Ying Zheng gave a fright and shouted, "Kill it quickly, quickly … at most, a hundred times of force attacks will consume one!"
Tens of billions of civilians have accumulated decades of merit, which is enough to resist the attack of more than 100,000 inferno masters for half an hour, but now they can support 100 attacks. For high-level practitioners, even if they do their best, 100 attacks can be completed in one minute at most.
The demon waved a huge spirit palm and bombarded the mask. Every blow had ripples and ripples, which completely shattered the dust around him.
The whole world can’t help shivering, and the light curtain fluctuates violently as if it would burst and break at any time.
Hundreds of thousands of people quickly combined into a powerful horse, and the demon race with the strongest strength gave up the clan in the fit period. The war composed of the masters in the fit period and Du Jie period, plus the middle demon race and the demon race, increased dramatically, and the power was incredible.
At the same time, in addition to presiding over the knife of Lingxiao Juexian Array, the Mahayana residual blood and Duanmu Dome released the powerful Yuan God attack at the same time.
However, the late Yuan God didn’t attack the eyebrows, but it didn’t even have a little reaction. It made people vomit the ancient Terran language in horror. "You humble people want to deal with the immortal Yuan God even if you have the Yuan God attack method? Today, you will all become my food, and the Buddha will see the light of day. The Terran nightmare is going to quack again … "
The devil can even speak Archaean language?
It actually knows the Buddha Chiyou and intends to unseal him?
How many unknown secrets are hidden in it? Chen’s heart is getting more and more confused. However, at this moment, there is no time to think about what and how to destroy this magic.
Chapter 26 Decisive Battle Blood Prison 6
Tens of thousands of demon families and demon elements in the combination period and Du Jie period have already surpassed the limit of the late Mahayana and reached another level when they merged into indestructible streamers in the war.
Of course, transcending the late Mahayana and the early fairy is not a concept. The gap between truth and fairy makes it difficult for these two great realms to cross the barrier.
The demon didn’t care, grabbed at the streamer, and then groaned and roared. There was a small wound less than two centimeters deep in its palm.
This is the demon race’s combined strike effect. What is the power left after breaking the demon’s protective magic energy and barely cutting a small mouth compared with the demon who is 100 meters tall?
"How is it possible … how can this fucking fight?"
"fairy level repair this is fairy level repair!"
"We are really dead this time …"
Everyone’s heart is full of shock, and some people are afraid that they have never had fear in the face of a powerful inferno. After all, no matter how many inferno masters and numbers there are, the individual strength is still similar. However, the indestructible magic is a real nightmare, which brings irreversible death.
Chen Han’s heart instantly fell to the bottom, and even he couldn’t find the slightest hope of winning in front of such a powerful one.
Many people?
In the face of absolute strength, quantity is a trivial joke, just like tens of millions of civilians in the Chinese people can’t kill a true practitioner in the golden elixir without using high-tech weapons
The so-called fairy is the immortal’s weapon. On whether you can control the early fairy in Du Jie period or the middle fairy in Mahayana period, it is only the most elementary control root that can’t exert the power of the fairy department. Even if you are given a pole fairy without fairy power, it won’t be substantial.
Loud noise rang again and again, and merit was losing at a terrible speed. Everyone felt death arrival.
"Ying Zheng, you first support the imperial decree for a moment, and other people’s departments will enter the forbidden fairy-Jane-Long Tower to kill the hundreds of Mahayana masters first!"
"Brother Qiu Tian, please do it as soon as possible. It’s too fast to consume merit!"
Everyone has opened their minds and been put into the tower by Duanmu Dome. At this moment, with the help of Dan medicine, it is composed of Jing Yun Hui and Duanmu Family with 200,000 troops. The Lingxiao Juexian Array is barely trapped by hundreds of Mahayana masters, and the two sides are evenly matched.
The main array knife doesn’t know what’s going on outside. I’m glad to see everyone come in and the battle is over.
Chen Han burst into confusion and shouted, "You should try your best to kill all the enemies in Mahayana in one and a half minutes!"
"What happened outside?" Knife can’t help but be furious.
"Don’t ask about killing!"
Chen Han took the lead and rushed into the war, and came in with him. The demon army and the fix true immediately formed a war to divide hundreds of enemies rapidly and tried to divide them by one. As this force joined the war, it immediately reversed the hundreds of practitioners who were controlled by demons and suddenly felt an unprecedented crisis.
Just as the war has just divided the enemy master for a second, I also don’t know the situation outside. I know that I am in a mortal situation, and hundreds of masters have burned the source at the same time.
"Bad they want to blow themselves up …"
"Damn the king’s egg!"
"Everyone be careful!"
All kinds of exclamations broke out one after another, and the cold eyes and the load took the opportunity to continuously display the thunder posture, and the virtual moment appeared in front of Reese.
He is not very worried about Jing Yun and the two big families. The celestial array can spread the attack evenly to all the disposal players, and more than half of them are divided into masters. There are hundreds of thousands of those who are left in the Mahayana period.
Even if they are injured, they are relatively limited. After all, each of them has both offensive and defensive magic weapons, and their defense is relatively much stronger than other forces.
Demon magic weapon is really not so good, but relatively speaking, the flesh is the most powerful, but the forces of fixing truth such as Daqin and Ling Yuzong are much worse.
Bang …
Incredibly powerful, the shock wave spreads to the surrounding area at an extremely fast speed, which is unavoidable. However, if there is a distance to spread, it will always be better than if there is almost no time difference. The cold will bring the physical strength to the extreme, and the lightning posture will be brought to the extreme, and the coordination of the body will be brought to the extreme, as if it were jumping and breaking, and people who are in danger will be rescued.
When he last appeared next to Lingxiao Juexian Array, he held two people in his left and right arms, carrying two people on his shoulders and holding a person in his arms.
Daqin is finished …
Ling Yuzong is finished …
In addition to the formation of Lingxiao Juexian Array, Duanmu Family, Huangfu Family and Yanhuang, other major forces of repairing the truth were completely annihilated in the self-explosion. They didn’t have a wonderful war, not enough strong masters, not strong flesh and not a powerful defense magic weapon. Facing the self-explosion of Mahayana masters, they were vulnerable.
Five people rescued by Chen cold spit out a big blood arrow at the same time. Even if they were taken away from the explosive center, the aftermath still shook them and Chen cold for dozens of miles again.
"All dead … how did this happen? My brothers are all dead …"
Leitian was rescued by Chen Han-he looked stupidly at only a few people who had not been vaporized on the spot by the explosive power. The other people who were rescued by Chen Han were Reese, Wang Jian, Wang Ben and Jinglong, and only people who had more or less friendship with him.
That is, at the moment when Bai Tianqi just stopped speaking, the cold blood vessels suddenly swelled and then crackled and sprayed blood fog all over the sky.
Ben Lei’s posture is broken and virtual, which consumes the most physical strength. In the process of forcibly tearing and completing the shuttle, the body is under incredible pressure. Once, it is said that once it is completed, it is also called the key. If it is used five times in a row without a break, it is beyond the body’s endurance.
Blood vessels burst and the skin cracked, and a lot of blood gushed out. Some thin bones were cracked, and Chen Han couldn’t help but spray three big mouths of blood in a row.
"Chen Han brothers!"
Wang Ben, regardless of his personal injury, held him so firmly that he almost cried. "Your strength root won’t be hurt. Save us from being hurt like this. I … I …"