When it is determined that the cabin is moving, Mu Ming will raise his hand and say hello in a low voice. "Get ready for action!"
After almost an hour, mosquitoes will be fed, and finally there will be no noise in the hut, and the night will be darker.
After the replacement, Muming fell back on the stone and looked at the hut from high. The light had gone out, but a slight cough could still be heard vaguely. Several people held their breath and waited for the opportunity.
At present, the conditions are insufficient, and only the resources are available to achieve the desired effect. She gently arranged for people to be ordered, and all five people nodded seriously and cautiously, and the fighting spirit in the eyes was even more serious.
Mu Ming glanced at it in a blink of an eye. "You wear a wig and a white cloth in a wooden cart, and Er Niu and Er Fat are strong enough to pull the rope in Ishida, so we will use the hand tube to make a flash effect."
"It’s not the real hair, it’s the ponytail and the ink of the village head, which is dyed black and dried." Li Yuan reached forward with his wig and sent it to Muming to let her see clearly to prove that he was not lying.
Li Yuan hurriedly rummaged through the cobblestone basket in the back. After a while, he took out a long wig and saw that the black was too thick. You could see that it was not a woman’s hair, but something like dust and ponytail was dyed black.
I told the village chief that the village chief also nodded and promised that this time it should not be without the elderly. It should not be such a pit.
"Li Yuan, you can change that white cloth later." She paused and thought of something. She asked, "Did you bring a wig?"
Mu Ming twisted her eyebrows and took a step forward. She turned around and pointed to the hut next to the ancestral temple and arranged, "Yang Gao will climb the roof and throw stones to make pebbles slide off the tiles." She turned around and solemnly said, "Be careful when walking on the roof!"
Although the five people were calm and restless, they were not rubbing their hands, but the excitement was on their faces without any disguise. All of them were ready to do a big job. The five people licked their lips and eyes, which were slightly dry due to excessive tension, and they were still very bright.
"Officer Mu, Officer Gu" Li Yuan shouted and put the wooden cart in his hand among the thorns. The other four people looked forward to looking at Mu Ming’s eyes, all of which were excited with excitement.
The big stone became a hiding place for several people. Gu Jingke still leaned against the stone. Even if five people were already in front of him, he never moved. His eyes implied a whirlpool as if it contained a landscape painting with a touch of ink.
When a few people arrived at the big stone, they saw Muming’s face as cold as ice and Li Yuan’s white teeth were exposed. This was the first time since Uncle Shi’s death that he didn’t have a brisk smile and had that kind of soothing and depressing smile.
Li Yuan knows that he almost made a big taboo, and it’s hard to say what to say. He walks gently in the direction of stones with people’s footsteps. A few people walk with things in their hands, but they don’t seem to stumble. It’s dark, windy and green all around.
"Come here!" Muming shouted in a low voice, the light was slightly cold, and his body no longer fell on the stone. The wind went straight to Li Yuanshen to send a cold way, "Mind your mouth and don’t yell."
Five people completely destroyed the mountain, but Cong didn’t move closer to the ancestral temple at the intersection. Li Yuan raised his head and looked around, but he couldn’t see the two men fidgety, twisted their eyebrows and opened their mouths. He was about to ask.
But just by the sound, I know that several people are in a hurry, but they are not in disorder, and breathing slightly is a little urgent.
Slight rustling footsteps rubbed against the ground. Someone came from the mountain and listened to more than one voice. His eyes swept to see the five people holding things, and he quickly and deliberately lowered his footsteps. In the dark, he could not see the faces of those people clearly.
Maybe only he can understand the taste. For example, he suddenly turned around and leaned back against a big stone and looked up at the night.
There is no such thing as rich and flowery rhetoric. Every move and every sentence of her quietly jumps into the line of sight with a distinctive charm. It is a slight movement but an unusual feeling to flow naturally into his blood vessels.
Looking at her side face from behind, I can’t see her face clearly, and I can’t see the clue. Gu Jingke is confused and his eyes are closed.
There are many mosquitoes in the mountains, and the ears of both of them are full of "melody". The mosquito gas is sultry. She hooks her hair beside her ear, and her hands and feet are silent, and her gestures are self-contained, tempting her earlobes to be white and crystal clear in the night.
It is immoral for Mu Ming to mock the weakness of flattery to scare an old man, but if the old man is suspected of committing a crime and killing people, this moral concept can be put aside first! Master of all cases
A gust of mountain wind can scare you like that. I don’t know if it will taste like that if you are scared.
Those two pairs of eyes behind the big stone are full of stars and deep silence. From the perspective of Shiguang Action, it is more certain that they predicted that if they hadn’t done something wrong, they would have burned paper money and kowtowed in the middle of the night or Uncle Shi’s first seven nights.
☆ Who’s outside the door when four ghosts claim their lives?
Section 4
However, due to excessive tension, sweat flowed into my eyes for a while and my feet slipped and I leaned over.
One step away from falling! He held his hand a little steady with a tingle, and his body finally had a thrilling time. He took a sigh of relief and his heart was in his throat. He just climbed halfway, so there can be no accident just now!
On the roof, people are not happy to look at people, and they are not happy to follow him. Li Yuan’s three hearts are jumping around, and Mu Ming and Gu Jingke are gently twisting their eyebrows to see him stabilize his body, but the thick eyes can’t dissipate.
Nervousness, worry, and value are three emotions that blow people directly through the brain. The veins stood out on his forehead jump straight. Yang Gao seems to be walking in the abyss, and his fingers are clinging to the basket. He finally climbs to the roof and he is slightly relieved.
The tiles are all old, and the same one will trample on him if he is not careful. He can’t even breathe too hard, just like walking at the tip of a knife.
Seeing that he held his head steady and lifted his head, Er Niu pulled the rope and made a look at Er Pang after making sure it was okay. Two people pulled the wooden cart to the ground at the same time.
"Wheel" looked at the wheel slightly so that the two of them immediately stopped and took a sigh and looked up at the stone.
"ah!" A shout from this hut directly scared them to the ground with a flaccid hand.
It’s called being miserable in the dark, like being killed, full of fear and trembling from the soul! If you don’t do anything wrong, you’re not afraid of ghosts. If you don’t have ghosts yet, you’ll be afraid first. If you say you haven’t done that, no one will believe you!
"Don’t come to me if I don’t kill you!" Shi Guang was lying on his hands and waving his feet, kicking the bed board straight with chaos, and pumping his hands was like cramping and twitching with poison. "Go, go!"
He was having nightmares, cold sweat and sweaty hands waving in the room for a long time, and then he put them back on the side of the bed, clutching the sheets tightly and pulling them into a ball of brows. In the dream, he was chased by someone crazy, and he was questioned with resentment while chasing.
"Why do you want to kill me?" The man’s body moved instantly close to Shi Guang and fell to the ground.
The cold air directly turned his body into cold, and he was shivering with fear. His hands were pulled to the ground and his ass was on the ground, but he didn’t feel any pain. It was like coming out of hell with yin.
Feet on the ground straight out of the dream, his feet on the bed board and his mouth chanting "don’t come over, I won’t kill you!" "
The man sobbed and took a step forward in his dream, which brought them closer together. Shi Guang grabbed an unknown object and threw it straight ahead. The man jumped and hid.
Virtual sway figure completely close to the stone light that man reached out and grabbed the stone light shoulder hate way "say what!" "
His eyes were red and his fingers were foaming at the mouth. His fingers were slightly bent and he clung to Shi Guang’s shoulder. Shi Guang was scared and shook his body into epilepsy. His face was swept to his lips by the cold air exhaled by the man. "It’s not me … it’s not me."
That face is very close, which is the face of Uncle Shi. Uncle Shi moved his hand and grabbed Shi Guang’s neck and spat at the mouth, but there was no sound.
Shi Guang raised his hand and wanted to hold his hand. In the dream, he squeezed his neck tightly, and his face was suffocating, but his fingers were still not loose. He just wanted to suffocate himself alive. Uncle Shi hated to smile at him.
Outside the dream, his fingers pinched his neck, and the stone light suddenly breathed, and his eyes opened and his hands were instantly loosened. He was so scared that he sat up and stared at his hands, old and skinny.
As soon as outsiders heard the silence, they swept their eyes to the stones, where Muming and Gu Jingke were in control.
Mu Ming gave a steady look and gestured to Yang Gao, but Yang Gaobai picked up three pebbles from the basket and skillfully slipped them into the tile seam. The pebbles were smooth and round, and seemed to shine in the dark night.
One by one, they tumbled into the tiles and made a strange collision. One by one, they never stopped, just like the hell’s bull’s head and horse’s face pulling the chain to bind the soul to kill the salad. The sound was low and dumb.
Sitting in the stone light, he just calmed down his nervous state of mind when he heard this sound, and then he was awakened. Reality and dreams are still confused, and people are old, their brains are unclear, and they are superstitious and don’t think much about others.
I know that the person who is looking for his life is coming, and he has come with a cow’s head and horse’s face! With this knowledge, he suddenly shrank up against the earth wall and covered his head and ears with his hands, but the sound was still stuffy and could not be stopped at all.
His heart was pounding and he didn’t want to hear anything, but the sound was like a magic sound!
In fact, I couldn’t hear the sound clearly when I covered my ears, but Shi Guang did something wrong and had a dream. Imagine that he had enough to drink a pot. What’s worse, the cobblestone rolling sound was extremely like a chain pulling the ground.
Shi guanghuo’s superstition at such a big age is very popular in his heart, otherwise he wouldn’t be living in the stone ancestral temple.