When it is easy to hurt Duane, even if there is one, he cares for Younger with all his heart and must be a sneak attack
Xie Suixin looked at the white figure that disappeared behind the door and felt empathy.
He thought that if he were mad at losing his mind, Du Ruo would definitely be like Duane, preferring to get hurt and keep the other side safe.
Du Ruo sighed deeply, and it was obviously white. When his eyes were radiant with bitterness, he had to look up at the sunny genius and press back the inexplicable tears.
"I went to see Pan Hui’s situation just now … thanks a lot." After a while, she adjusted her mood and looked at the man around her calmly.
If it weren’t for Xie’s informing the residents before, fearing that the existing koo people would be hurt, Du Ruo was still very grateful for this man’s care.
Yes, she can give and be grateful.
"But what else can I do for you?" Xie Suixin smiled and didn’t care about Rico’s courtesy and distance.
Du Ruo shook his head and said, "I’ll think of some way to detoxify. If this two days, please take care of a nearby resident. Pan Hui’s poisoning is a koo, but these people are also koo. How can we let them suffer this catastrophe?"
"Don’t worry, I will protect them." Xie Suixin was firm and gentle with a smile in his voice.
Du Ruo couldn’t help but move his eyes to his own medicine company and walked slowly.
Xie Suixin’s feelings are not incomprehensible, but she can’t respond, not only because of what she said to Duane earlier-two people are different, their lives are different, and life and death are different.
There is a reason why she didn’t know it, such as saying something to others.
Chapter 63 Three Days Breaking Bad (3)
When Rico was seven years old, he met the swordsman by chance. It has been thirteen years since then.
She has been aware of unusual affection from this person for thirteen years.
When I was young, I didn’t understand the accident between men and women, but I didn’t feel anything wrong. I thought this man was the best person to her except Master.
But when she grew up, she didn’t come for nothing-all this was wrong.
Xie Suixin, a swordsman with advanced skills, was like what he was when he first saw it for more than ten years, and he is still like it now.
Although she is an ordinary person, she grew up in the cliffs of the three great Xuan doors, and she is deeply impressed by the cultivation of immortals. Naturally, she knows that a person can keep her face unchanged for more than ten years and can be a fairyland that has been cultivated.
Such a man who can’t guess her age and calendar and is already a fairy is neither a parent’s affection nor a friend’s friendship, but a love between men and women!
This discovery made Du Ruo feel frightened, but behind it was a thrill.
Xie Suixin is old enough to be her father, but it is more likely to be her grandparents or great-grandfathers. More than men have feelings for her at the age of seven! This makes her believe it!
What’s more, she once noticed that Xie was looking at her at will, but she seemed to be looking at others through her as affectionate, gentle and-heartache.
Du Ruo frowned and trembled.
Even now, with her back to him, she can still feel that if he has real eyes, he will follow behind her and make her feel scared.
Since that discovery, she has consciously avoided thanking others, but some people are just like the attached worm, which can never get rid of it once it is touched. Even if you avoid him again, you can still find your whereabouts and follow you everywhere.
Just like now—
From Lianyun town to Liangcheng, she asked Duane to mislead Xie Suixin, but she was still pursued by him.
Du Ruo stepped up and flashed into the guest room. Finally, he avoided the eye following behind him. He leaned against the wall with his eyes closed and his nerves tightened at the moment, only to find that his hands were shaking very badly.
"What’s the matter?"
Duane came from one side with a slight cool thin sound to calm her down slowly.
She exhaled and held the wall to shake her head. "Nothing, are you hurt?"
He said that he would go to see each other’s wounds.
Duane doesn’t care about geography at all. "You’d better look at Xiaohui’s poison first for minor injuries. I just explored her pulse condition and signs of poisoning are very peaceful and weak."
Du Ruo look instantaneous dignified.
She held Pan Hui’s wrist and examined it carefully for a moment before she said, "There is no mistake. It is recorded that after noon, the toxin will be hidden in the meridians, and people will fall into a coma again. The pulse condition will be very similar to those who have recovered from serious illness. That is why people will be aware of it and the tragedy will happen again."
"Now that the poison has been hidden, I’m afraid it’s gone!" Duane carefully held Pan Huishen to prevent her from lying on her back in bed. He had previously stabbed three gold needles behind her head, but he never dared to take them.
Du Ruo nodded. "It’s really gone, but now the three gold needles can’t be pulled out after noon, and I want to bet on whether these three gold needles can keep her still asleep at noon."
Duane just a thoughtfully acquiesced in the practice of friends.
He helped Pan Hui to lie on his side, and the bed was stacked behind her to prevent her from lying flat in her consciousness.
Du Ruo watched him move tenderly, and suddenly he saw Xie Suixin’s feelings and immediately "hitched" and blurted out, "You didn’t like her when she was six years old, did you?"
Duane’s hands gave Du Ruo a strange look back and continued to turn to do unfinished business
"What are you thinking about? I’m not a pedophile. "Duane’s voice is still cool thin, but for the first time, it’s a little playful.
Du Ruo looked at him in amazement and wondered, "You left there ten years ago. Have you been back in these ten years?"
Duane has tidied up the bed at this time and sat by the bed. His eyes have been stuck in Pan Hui’s face and corners of his mouth. Tick out a faint smile "two years ago"
He went back to Changxuan when the first heavy snow fell two years ago.
Of course, I never let anyone know that I contacted a second ShiShu.
That is, at that time, he saw that Pan Hui, who was already slim and graceful in the snow, was still dressed in a scarlet dress, as beautiful as a fairy falling by mistake on a snowy wooden cliff, looking for something.
The small swing still stays in its original place. After ten years of wind, rain, sun and rain, it is still intact. The damage lies in the falling cliff, as Pan Hui has come to play from time to time in the past ten years.
And he can look at her from a distance, her clothes are blooming like fire, and she can’t know who she is before the snow-red maple, so she can’t know that he has come back
Two years ago?
Du Ruo remembered carefully that Duane did delay coming to get the medicine a few days ago in winter two years ago.
Every year, after winter, he will prepare a year’s dose to help him consolidate the previous damage and repair the meridians, while he will come to get the medicine at the end of early winter.
He was two days late that year.
He seemed to be in a good mood when he came to get the medicine. It was the first time that Du Ruo saw such a real smile on his face after six years of acquaintance. It was a kind of smile that oozed from his heart. Although it was shallow, it could make others deeply feel his pleasure.
Now it seems that it is because he secretly went back and took a look at the school sister’s good mood.
But two years ago-
Rico mind a turn thought of a possibility.
Pan Hui should have been fourteen years old at that time. Did Duane deliberately go back when she was young?
Du Ruo moment more think more feel I guess right heart ease suddenly lang.