said
"If you dare to leave this bed one foot away, I will cut it!" I don’t know if it’s embarrassing. Mu Ying’s head never turned around.
The deep cold tone made Li She shudder unconsciously, thinking how Mu Ying became like Ning Er.
Actually MuYing don’t care about yourself and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Naturally, it will be stripped naked and quickly put out the lights and got into the quilt.
The room is quiet, and they haven’t talked since the lights went out, but neither of them has fallen asleep. Li She is full of energy, and there is a flame in her heart, while Mu Ying is nervous, as can be seen from Mu Ying’s constant grip on the quilt.
Suddenly Li said, "Mu Ying, are you asleep?"
"Can’t sleep without you?" Mu Ying tried to make her tone smooth.
"Why don’t we have a chat?" Li said at random when she heard Mu Ying gently "hmm" and agreed with Li.
It can be said that the person involved in Li can be trusted to drink a whole altar of tiger whip wine, and there is a stunning beauty lying not far away, but Li has some admiration for himself when chatting.
The two talked for a long time, from trivial matters to far and wide, especially when they talked about embarrassing things when they were young, and their hearts never stopped laughing.
"I wish I would stop at this moment forever," Muying said with a little emotion. Instantly, the atmosphere was brought to death, and the two men didn’t speak until the knocking at the door rang the next day.
"What did you say? Master and Master Mu sleep together! " Zhou Cang’s broken gong voice rang out from outside.
"Yes, what’s the problem?" The handmaid replied.
Then I listened to Zhou Cang Pei’s tone and said, "Master deserves it. Yesterday, I Zhou Cang was still wondering what kind of man Mu Zongling would marry. Now I immediately got together!" Then she heard Zhou Cang knocking at the door and shouted, "Master! Let’s go! "
Mu Ying made her eyes in a daze. In her ears, Zhou Cang broke the gong and shouted impatiently, "Stop knocking!"
"Oh, is it a bath? You and master hurry up it’s almost noon "Zhou Cangyin outside.
"All right, horse!" Mu Ying also knows that it is urgent to rush to Luoyang and does not delay sitting up and saying back and forth
Looking around the room again, I saw that Li She was still asleep and walked to Li She. Li She was said to "get up."
Ugh! Muying just woke up with drowsiness. This Li involved was naked and naked, and the little brother looked at her with great air. Muying wait for a while didn’t know so well in situ.
"What’s the matter? Is it dawn?" Li involved detect body movement dizzy said
"ah? Haven’t to sleep for a while "MuYing hurriedly and will be covered in the lee involved.