"Well …" Liu Yichen should look at Sue’s late love and turn around and walk towards the bag.
After dinner, Sue broke up with Helen at the restaurant gate and walked towards the bus sign.
There’s no one in the living room when I get home. It seems that Su Kang’s business trip has made her home a lot colder, but isn’t that what she wants?
Sue was in a good mood at night. After the shower, she wiped her hair on the balcony and looked at the opposite building.
Su Kang has been on business for a week, and she has done almost everything she wants.
Tang Sumei was alone in the bedroom in front of Su Kang on a business trip, and she didn’t feel anything alone, but she has been having nightmares these days since she saw the figure on the balcony that night. After dinner, she went downstairs and turned on all the lights in the room. She really wanted Lan Lan to accompany her, but Lan Lan wanted to play games. She was a good person.
In the middle of the night, a screaming woman came from the yard.
"Ghosts … ghosts …"
Tang Sumei scared a tingle and sat up pale in her arms. "Ghost …" She remembered that she saw the figure and turned even whiter.
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Recommend a good friend "Sheng Chong’s wife with black eyes and blue eyes"
brief introduction
Fengxinlan has an angelic face but a black heart than a black diamond.
At the age of 15, she was adopted by the Feng family, and at the age of 15, the Feng family fell in love at first sight and became a "prospective daughter-in-law".
Since then, the wind family has never returned to the standard wife and slave road
Feng Yelei, who just graduated from high school at the age of one, can’t wait to announce the engagement.
Small theater one
"Lan Lan asks you to be my wife Feng Ye Lei, and I will care for you and love you all my life, hold you in my hand like a princess, and I will swear to you with my life that I will try to be a good husband."
"Cooking, washing and massaging for two hours on time every day are subject to the orders of the Queen."
"guarantee completion"
☆, 41, find an exorcist to exorcise ghosts [pk for collection]
Most of all the bad things in the world are caused by "listening to others" and not doing anything wrong. People who are not afraid of ghosts knocking at the door in the middle of the night often feel guilty and afraid.
Tang Sumei scared a tingle and sat up pale in her arms. "Ghost …" She remembered that she saw the figure and turned even whiter.
The building was so noisy that all the servants were shocked. After all, the midnight scream made everyone creepy.
"Mom …"
The door was pushed from the outside. Su Lan threw herself at Tang Sumei in her pajamas. "Mom, I’m so scared …"
"I’m not afraid to have my mother." Tang Sumei was shaking at this time, but when she saw her daughter’s face turned white with fear, she forced herself not to get confused. She patted Su Lan’s back one by one, just like putting her to sleep when she was a child.
Su Lan’s mood gradually stabilized in her mother’s arms. She looked up and asked, "Mom, do you think the house is really haunted?"
Tang Su eyebrows jumped reluctantly smiled "how? That’s all superstition "but at this point her face is not much better than Su Lan.
It’s so noisy. Su Kang isn’t at home. Tang Sumei can’t hide in her room all the time. She doesn’t go out and follows Su Lan towards the door.
Just out of the door, I saw Sue coming, and I saw them pursed her lips and continued to walk upstairs.
"Sue, do you think it’s you?" Tang Sumei screamed behind Sue’s late love that she didn’t believe in ghosts and gods in the world and said that she must be up to something.
Sue turned around and glanced at them coldly and said, "If it’s really me, can you still be here?"
"Mom’s voice came from the courtyard, and Su’s late love came from the building, so it shouldn’t be her." Su Langang was afraid, but her family was not afraid when she grew up.
"Lan Lan …" Tang Sumei stared at her daughter.
"I’m not defending her, I want to find out the truth. If there is a ghost, we’ll invite someone to exorcise it," Su Lan wrote.
Tang Sumei looked at Sue in a nightgown and her hair was messy. Obviously, she just got out of bed. Is it really a ghost?
Tang Sumei turned pale and said nothing, pulling Su Lan towards the building.
Sue night feeling sip tight lip followed the floor.
The servants were all in the hall. The maid had just screamed and fainted. At this time, she was lying on the floor. She was carried back. At this time, no one dared to go any closer to her, as if she had been possessed by a ghost.
When the housekeeper saw Tang Sumei waiting for her to sit on the sofa, she asked, "Madam, do you think we should call the police now?"
"What is the alarm?" Tang Sumei pressed her forehead. "Let the family doctor show Xiaomei (the stunned maid) that everyone else can go back to their rooms and rest. This matter is over. No private discussion is allowed."
The "good wife" housekeeper turned and rushed the servants back to the room and called the family doctor to come and show it to Xiaomei.
After all this, the housekeeper didn’t go to sleep, but went to the kitchen to make some sedative tea and brought it out.
Sue late Qing took the cup and sipped her mouth and looked up at the two women opposite.
It’s quiet now, and it seems that I’m scared
"If it’s nothing, I’ll go to bed and work in the future." Sue put the teacup in the evening and got ready to get up.
"Wait," Tang Sumei took a look at Sue’s love. "What should we do if your father is not in the house?"
Sue looked at Su Lan lightly and said, "Just now Lan Lan was right to let people come home to exorcise ghosts."
"You also believe that there are ghosts at home?" Tang Sumei frowned. Wu Liuting has been dead for twenty-two years. Nothing like this has ever happened at home since Sue returned to Sue’s home. Tang Sumei’s intuition is that things are not that simple.
"It’s not that I believe it or not, but this is the case. Dad didn’t also say that he saw a figure on the balcony of the small building in his room. As far as I know, there were no people living in the small building. Is that figure a person or a ghost? Tonight, the servant also cried out that there is a ghost. I don’t think it will come to the wind. No matter whether it is true or not, there is no harm in letting people drive away ghosts. "Only when the exorcist comes to this matter will Tang Sumei really believe that the house is haunted, and only then will he show the clues.
"Yes, mom, God, let’s find an exorcist." Su Lan shrank her neck and wrote a novel.
At this time, Tang Sumei had no idea. Su Kang said that he had seen a personal image of Wu Liuting in the small building, and the servant also said that there was a ghost tonight. The night before yesterday, she saw a figure on the balcony of the small building with her own eyes.
"All right, housekeeper," Tang Sumei called the housekeeper. "Go outside and find a famous exorcist to get unlucky."
"Good wife," the housekeeper replied respectfully with her head down.