Holding the fairy in one hand, I showed the list in the other, and it said
Three necessities of returning to life
The flower on the other side of the balance is placed before death when it holds and guides the soul.
The essence of snow lotus in the snow mountain for thousands of years has the effect of concentrating on accompanying yuan to boil into soup.
3 the magic cicada changes its skill, and it needs to turn 99 numbers far away from the dead body to regain its vitality.
Is this true? Han Ling looked at the single thing and asked
Whether it is true or not, I will try it, I insisted
But can Sister Xian wait so long? Jiang Shouchan was worried and asked.
Yes, she will wait until the skill is slowly brought up, and the North Ghost family will seal the city. The strong cold has spread from me, which makes the two women unconsciously retreat a few steps. A white light flashed across the sky and the two women could not help but close their eyes. When they opened their eyes, they could not see the fairy.
Fairy elder sister, where did you get her? Jiang Shouchan asked in some panic
I froze her and put her in another complete stillness. I shook my wrist. All right, let’s go.
Where are we going now?
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The journey was very calm, and we never met anything again, but it was also very heavy, and even the most eccentric Jiang Shouchan was silent.
After arriving in Qingshi Town, it’s time to go to Jiangu. I looked up at the stone tablet in front of me. Han Ling told me that Jiangu is the place where the sword is washed. It’s a small valley there, but after the sword is washed, it has its own name. The word Jiangu is the Jianghu, and the status of Jiangu is second to that of hide the sword Mountain Villa. There’s no way for anyone to make people’s swords better.
I nodded my head and didn’t speak, and took the lead in walking in. At the same time, a sharp firm but gentle sword came at me and attacked me. My left hand quickly turned over, which was the magic door shattered. I held the sword in my hand and drank a low sentence. The sword in my hand was broken into broken iron by me.
Your sword man was stupefied, and then he shouted, "Fly, fly, fly, fly, fly!" I only spent 3,200 silver to sell the sword, so I ruined you. You paid me for the sword and grabbed it from me.
If the assassin didn’t evade his paw, I laughed coldly. The joke is that you have stabbed me with a broken sword. Can you blame me?
I don’t care if you don’t pay for my sword, I’ll make you look good. That man is very bullish and looks at a row of people behind me. Now, if you don’t have money, you might as well give these two little beauties to me.
Before I could finish his words, I quickly took Han Ling’s sword around his waist and cut off his hand.
Ah, the man screamed and screamed, kill him! Kill him for me!
No one is moving, but they are staring at me blankly. Now they are afraid of what speed it is, and they can’t even see a trace. They would rather believe that the hand has fallen, but is it possible? No, it is impossible.
If you want to kill me, you have come to look at him coldly. I sound so bloodthirsty that people shudder. The man looked around with a guilty conscience and finally a young man came from the crowd.
This friend, we admit that you are very good, but you just broke our thunder gate. I’m afraid it’s a little unreasonable. It’s really interesting to have a folding fan around your waist. It seems that you have a high position in that thunder gate, right?
Now you’re talking. You just went there. You can’t say it. How can I say it? Let him kill me? Looking at my sword, the young man couldn’t help but step back.
We’re a little wrong about this, but Ge isn’t so cruel, is he?
I laughed and laughed wildly. I’ll give you two ways. One is to make way for me. The other is to be overbearing and arrogant, which makes people feel afraid. Who am I? What do you mean, I can’t say the past, but I can say the past.
At the sound of my words, the shuttle people were all on fire. There was a clank, and they all pointed their swords at me. The young man stopped drinking. Did they seem to be very prestigious? When they heard him yelling, they all lowered their swords to the pavilion. Who the hell is it? He asked me with a fuels.