Muming looked at Grandpa Shi, who smiled heartily, and suddenly thought of Grandpa’s rigid and serious face, which made them associate together. I couldn’t help but pull the corners of my mouth smile and added a few minutes of sincerity. Sure enough, family love can impress people the most, but Grandpa hurts her the most.
Master Mu’s mansion sat on the couch with a newspaper in his hand and sneezed as if in response to Mu’s meditation.
Uncle Shi looked at Mu Ming. "Although I don’t understand your thoughts, I have my own cognition." He looked more thoroughly than the townspeople, but he also feared those things. After all, those people verified the decline theory.
"Grandpa, did you finish the autopsy because you knew about animals?" Muming saw Uncle Shi nod his head and made sure that there was no professional autopsy method. It was not very reliable to conduct autopsy by experience, but he didn’t say it face to face and leave room for himself.
However, the police station gave such a hasty autopsy report. Did someone come from the middle or didn’t come at all? Or did everyone want to participate in the case? She frowned and thought that she wanted to drill one.
If the former case involves too much, if the latter case, then those policemen are too famous to do anything!
Gu Jingke raised his hand and said, "Uncle, do you know the first two police officers who said these words to us?"
The sun just shines outside, but the room is slightly cold and there is no heat. Several people sit opposite Gu Jingke and wait for the answer. At the same time, they drink the water in the cup and don’t dislike the water, which is sweet and similar to spring water. I don’t know if it is a mountain spring water.
Uncle Shi snorted. "Those individuals who came to town Reagan didn’t have enough to eat or do anything and expect to know this?" He smiled with a smiling face like a flower. "You are different. This old man feels very different to me."
I didn’t expect their evaluation to be so high in the old man’s heart. Muming asked some more questions. After an hour, I finally got out of the house. Uncle Shi gave an ear to Li Yuan, who was sleeping soundly, and woke up with an instant start to stay wait for a while.
Uncle Shi was so angry that he pointed at him and said, "You are so lazy that you don’t want to work hard!"
Li Yuan was beaten in a daze and looked around. There was no Muming and Gu Jingke figure. It was like being poured with a basin of ice water. He jumped up from his chair and asked urgently, "Where are they?" Gone? Don’t call me! "
"Do you still dare to ask? The somebody else two see you sleep so soundly don’t have the heart to call you "stone uncle grabbed a cigarette and want to knock his head was Li Yuan wit hid in the past" you incredibly still dare to hide! Good little wings is hard! "
Touched the head that was hurt, Li Yuan apologetically said, "Uncle Shi, if you hit me on the head again, I will become more stupid." He missed Uncle Shi and walked towards the door and waved, "I’ll go first or I’ll have to deduct my salary again."
Uncle Shi smiled and smiled all over his face. He really loved Li Yuan. Although it was a little indecent, he had a good heart and stopped him. "Follow the two police officers to solve the case and transfer from Xiangzhen early."
Li Yuan was a little confused, but he replied at the door, "Don’t worry, Uncle Shi, I will work hard!"
Looking at the back of Li Yuan’s departure, Uncle Shi added in his mind that you are a talented person, and living in Xiang Town is a wave.
It’s getting dark and fragrant, and it’s covered with a layer of dark gauze, and the smoke rises, and it looks very peaceful except for a little unrest.
Li Yuan chased Mu Ming and Gu Jingke, sweating profusely, got up and stood in front of the road, panting slightly. "Why didn’t you call me!" After his anger, he straightened up and proudly asked, "Can you walk back without me?"
Mu Ming looked at him with a dull look. This is because Uncle Shi just asked them to pull out a person who is impetuous and impulsive, but there is a hot pillow to pick his eyebrows and signal Li Yuan to look at the scenery behind him. "Don’t you think the police station is quite conspicuous?"
Li Yuan turned around and looked at the police station standing at the northern end of Xiang Town. His face turned black. How could he forget that the police station was built in a higher terrain and had a wide field of vision? "You are perfect and ready to play like football!"
He muttered how wronged he was. Uncle Shi told him to follow the two men in front of him, but they wouldn’t show him. If he had a knife in his hand now, he would stab the handle of his heart twice!
"We didn’t kick you, but you still have to spend extra energy." Muming’s words are clear and irritating, and she doesn’t want to be calm. She gently twisted her eyebrows and looked a little entangled. "It is better to leave her strength to handle the case and have an important place."
☆, 6 tail door lock is broken, absolutely from
Li Yuan was completely defeated by this sentence. He raised his hands and said, "Officer Mu said it’s okay to kick me or not."
Gu Jingke looked at Mu Ming. She seemed to be in a good mood today. Before walking, he thought about her foot injury last night.
The three of them walked on, slowly organized the language, and Gu Jingke asked softly, "Is there anything wrong with your foot?"
This topic is embarrassing. Mu Ming’s fingers tightened and her voice became more and more vocal. "I didn’t care about you breaking into my bathroom. Gu Jingke, you won’t forget me?" Her cold tone, she is not timid, but she is not generous.
Some things can be forgotten, but some things can’t be forgotten. She bit her teeth and felt a little quiver at the thought of him rushing into the bathroom last night. But she wanted to give him an ear shave on the spot, but she couldn’t lift her hand at that time.
Gu Jingke himself explained, "I’m worried about the worse … the door is unlocked." When it comes to the door, he glances at her with strange eyes. Isn’t she afraid that someone will suddenly break in? He seems to forget that it was him who broke in last night.
Muming didn’t want to explain, but he had to explain that "it was because the door lock was broken". It was because it was broken that she couldn’t take a bath. She couldn’t feel at ease and quickly left Gu Jingke in the same place with Li Yuan’s footsteps. The speed was red.
According to what she said, he really seems to have no reason to explain her skill, and nothing will happen.
"Uncle Shi is a lonely old man?" Muming asked her if she didn’t ask by name, but Li Yuan nodded consciously to answer.
His tone is too heavy. "Uncle Shi’s wife died in childbirth, and the only son who went out to work ten years ago could not fall behind. I also heard from the police station that Erpang said that people knew more about Erpang."
"Have you ever thought about leaving Xiang Town for a better place to develop?" Muming (turn)
Li Yuan’s heart was shocked and panicked. Zhang scratched his hair and his heart was pounding. He said that he never thought it was true or false. After all, everyone wants to find a good future. He is not stupid. If a generation lives in this fragrant town, there will be no promise.
Seriously smashed the mouth. "I thought about leaving Xiangxiang, but I never made a contribution. It’s not that I can leave if I want to."