See nine heavy leisurely in front of the double lyu3 bu4 heart can not help but "hitched" but still holding one over ten thousand hope asked "you … put the horse to tame their mounts? !”
Nine nodded and shook his head. "I’ve been tamed, but I haven’t got a contract mount yet!"
"What do you mean … is going to sell? Hum … I heard that you are a money addict. It seems true that you really will find opportunities to make money! " Double lyu3 bu4 took a deep breath, "say how much do you want to sell? ! I bought it! "
Jiuzhong smiled and shook his fingers. "Sorry, I didn’t intend to sell it!" "
Double lyu3 bu4 smell speech one leng way "that you are still waiting for me here? !”
Nine heavy black king horse familiar eggs from the backpack in front of double lyu3 bu4 waved the way "do you really want this black king horse? !”
"Nonsense … don’t want me to do so hard? !”
Jiuchong smiled. "Since you want me, I can give it to you as an adult ~!"
Double lyu3 bu4 sneer at a "hum will have such a good thing? Come on, what are your conditions? !” As soon as the voice fell, I heard a rumbling sound from the ground behind me!
Jiuzhong smiled and pointed to the back of Shuang Lu Bu and said, "The first condition is to help me do it together!"
Double Lyu3 bu4 smell speech looking back, it is perseverance all the way to Nidhogg Ma Yuan master-devil effect crazy!
"… but!" Double lyu3 bu4 turned back, "but listen to you this meaning is more than one condition? How many conditions do you have? !”
"If it’s gone, there’s only one left!" Jiuzhong said slowly, "… I want you and your brothers to join our guild!"
Chapter one hundred and twenty Close
"You really know how to fish in troubled waters? !”
"generally not ~!" Nine heavy proud way "how line not line? !”
"… let me think about it!"
"Then think about it while playing!" Nine feet ling virtual point jump from double lyu3 bu4 past straight to the ground has come to the nearby devil effect crazy "and I kill him first! !”
“……!” Double lyu3 bu4 just hesitated and immediately turned around and drove the flying jade tiger with nine heavy behind him and rushed at the demon king in front!
In the overspeed state, if the nine-fold potential is shocked by the madness of the demon king, the distance is tens of meters apart. The root is equivalent to killing the eyes without a distance. "It’s really a way to heaven. You don’t take the hell gate, you come and vote! I’ll be you when I’m old !” Say ready to attack and attack the demon king. It’s only one eye!
"The king is from hell! !” A chastened devil makes a wise head. How can you let Jiuzhong succeed so easily again? He bowed his head and flashed through his eyes, and his forehead slammed into Jiuzhong!
Nine heavy although still hit the devil effect crazy but didn’t receive the expected effect was also the devil effect crazy powerful impact inclined to Zhen Fang to exit! Demon Lord’s guilt is crazy, followed by picking up the phoenix wings in his hand and splitting Huashan-style tearing momentum. If you rush like thunder, you will be killed in an instant!
But at this moment, the double lyu3 bu4 arrived from behind and crossed the nine-fold horizontal halberd. In front of the nine-fold, the demon king was sorry that the crazy phoenix wings were gilded and smashed on the double lyu3 bu4 horizontal halberd pole!
No matter whether it’s double Lyu3 bu4 or Jiuzhong, it won’t have a good result if you resist the devil’s mad attack. It’s natural for him to know this, so he didn’t intend to take the devil’s mad attack hard!
Just at the moment when the demon king regretted that the crazy phoenix wings fell on the double-lyu3 bu4 halberd, the double-lyu3 bu4 left hand suddenly pushed the halberd, which made the halberd have a wrong inclination. The phoenix wings fell in the direction of the golden enamel, and he attacked!
This move seems to be an understatement and simple, but not everyone can do it. You must have very high martial arts attainments!
I can’t help but be elated when I see that the double Lyu3 bu4 has made such a beautiful effort, and I have strengthened my mind. I must include this double Lyu3 bu4 in my own mind!
Double Lyu3 bu4 Wrong Devil Guilty Crazy Phoenix Wings and Gold-plated Embroidery At the same time, driving the flying Jade Tiger to meet the Devil Guilty Crazy and rush to force Fang Tianhua Ji to bend into an exaggerated arc, and quickly break at the Devil Guilty Crazy Other people to strike the crescent blade on the Ji side, which was just cut in the concave position on the previous Devil Guilty Crazy forehead!
"Bang!" A muffled sound made the demon king stumble and shake back!
The demon king is so mad that he can be knocked back by the double lyu3 bu4. Besides the high strength of the double lyu3 bu4, it is also due to the "strong earthquake" effect attached to the painting halberd in his hand!
Double lyu3 bu4 hit a successful nine-fold tacit understanding, and it was very pedantic and borrowed power to fly vertically over double lyu3 bu4′ s head, forcing the demon king to feel guilty and crazy. Without saying anything, the round fist was smashed directly, which was a killer skill. !”
The slaying fist turned into a pretty dragon, and directly broke through the eyes and rushed out from behind! Although it didn’t really break through the demon king’s mad head, it also caused a lot of fatal damage to the demon king’s mad. The most important thing is to abolish only the last cover of the demon king’s mad fruit!
"Oh ahhh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~! !” The demon king let out a scream of heartbreaking madness!
"It’s really dark by your hands!" Double lyu3 bu4 said a sentence driving the flying jade tiger from the top of the nine heads and rushing to the demon king. The madness has just been blasted. The right eye flies from the back of the flying jade tiger, and the halberd is like a gyro, spinning hard and drilling to the demon king. The right eye is suddenly bloody! At the same time, it is accompanied by the demon king screaming like a mad pig!
"Also said that I? You’re younger, not darker! !” As soon as the double Lyu3 bu4 attack was over, the nine-fold tacit understanding immediately gave the demon king a breathing space. Ling borrowed people to rush into the demon king like a left arrow. The madness has been bloody and bloody, and the right eye socket once again offered a cruel trick "Meteor Nine Obsidian! !”
"Boom-! !” After nine consecutive explosions and nine heavy advances, I suddenly burst through the demon king’s mad head and burst out of the back of my head!
"Roar—! ! !” In the heart-rending pain, the demon king burst out with an earth-shattering roar, and his huge body was dark and bright!
Double lyu3 bu4 said andao a bad, but he had previously seen the devil effect crazy explosion big move process look at his posture now will know that he is going to release his magic trick "ten unique murder" once he successfully released Fiona Fang hundreds of meters all creatures will instantly disappear!
Now run is already can’t come to double lyu3 bu4 a grind not retreat into the rapid fly to the devil effect crazy head LUN Yuan hand day painting ji into a streamer mercilessly toward the devil effect crazy forehead depression crazy split and "ares ji method-Skyquake! !”
"Cut-! !” Sunny at first, a thunderbolt like a silver snake fell from the sky and poured into the double Lu Bu Fang Tian painting halberd. The Fang Tian painting halberd did not split in the depression of the devil’s mad forehead!
In an instant, a powerful attack swept over the demon king’s body, and the demon king’s body twitched uncontrollably like epilepsy!
This convulsive demon king’s crazy trick was immediately blocked. The demon king’s crazy body lit up and the bright black light disappeared in an instant!
"Hoo-!" The double lyu3 bu4 breathed a sigh of relief and said, "That was close!"
"Hoo-!" The demon king took a long breath and spit out a puff of black smoke. He was paralyzed by the skill effect of Double Lyu3 bu4, temporarily lost his ability to act and fell flat on his back!
"I want to hit me? ! Afraid of you! !” Nine heavy behind the devil effect crazy see devil effect crazy propped up toward his hit to not retreat into the devil effect crazy back big move broke out "dragon ten even! !” Before you fall, you will blow the devil’s anger and madness all the way!