Song anqiao reported the address of the barbecue stall. Chu Feiyuan was holding the mobile phone hand and the veins stood out suddenly. His chest burst into a fire, but fortunately, this woman didn’t lie to him and said the correct address, otherwise he would immediately turn around and kill the man.
"I asked Zhuo Wen to pick you up!"
Hang up the phone. Song Anqiao’s brain buzzed for a long time, but he hurriedly took the phone and took the seat backpack back.
"Miss Shen Lin Yan, I have something urgent. I’ll go first."
She didn’t wait for the two men to respond, so she ran in a hurry until she couldn’t see the barbecue stall at the street corner.
Shen Sike’s eyes darkened, and the disposable cup was pinched into a ball in his hand. The beer flowed down his arm and dripped on the table.
Section 45
Wait, wait, wait, Anjo. I’ll let you come back to me.
Ten minutes Zhuo Wen appeared, Song Anqiao got in the back seat.
Zhuo Wen looked at her in the rearview mirror. "Did you have a barbecue, madam?"
Song Anqiao alpha males bowed their heads and sniffed his body smell a charcoal fire meat aroma.
Her face turned pale. "Yes, I ate with my friends."
Zhuo Wen nodded and breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Madam was honest, or a disaster was about to break out.
They passed by a taxi when they arrived at Dijue Jingwan.
Song anqiao frowns strangely. It’s really strange to see a taxi in Dijue Jingwan at night.
"Chu Fei is far away, I’m back."
An enter a door Song Anqiao first mouth shouted 1 nobody should.
Change your slippers and put your bag away. Chu Feiyuan took a bathrobe and prepared to take a bath.
Song Anqiao ran to him in two small steps and whispered, "The doctor said you can’t wash it."
"It’s okay, I’m simply washing." Chufei’s distant expression is lukewarm.
"No, what if you get wet?" Song Anqiao obstinately and resolutely blocked Chu Fei’s long way "I can’t let you wash"
Chufei lowered his eyes and suddenly said, "You help me wash it."
The cilia trembled slightly. Song Anqiao agreed, perhaps because of her guilty conscience. She did everything she said.
Sitting in the bathtub, Chu Fei sneered that the woman was not so afraid to touch him, but she was willing to help him. He didn’t know whether to praise her for her cleverness or stupidity.
Yes, yes, but it is very difficult to actually implement it. Song Anqiao is struggling in the bathroom, his eyes don’t know where to look, his fingers are stirring, and his nervous department is exposed.
"Don’t come?"
His voice was so low that the ambient air pressure suddenly sank.
Song Anqiao squinted and walked forward step by step, his cheeks were red, he took a few deep breaths and broke out in a cold sweat.
all of a sudden
She suddenly turned and ran out of the bathroom, leaving Chu Fei far behind and tightened her eyebrows. A minute later, she came in wearing dark sunglasses. "Can I turn off the light for that Chu Fei far away?"
ChuFei far sitting there canthus smoke a "you go out"
Song Anqiao froze. "Are you angry?"
"No" Chu Fei is far from emotional. "If you are not afraid of me, you will continue."
Song anqiao was stuck again for more than ten seconds and then flew out of the bathroom.
Half an hour later, Chufei took a bath, and Song Anqiao took another wash. He was wiping his hair and smelling it several times to make sure he didn’t smell barbecue.
Chu Fei looked at her from a distance, and his black eyes flashed slightly, and his eyes were cold and deep. He turned to the wine cabinet and took out the treasured white wine and poured a cup.
"Drink some water." He was wearing a bathrobe. Song Anqiao put on a hair dryer and looked at his forehead. The gauze was dry and there were no signs of getting wet.
She took the cup without drinking, blinked and smiled and asked him, "Are you hungry? I’ll make you a snack. "