Ye Piao, who came to the command room of the Dragon Headquarters, once again met General Yuan Ye, the supreme commander of the Dragon Fleet. At the same time, Ye Piao also found that there were many ancient Chinese people in the command room, and eleven of them were all dressed like General Yuan Ye. It seems that the supreme commander of the twelve standing teams is gathered together today.
Mr. Ye welcomes you. Ye Piao just walked into the operation room and heard Yuan Yexiao.
Leaves floating smiled and said politely.
Oh, is this what General Yuan calls a savior? At this moment, an unfriendly sentence sounded like a leaf floating in the air and looked at a general. He got up and stared at the leaf with almond eyes and gave a faint hostility.
Leaves gone with the wind frowned to ask Yuan Ye.
Yuan Ye hesitated at the moment. He laughed. General Meng, I think the misunderstanding of your rat fleet, Mr. Ye, can be solved today. Yuan Ye said to Ye Piao, Mr. Ye, sit down.
Ye Piao Unicorn Chan looked at each other and came to sit at the huge conference table, while Unicorn Chan still looked at the general present and finally didn’t care to look at the instrument.
This is Ye Piao looking at the general who is hostile to himself and asking.
Yuan Ye laughed. This is General Meng Li, the supreme commander of the rat fleet of the 12 standing teams in ancient China. It is said that just a few days ago, there was a battle that should not have happened in Mr. Ye’s rat fleet. I wonder if Mr. Ye ever remembered it.
Oh, Ye Piao looked at himself diagonally across the street from Meng Li’s mind. These days, things finally reminded Yuan Ye. I can’t help but say, Isn’t the ancient Huaxia team on Tomb Island General Meng’s rat fleet?
I don’t know what Mr. Ye was doing at that time. Meng Li asked stiffly, which shows that he was very concerned about the damage caused by Ye Piao to the rat fleet that day.
Oh, then I have to talk to General Meng about the situation on that day. It seems that your fleet attacked me first, and I was forced to fight back after many signs. I hope General Meng can observe that Ye Piao is neither humble nor humble, but what he said is also true.
Mr. Hum Ye said it was really light. Mr. Ye was forced to fight back when almost our detachment was wiped out in World War I, but it was the first time I saw Meng Li still adamant.
What does General Meng want to do? The reverse thing has developed to this point, and the three-headed dragon has also appeared, and I don’t think it will be because of my misunderstanding of your fleet that the twelve generals are gathered together.
As the conversation between the two people became more and more tense, Yuan Ye couldn’t help coughing two times to signal them to stop the conversation, and then said that since it was all a misunderstanding, everyone could turn over the page. Don’t delay the big event because of misunderstanding. After that, Yuan Ye didn’t give the two people another chance, but looked directly at Ye Piao and said that it was really time for Mr. Ye to come. Mr. Ye was also on the tomb island that day and should have a good understanding of the situation at that time
I don’t know much, but I don’t know if you know Ye Piao took a deep breath and said.
What feeling Yuan Ye asked.
The saint’s main soul, Ye Piao, said that as Ye Piao said this sentence, the twelve generals were all slightly one leng, and one of them said it was her. It seems that this three-headed dragon is her mount. Chapter 176 The history of astronomy.
Ye Piao looked at the twelve ancient Chinese generals, narrowed his eyes slightly, looked at Yuan Ye and said, General Yuan, can you tell me what you know about Saint?
Well, Yuan Ye looked at Ye Piao and then smiled and said, I think it’s better to forget it. After all, it’s beyond Mr. Ye’s ability. Mr. Ye still thinks about when we will go to the eternal world to find Lei 1 and bring back the ancient snake and the ugly cow.
I remember I promised you that you don’t have to worry about this saint. In the final analysis, I ordered Ye Piao to be silent for a moment with a slight smile, and then said, Don’t worry. I don’t have the heart to go to the western dispute. I just want to know the true identity of this saint.
Mr. Ye, although you are now an alliance of the Dragon Fleet, the Dragon Fleet is one of our twelve standing teams in ancient China and also belongs to our armed forces. I think we should not tell Mr. Ye about some secrets. Meng Li, the general of the rat fleet, got up and said that it was very obvious that he was very hostile to Ye Piao Unicorn Chan.
Really? Ye Piao took a squint at Meng Li, then shook his head with regret and said that I didn’t expect the sincerity of the twelve standing teams to be so weak. That’s all right. I will find out the identity of the saint sooner or later, but how hard you have worked in the battle of the snake and the ugly cow. I think the strength of the twelve standing teams can be settled without my help. Ye Piao smiled and said to Unicorn Chan, let’s go.
Mr. Ye, what do you mean? Looking at the arrogant and unruly leaves, Meng Li couldn’t help but feel great anger and suddenly became angry.
Leaves gone with the wind stopped and turned to look at Meng from handsome eyebrow micro-pick and said, how do you want to force me to bend?
Mr. Ye, come on. We are all struggling. There is no need to ruin everyone’s feelings because of a little misunderstanding.
Stop, General Yuan. Ye Piao is not as great as you said. I didn’t think about it all the time. I was thinking about the Saint. I’m telling the truth. I didn’t bother to ask if we were comrades-in-arms. But now it seems that my thoughts are too much. Why don’t we go our separate ways and then Ye Piao is ready to go outside?
Mr. Good Ye, you said you wanted to know what happened to the virgin. Yuan Ye’s tone was very dull.
Yuan Ye said this. Eleven other generals looked at Yuan Ye. Before the other generals could speak, Yuan Ye said lightly, this is the headquarters of our Dragon Fleet. I decided to hope that you would not haggle over trifles in the overall situation of the joint war.
Ye Piao leaned forward and looked at Yuan Ye for a moment and suddenly smiled slightly. Unicorn Chan returned to his position and said, in fact, I don’t want to know much. I want to know what the giant cross that imprisoned the three dragons actually said.
Mr. Ye looked at Yuan Ye without any nonsense and tapped a few photos directly in front of the screen.
Ye Piao looked at the huge terminal screen in front of him. Yuan Yecao had hundreds of photos. Now Yuan Yecao said that there are many photos and materials. I am here to pick some important ones for you. First of all, I don’t know what Mr. Ye saw.
A photo occupies the terminal screen at the moment, and a huge ru-white cross can be seen floating on the surface, obliquely inserted in the seabed sediment, and a small part of the cross is still nailed to a person. It should be said that that person is also a part of the cross, all of which are carved from stones.
In that man’s hand, he holds several unusually thick chains. When the chains are connected to Fang, it should be to bind three dragons, iron chains and leaves floating, thinking like this, and then turning his head to look at Yuan Ye and saying, What’s wrong with General Yuan? Is this picture abnormal?
Yuan Ye looked at Ye Piao as a mysterious smile and didn’t say anything. Then he adjusted a photo. This photo is full of words, but it’s all western words. It’s nothing to look at, but if you look closely, you will find that it’s not western words now, but more ancient western words.
Well, these words seem very old. Unicorn Chan frowned and looked at them carefully again. Unicorn Chan seemed to have been affirmed. He turned his head and said to Ye Piao, the boss is right. This is the text that disappeared before the West. I have seen it in some places in heaven. Dad told me.
The west disappears, the leaves drift slightly stupidly, which seems to be the same as that mysterious flying machine said.
Ah, the holy beast said yes, this is indeed a six-pointed star script, that is, the western disappearing Wen Yuanye smiled slightly
Leaves gone with the wind twist a head looked at Yuan Ye and thought for a moment before the mysterious aircraft spoke and said, Isn’t it a little snow residue, er, wrong? Is it that the saint is this disappearing article?
Well, yes, it’s a long story, which almost involves western languages. Yuan Ye said that he cleared his throat and looked at Ye Piao and continued to ask, so he told Ye Piao all kinds of western languages
Before the Archaean War, it didn’t mean that the universe was in a big world at that time, that is, the ancient universe was born in the ancient universe, but there are still many great works in the ancient universe. No one will know the origin of the ancient universe, and even the ancient protoss will know that the ancient universe was born in vain.
There is no living thing in Ganghonghuang Palaeozoic until Pangu in the East and Chaos in the West. In addition, the world is unknown. It was in Allah that the origin of life was ushered in the Honghuang Palaeozoic.
However, the difference between the East and the West is that the emergence of the Western world is not so simple. The Eastern world was born of Pangu, and the third region was created by Allah. In the West, when Chaos was created, there was a true god in a corner of the West, that is, Yahua, the main god of the West.