"Oh, yes, it looks like it, but she is not your mother after all." Ye Hongwen sighed and immediately said so. When he said this, he looked a little dim and picked up the blue ceramic glass on the desktop and filled it with wine. It was quite dull.
Ye Guchen was silent about this. He didn’t know what he should say. After a long silence, Ye Guchen looked at the young woman who was playing the piano and whispered, "If my father likes it, it’s okay to marry back. I don’t think my mother will object to it."
"Marry back? Hehe, lonely Chen, your father will come to this Ye family to humiliate me in three or two years, and he will kill you every time. He hates me. You won’t know that if I marry her back, it will hurt others. Ye Hongwen doesn’t want to bring trouble to others. "Ye Hongwen said with a wry smile. After saying this, she looked at the central fuqin girl’s eyes full of complexity.
Although I didn’t say this, Ye Guchen can also hear that her father has feelings for this woman. Otherwise, I wouldn’t say this. In this case, Ye Guchen knows what he should do. It is enough for his father to worry about everything. Ye Guchen will leave the remaining problems to himself to solve, even if he loses his life.
Ye Guchen wanted to move, but Ye Gongwen seemed to think of something. He took a look at Ye Guchen and patted Ye Guchen on the shoulder and said, "Gu Chen, there are still four months left. Yujian Villa people are expected to come again. You are afraid that you will have to go through some hardships again. Yuheng is not expected to come this time, but his brothers, alas, be careful when the time comes. I am a father and nothing will make you suffer."
After hearing this, Ye Guchen first became stupefied, and Yu Heng’s brother would come to Yejiazhuang every autumn to find Ye Guchen’s tournament. Of course, the tournament is actually a special trip to teach Ye Guchen that every time Ye Guchen was bruised and bruised, the lightest thing is to lie in this bed for a month, but Yu Heng will only come to Jiangzhou once every two or three years. If he doesn’t come, his brothers’ threat is limited. After all, Yu Heng’s body is just ten layers of peak repair. How high can his brother be? If it wasn’t about the horrible Jade Sword Villa behind Yuheng, even Ye Jia would have had dozens of ways to leave Yuheng in this Jiangzhou City.
"The father, the purpose of my coming here is to tell you a good news. You don’t say that I almost forgot." Ye Guchen seemed indifferent to this and smiled mysteriously, and whispered in front of Ye Gongwen.
"Good news? What good news? " Ye Guhong leng a consciousness asked this year for him really nothing can be called good news.
"I can practice hard and have reached the sixth floor." I looked at the four people, Ye Guchen leaned in and whispered, "Not to show off what it is to let my father know about it. People make him happy. He has accumulated too much in recent years and should vent."
"Shout ~" Ye Gongwen suddenly got up and knocked over the ebony tables and chairs that were lying on the ground. He held Ye Guchen’s hand tightly and said, "Is it true? !”
"Of course," Ye Guchen definitely replied. Pick up the fallen hip flask and hold it lightly, and the ceramic hip flask will become powder. This is the most favorable evidence for practicing hard.
I looked at the powder spilled on the ground and then at Ye Guchen’s eyes. Tears glistened in Ye Gongwen’s eyes. If I didn’t care about people around me and many people’s eyes were annotated, Ye Gongwen probably couldn’t cry. After all, he had suppressed too much in recent years. He pinned all his hopes on Ye Guchen’s body. Ye Guchen can now practice hard and reach the sixth level. This news made Ye Gongwen almost cry with joy.
The facial expression is more exciting than Ye Hongwen’s. After people who have seen the scene look around, Ye Hongwen slowly sits down to the trembling voice and says, "Ok!"
Not many words, even a few good words, have already shown Ye Hongwen’s mood at the moment. Sometimes you don’t need too many words to express a person’s thoughts.
At this time, suddenly there was a shout outside, a chicken flying and a dog jumping, and then a group of burly men in gray clothes rushed in from the outside. First, a young man of about twenty years old was obese and his eyes were slightly black. At the moment, he knew that it was too much sex. He was holding a white folding fan with peony flowers printed on his face, wearing a white brocade robe and a headband to tie up his long hair, giving people an arty and vulgar feeling.
The obese young man came in and pointed to the central position without saying a word. The sharp voice of the fuqin girl said, "Somebody, is this little girl taking me away?" Haha, I’ve been looking for her for a few days. I didn’t expect to be caught here. Gee, although it’s not beautiful, I don’t want anyone to come here. Please tie me up and ask this Li Rong girl to go back to be my first concubine ~! "
As soon as this was said, several tough servants around them were ordered to walk towards the central stand, and they were about to tie people up. There was a commotion in the crowd around them, but no one dared to come out and stop it because it was not someone else. It was the three big families in Jiangzhou, a young master of Ma Jiasan, and Ma Hongwen, the owner of Ma Jiajun’s family. Sun, a famous dude in Jiangzhou, who dared to provoke him? What’s worse, a woman who plays the lute?
There was a panic in this splendid building. Sitting in the center, Li Rong panicked and looked at the scene in front of her. The beautiful face flashed a trace of pallor and fear, which seemed to be in the direction of Ye Hongwen.
Without too many words, Ye Guchen knew what he should do with his eyes beside Ye Hongwen. Although his father didn’t say anything, there are some things that people have to do without waiting for his father to say something.
Chapter 22 Ma Jiasan Less ()
"Stop it ~" said Ye Gu Chen Lang, who came to this central position in a second. Li Rong stood in front of the woman who looked like her mother and worried her father, and looked at her coldly and rushed to several big men.
Ye Guchen suddenly appeared, which made Li Rong’s girl look at Ye Gongwen. Just now, she also saw Ye Gongwen and Ye Guchen together. For this regular customer, she naturally knew and there was a little love to see Ye Guchen. Her consciousness looked at Ye Gongwen.
In response to Li Rong’s girl’s eyes, Ye Hongwen nodded slightly and then looked at Ye Guchen with a sigh. What did Ye Guchen do? No one knows better than him as a father. All this is not because of his filial piety, but he is still worried. After all, Ye Guchen said that he has cultivated six levels of strength, but after all, he has not seen a few people with his own eyes, but he is not good at provoking one by one. There are still two or three levels of strength, but it is not so simple to cope with his natural Ye Guchen’s worry.
"Yi which come yellow hair small unexpectedly dare to tube our horse home things? Tired of living with you Somebody teach this little lesson and tell him to fuck off! " Ma Gusan young master Ma Hongwen saw such a scene, his eyebrows pricked up and he was angry and said
That is to say, this man will behave like this because he is a thoroughly evil dude who can eat, drink and be merry all day long. If his two brothers were here, I am afraid it would never be like this. It is not a day or two for Ma Hongwen to hang out in Jiangzhou City. He has known more people and no one has ever dared to take care of his affairs. Now that someone is in charge, he must rely on it. Otherwise, how can he dare to mess around? However, Ma Hongwen obviously didn’t think of this layer. He saw Ye Guchen stop him. He has always been unkind to stop others. In his view, this Jiangzhou City is not qualified to provoke himself except for a few people.
Several servants of Ma’s family listened to their master’s orders and naturally dared not roll up their sleeves without listening to the word, and rushed towards Ye Guchen’s thin body. They really didn’t see it in their eyes.
"Looking for death!" The yoshimitsu in Ye Guchen’s eyes flashed like a drawn sword, and a jump came to the front of a big fellow. With a deep and blue light, his claws did not hesitate to hold each other’s necks, and the big fellow’s neck was slightly forced by him, and he broke a large piece of flesh and blood and immediately fell on it.
However, Ye Guchen didn’t stop moving, but after the thunder solved the first person, he continued to rush out to find a target. The "ghost claws" were quickly solved. The whole process of rushing over four or five servants with strong figures was absolutely no more than 30 seconds, except for the first one who was crushed by Ye Guchen. Everyone else was black and blue. Ye Guchen’s attacks were not many times, but the means were extremely vicious. Almost every move was a VIP’s life. Although he deliberately left his hand, he also created four disabled and one dead.
After a set of coherent movements, Ye Guchen deeply shocked the place. Everyone stood there and looked at Ye Guchen’s fear of retreating. Even the girl Li Rong, who was helped by Ye Guchen, turned pale with fear.
In the central position, Ma Jiasan was still aggressive just now, but his face turned as white as snow. The whole person couldn’t stand the ups and downs there. Just now, that calm expression disappeared and he couldn’t help shivering.
"Gee, the strength is good at a young age, and it’s surprisingly biting. It’s good. It’s really good." At the moment, sitting on the second floor, a middle-aged man with a grade of about forty years old, dressed in black, looked at the fallen leaves with ponder eyes and muttered to himself.
"My Lord, did you see him?" The middle-aged man next to a 30-year-old servant bent low respectfully asked.
"Ha ha yeah, I think he’s a bit interesting. I haven’t met such an interesting person for many years. Well, please ask him to come over and talk after it’s over. No matter what he just did, he gave me a high look. It’s just thirteen-four. Thirteen-four is so vicious. And this repair can be called a rare" genius ".Well, anyway, I’m also idle. If I can gather it up, it may not be a good thing." Sitting there, the middle-aged man smiled lightly and said that he was just sitting there drinking alone and following
"No, don’t kill me. I’m Master Ma Jiasan. You can’t." Ma Hongwen saw Ye Guchen coming slowly from this machine, and his face changed a little, shaking with fear. He said that he was high in the air on weekdays, but at the moment he was as timid as a mouse and as fat as a pig. Without those servants to protect him, he was even worse than an ordinary person.
"get out!" Ye Guchen said coldly, that Ma Hongwen didn’t dare to hesitate or care about those servants lying on the ground moaning, but he turned and ran directly without saying anything. Now he can’t consider so many.
According to Ye Guchen’s character, he really wants to leave this Ma Hongwen and completely solve him once. Otherwise, this guy’s character Ye Guchen can be sure that he will definitely come to trouble himself again, and he may bring a master of Ma family once, but Ye Guchen has to let him go.
There are three big families in Jiangzhou City: Ye Family, Ma Family, and the three big families are quite powerful. Ye Family is a martial arts family with a good pain. Tian Wan’s family is rich, while Ma Family is a merchant. Many shops are good at business. The whole Jiangzhou City is half of Jiangnan County. In other words, Jiang Family is a master of this official family. After a hundred years, some of them have been the magistrate of Sanjiangzhou, and they are deeply rooted in Jiangzhou City. There is nothing to compete for Ye Guchen if he is injured and humiliated by Ma Hongwen, but it will be true. If Ma Hongwen mutilates or is killed, then Ma’s family will not give up. Then Ma’s family and Ye’s family will even have a bloody battle, and Ye’s family is now in a precarious situation, and Ye Guchen is unwilling to get into trouble for Ye.
Chapter 23 Green Five ()
After seeing Ma Hongwen escape with tail between his legs, Ye Guchen turned around. At this moment, Ye Hongwen has gone over and asked about this Li Rong girl. Although it is not very explicit, I can still see that Ye Guchen smiled at this. After all, in Ye Guchen’s view, everyone has pursued his own happiness, and his mother has been dead for so long. My father has been immersed in pain and Yu Heng’s humiliation. This day is not sad, but he is very willing to help him.
"Father, Miss Li Rong shouldn’t stay here for a long time. Ma Hongwen won’t forget it. He will definitely bring someone back. Let’s leave for the time being. Miss Li Rong, if you don’t mind, go to my house first and then come out after things are over. I don’t know what the girl thinks?" Ye Guchen came over and said in a low voice that she was gentle and completely different from her former image, which made Li Rong leng and then nodded her head consciously. She didn’t want to refuse the teenager in front of her eyes and seemed to dare not refuse.
Besides, she has long been interested in Ye Gongwen next to her. She is also offended by her relatives and friends in this Jiangzhou city. Ma Hongwen really doesn’t know where to go to Ye Guchen’s home to avoid some things.
"Solitary Chen You" Li Rong doesn’t know what Ye Solitary Chen is playing. Pay attention to Ye Hongwen, but know that although they don’t often get together, Ye Solitary Chen’s mind still cannot escape Ye Hongwen.
"Father, don’t say anything else. Let’s go back and talk about it now." Ye Guchen interrupted Ye Hongwen’s words. He probably knows what Ye Hongwen wants to say, but it’s better not to say anything. Isn’t it good to take Li Rong back? It’s not beautiful to say it.
"Well, go back to say again! This is really not a long stay! " Ye Hongwen sighed at this and immediately said, You know, unlike Ye’s family, Ma’s family and this Jiang’s family all live in this Jiangzhou city. It doesn’t take much time for them to come over. Ma Hongwen is definitely going back to Ma’s family to move reinforcements now. Although they are not afraid of Ye’s family, men don’t eat immediate losses. It’s really not a long stay here. It’s hard to wait for Ma’s master to come.
Just as Ye Guchen and the three of them were about to take it out, suddenly a figure stood in front of Ye Guchen. Ye Guchen was a burly man in black, about thirty-one years old. He stood in front of Ye Guchen and looked at Ye Guchen. He smiled and then smiled slightly and said, "I wonder if this gentleman wants to invite you downstairs for a drink?"
Although this is an inquiry, it seems that I don’t refuse the middle-aged man in front of me. It’s not too exaggerated. The burly body is like a mountain, giving people an insurmountable feeling. Ye Guchen can be sure that the present person is a master, and a repair is absolutely superior in his own home. It is very likely that the second generation of brothers is a master who can compete with his master. Because of this smell, Ye Guchen has seen one of his own masters, one is Mr. Liu and the other is Yuheng. This predecessor is the fourth and the most imposing.
"Master! Absolute master! It may be a top ten master! " Ye Guchen instantly gave an evaluation to the present person. Although he is just guessing, he has already confirmed that the present person has nine peaks, if not ten peaks. Is this person not his master who can provoke worse at present?
"Well, I’ll go and meet your master!" Thinking for a moment, Ye Guchen didn’t dare to hold his hand slightly, saying that although he didn’t know who the other party was or what he was doing, he didn’t know what the other party was up to, but Ye Guchen knew that he didn’t refuse it himself today, so he simply agreed to come free and easy.
"Ha ha, three please!" After hearing this, the middle-aged man gave a hearty smile and immediately said, Ye Guchen invited three people to the second floor, crossed the steps made of pine, and came to this second floor. At the door of this bag, four big men in black were respectfully guarding at the door one by one. It is not difficult to see that these four men are also masters, not to mention that their temples are bulging high and their hands are full of calluses. From these three aspects, we can see that these men are tough and vaguely exposed a little inconspicuous scar in their clothes.
The four doormen are all such figures, and there is also a ten-story master servant. The identity of the houseman is shocking. Ye Guchen couldn’t help but guess for a long time in his heart, but unfortunately they all got it in the end.
"My master is still waiting inside for the two of you, please take a rest outside now." The middle-aged man knows how to invite Ye Guchen to enter without neglecting Ye Gongwen.
"Well," Ye Guchen nodded slightly at the middle-aged man and then walked towards the house. He hit the door and walked in. He saw a middle-aged man in this elegant room wearing a black robe. There was nothing remarkable about it. It was that kind of ordinary that he could not be thrown into the crowd and would immediately forget his appearance. Unlike Ye Guchen, a sword-eyed meteor with red lips and white teeth, he was handsome and handsome, but it was precisely this kind of person who was the most dangerous because you couldn’t see his depth before he shot. The middle-aged man was sitting there with a folding fan and drinking alone with his eyes closed.
"Well, you’re here?" When Ye Guchen stepped into the room, the middle-aged man opened his eyes, and his deep and sharp eyes looked at Ye Guchen. Suddenly Ye Guchen had a feeling that he was pierced all over his body, and he didn’t know what the middle-aged man was sitting there, but Ye Guchen felt as if he had been stripped of his clothes and exposed to each other, as if everything could not be concealed from each other. This feeling was simply terrible.
"I’m here. I don’t know what my predecessors are looking for me?" Ye Guchen can’t resist at all because Ye Guchen has a feeling of looking up to the mountains. He has no doubt that if the person in front of him wants to kill himself, one finger is enough. Ye Guchen is very respectful and dare not support himself.
There are too many people in this world who are better than themselves. It is better to be a low-key person. You can’t just look at everything because you have some strength. There are people outside the mountains, otherwise you may die at any time.
Chapter 24 Green Five ()
"Ha ha, it’s very kind of you not to call me elder. My name is Qingwu. Just call me Fifth Uncle if you like. Come and sit down." Qingwu was very polite, but Ye Guchen sat in front of Qingwu with some drums in his heart, but he didn’t speak, but was thinking about where Qingwu’s eyes were.
Ye Guchen deeply believes that this world has no reason to love, no reason to hate, and no reason to communicate. This young man is obviously much worse than himself. Otawa himself is not at the same level, but he is so kind to himself and lets himself call him Brother Five. Being so polite is a little puzzled in Yuzryha.
Ye Guchen thought a lot in his heart, but the surface didn’t show anything wrong. After sitting down slowly, he sat opposite the green five and calmly looked at it. After a while, the green five smiled and glanced at it. Ye Guchen seemed to see each other’s thoughts and then said indifferently, "I’m not so nervous. I don’t mean anything to you, but I just invited you here on a whim when I was young. The young man is very good. It’s hard enough. It’s also good enough to repair poison. Haha, it’s good enough. But it’s a little less arrogant and There are many words in the wrong novel network, but it is good for you to repair them, but it is difficult to have obstacles in your mood in the future because of too much burden. Well, I don’t know if it is good or bad. "
Ye Guchen said with a wry smile and respect, "Thank you, Uncle. I must be careful not to let too much burden affect my mood."
I have to say that at present, Qingwu’s observation is amazing, and he hasn’t said much in just a few moments. He has guessed a lot, and he wants to come to this person who is good at sense motive and proficient in it on weekdays.
"Ha ha nothing how old are you this year? There are six levels of cultivation, right? Wrong novel network many words "green five glanced at the front leaf solitary Chen noncommittally said.
This is Yuzryha’s lonely heart awe-inspiring admiration for each other’s eyesight, but at the same time, he can’t help but guess that the other party has repaired it. You know, even Ye Yun, his grandfather in the middle of the tenth floor, has repaired it for himself. It’s that he can’t see through the clouds, and he can test himself by Ye Guhong’s hand to get to know something. Before Qing Wu looked at his eyes, at best, he could guess that he had repaired this eyesight just now, which proves that he was as profound as a sea repair.
"To tell the truth, I’ve just passed the 14th, and now it’s really a six-story middle course." Ye Guchen didn’t dare to hide anything. Hiding it in front of such a master may cause an irreparable situation. In front of him, the person is not himself or Ye Guke, and Ye Guchen dare not offend at will.
You know, most masters in this world are eccentric. One second, they may be kind to you, and the next second, they may turn against you and kill people. For such people, you must be careful, and Ye Guchen doesn’t think it’s meaningful to hide it. He doesn’t think he has something to hide in front of this green five, so he honestly tells his situation.
"Fourteen-year-old six-story middle? Well, it’s not bad, it’s not bad, it’s better than what I did in those days. Gee, I didn’t expect that I could touch a person like you when I passed by Jiangzhou today. It’s such an achievement when I was only fourteen. If you grasp it, it shouldn’t be a problem to enter the top of the tenth floor before I was twenty, and enter the innate realm before I was twenty-five. Haha, you are a talent, and I like your style of work very much. But why not kill that fat just now? Let him go, you will have a lot of trouble. "Green five ha ha a smile and then asked the deep pupil to shrink slightly and stare at Ye Guchen’s eyes before him with a strange light.