My sudden step startled the onlookers, who had already known my identity through various channels. Of course, I would not come to die. I was just like them. Wherever I went, I let a large piece of it go in public, which was really awesome.
These bystanders are really hateful. I really can’t stand calling out the little dragon for a long time. When it doesn’t come out, it’s a dragon’s breath, and N white lights rise in the crowd.
"Xiaolong pulls me away!"
Xiaolong pulled me up without saying anything and flew away.
In fact, you really have to fly to the magic city, otherwise there will be too much trouble
Xiaolong is no longer as tired as he was the first time when he pulled people for the second time. It seems that he has grown again during this period.
The second time I entered the magic market, it was quite smooth, so I wore a pair of underpants and drilled left and right in the crowd, and soon I came to the 13B pavement.
The door left unlocked and I pushed in.
"I didn’t expect you to come back."
"The old man’s house please figure it out, ok? How can I not get that thing at the first price? Hurry up and bring it to me? "
"Ha ha joke joke! Your prize is not here. "
"Where is that?"
"Don’t worry about him going to the mayor’s place. Look down on your thinness. Do you want to get something to wear here?"
"Tell me where the mayor is and I’ll get it myself! Hey, I like to wear shorts when it’s hot! "
"I’ve never seen anyone like you!" The old man pulled me out from the counter and knocked at the door of the shop, pointing to a splendid path in the distance. Good luck there! "
I left this damn pavement as fast as I could and walked towards the mayor.
Haha, red and cold is a good root. If you don’t call, everyone will automatically make way for me.
I was shocked when I walked into the mayor’s office and saw the mayor. He turned out to be the magic man who collected money in the arena!
When he saw someone coming in, he greeted me professionally first. When he saw that it was me, he respectfully smiled, "My Lord, are you here?"
"Well, where are my things?"
"Wait a minute, I’ll find it for you." More than N safes behind him saw him hit a safe quickly for a while, and he took out something the size of a black pigeon egg from the safe.
"My Lord, this is what you want." The magic man handed me the thing.
I picked up something and wanted to leave. The magic man stopped me. "My Lord, wait!"
"My Lord, do you know how to use this thing?"
This really stumped me. If it was a magical thing that Xuanyuan Sword needed, the broken sword would definitely react. Now it seems to be as still as dead water. I shook my head at the magic man blankly.
"My Lord, this is a cursed sacred object. If you don’t break the curse, I’m afraid you will never be able to make it."
"According to my understanding, this curse was put on by the Master of Three Realms more than 5,000 years ago. If you want him, you must find the Master of Three Realms to break the curse before you can make your adult. You should also remember that you should try not to take it with you or you will be cursed."
"Okay, I know. Thank you! Do you know where to find that person? "
The magic man shook his head. "I don’t know, but it seems that someone has seen him in Bird Island. You can go there and have a look."
Looks like trouble, huh? Curse? Bird island? Will it be with the Phoenix clan? I’m really looking forward to finding the caster and asking him.
Say goodbye to the magic man, and I’m going to find the magic butterfly. After all, my purpose is to see what her magic house auction has, and then hey hey …
Chapter 217 Dating strange pile
Look all the way, with my superhuman search ability, I finally found the fantasy family in the top ten families.
Sure enough, it is worthy of the fact that one gate of the top ten families is tall, simple and solemn. It is even more magnificent to have two NPC guards with broadswords and two stone Kirin guards at the door.
I have a lot of followers along the way, let alone dozens of people behind me. How can it be so powerful that it won’t attract the attention of the illusionists? When I got to the gate, I saw the magic butterfly at first sight, and looked at me with both hands and smiling.
"Hee hee, I knew you would definitely come to me!" Magic butterfly stretched out a jade hand and let me in while retreating.
My boss went straight inside without saying thank you, and then the magic butterfly closed the door. It is a matter of course that the top ten families can’t just let outsiders in.
I walked into the room a few times before I got to the magic home reception hall, where the decorations were all ancient and I couldn’t find anything modern.
The magic butterfly let me sit in the first seat and then ordered someone to bring tea and water. I went to the first seat without feeling ashamed at all. I took a sip of tea and asked, "How did you know I was coming?"
"Ha ha this is not a thing? Either you get along with the black family or you get along with my fantasy family. I am confident that you are more likely to get along with us. "
"Girl, I didn’t come here today to discuss the issue."
"Well, what are you doing here?" Magic butterfly some surprised.
"I heard that your fantasy family will hold an auction in the near future. Is it true?" There are two people in the large living room, me and her, who say that the magic butterfly is sincere to me, but I still have a few days to think about it and it is not appropriate to make a decision now.
"Hee hee, it seems that Xiao Xiong is quite well informed. Good auction is scheduled for the day. I wonder if Xiao Xiong is interested in bidding?" She suddenly changed her address to me. What does it matter if I don’t know the lover’s return to us? But I’m always informal. She can call me whatever she wants.
"The girl laughed! Xiao is very poor, how can he have any money to bid? I want to come to the horizon. "
"Is this really the case?" The magic butterfly looked at me unblinkingly as if trying to see through my heart. I’m not afraid of what she thinks. It’s hard to see through my heart from my cold appearance.
"Don’t stare at that xiao ni eyes! There is a ghost in her eyes! " The magic statue seems to feel something and immediately give a warning.
This came at the right time, and my eyes were almost fascinated by her. I suddenly shivered and took my eyes back from her and replied as if nothing had happened. "Xiao is an honest man and never tells any lies, believe it or not."
Out of the corner of my eyes, I found that the magic butterfly’s face changed slightly. It was a moment’s effort and it returned to normal. Obviously, she was surprised at my ignorance. "Brother Xiao gave you this." The magic butterfly didn’t know where to get a card.
I reached over and asked, "What is it?"
"Admission token without this thing, even if he is rich, he won’t get into my magic house auction. Xiao Xiong, I still hope you can reply to big sleep as soon as possible. Well, Xiao Xiong’s visit has reached the goal of forgiving me for seeing Fujian. Goodbye! Please! " It seems that the little girl is also a frank person and she doesn’t drag her feet at all.
I naturally can’t stay any longer because people have ordered me to leave. I got up and gave her a punch and said, "So forgive Xiaomou for disturbing the sky!" I threw the token into my bag and swaggered out of my fantasy home.
The magic butterfly looked at me far away and seemed to be thinking about something. When she couldn’t see me for a while, she called out, "Come out, all of you."
A dozen people came out of the rooms on both sides of the living room one after another, and of course, there were knives and souls waiting for everyone to come out. The magic butterfly asked everyone to sit down and said to them, "I came here to talk about things with us. I didn’t think he was coming for those things."
The chief elder of Dao Soul naturally took over the conversation, "Do you think he will make trouble at the auction?"
"With him?"
"Don’t you think highly of his companions?"
"Ha ha walker help a few people root can’t lift what waves to you didn’t find a few other people a Wu Shen and leave? Obviously, that guy must have sent them around asking for information. Their confidence is actually full of confidence in Xiao Hou’s immortality, but I want to tell you that Xiao Hou’s immortality has been broken today! "
"ah! What’s going on? Come on, let’s hear it! " Knife soul asked eagerly.