It’s tolerable. What is intolerable?
This damn little black dragon dare to laugh at it as a bastard.
At the moment, where is Xiaobai? There is a real dragon in front of him.
Open your mouth and bite it.
The little black dragon has claws but five, and Xiaobai is very different in her head corner.
That’s a symbol of dragon horn dragon.
And Xiao Bai’s appearance is really a dragon prototype, but his head has no feet.
And the tail is also very real. It’s really like a dragon at a distance.
It is no wonder that the little black dragon will exclaim the words "White Dragon" at first sight.
Now the little black dragon was surprised to see Xiao Bai angry and rushing to bite her, but she also reacted quickly.
The horse tightly coiled up his small white body.
I’m just asking you. If you’re not happy, don’t answer. Why do you bite people?
Where is Xiaobaijin in a huff? I can hear the little black dragon blaming me like this.
But also want to stab its sharp fangs deeply into the body of the little black dragon.
It’s a pity that the little black dragon is covered with hard scales.
At least it’s a snake scale family, but it lives in Long Lin. Every piece is hard and almost didn’t break the little white tooth.
Even more, I’m going to get angry with my little white head.
While the little black dragon is still pawing and pushing Xiaobai, trying to get its body away from her, saying, Hey, forget it, I asked the wrong question, ok? Let’s not fight, ok? It’s going to be a disaster if we meet people again.
I heard her say the word human world.
Xiaobai, this is completely awake.
Shit, how could I forget that the hostess is still waiting for it to go home?
It’s actually here. This annoying little black dragon is fighting. If the owner knows it, he will be severely punished.
Xiaobai quickly loosened his teeth and let his claws fly to one side and looked at the clouds.
Suddenly I saw the clouds rolling all over the sky and the huge whirlwind circle of clouds.
In my heart, I secretly called it bad. I forgot that it is not an ordinary little golden thunder snake now, but a little dragon that is almost big.
This is actually a little black dragon fighting in the sky.
Isn’t this a storm that hurts people?
Small white light thinking about it’s back to a heavy punishment is sure to go away, but also hate the little black dragon.
I don’t care much anymore.
It immediately glared at the little black dragon and immediately turned into a white light, quickly dispersing the clouds and the whirlwind circle at the same time, and then flew to people.
Hey, where are you going? Hey
When the little black dragon saw it, he flew like this without saying goodbye. He immediately ran after it and shouted, "We are dragons, and we can’t go to people, which will bring disaster to mankind and lightning."
Xiaobai heard it, but he knew he didn’t hear it. It’s not a dragon.
Seeing that it is close to a certain height, the small white body suddenly shrinks and shrinks again in the middle.
Until it is reduced to never attract human attention.
It was only after a rain that a rainbow crossed for half a day and fell into a family room.
The little black dragon kept following it to stop it, and saw it shrink in size, almost becoming a mini dragon and falling behind people.
The little black dragon suddenly chuckled and thought that this white dragon really knows how to hide the huge shape of spiritual power.
This will not cause lightning, which is a good idea.
What is it doing to people?
There’s nothing delicious to practice aura.
Although the little black dragon is confused, it is still wearing a small white, which also narrows the figure and follows it to fly away where the small white falls.
After all, she hasn’t seen a distant relative of the same kind for many years since she was so big.
It’s hard to see one now. How can you just leave without asking?
At the moment, the little black dragon has completely forgotten that she has come to life.
What’s that? It’s like God, they’ve been fighting.
Back in the room, mingqing luning soon saw the changing situation at the end of the day.
I took off my black cloak again, and Lu Ning also showed some doubts.