Liu Xi turned his head silently at night, shameless and beautiful, seducing me, humming that I would rather die than surrender.
Half an hour later, Liu Xixi walked in front with a huge luxury low-key carriage, followed by Xiao San who was helping Liu Xixi catch the carriage. "Miss, do you really want to go to the population market? Why don’t you go with Xiao San and tell me what to buy?"
Liuxi night faint tunnel "why don’t I watch you to buy it"
Xiao San Nai is good. Go ahead and whip up the whip. It’s the last few gentlemen. Why do you always follow us? Are you intentional or intentional?
At this time, the carriage of Emperor Phoenix Night was very quiet and strangely quiet. Emperor Phoenix Night seemed to be sleepy with beautiful eyes hanging down.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
162 Chapter 162 Old hatred of local tyrants
Xuanyuan winds language to hold the four or five classics what emperor this gigolo is too cheating to let him learn is this ya don’t know the army ye see words dizzy?
After less than half an hour, Xuanyuan winds slept in the coach of Emperor Phoenix Night and drooled. His hand had already flown to a corner that I don’t know. Please search # net to see the latest and fastest.
Officer Sir Zhong’s official curtain sweat is about to flow out. Xuanyuan winds this bastard’s heart has framed him. He has always been the most unintelligent cousin of the Emperor Phoenix Night. Now what should he do? The official curtain is desperately looking for a topic. I don’t want to see a liquid-permeable one fall on the exquisite and luxurious carpet of the carriage.
White murderous eyes immediately flew up, and the official curtain was cold and sweaty, and the phoenix night seemed to be awakened, covering her nose with disgust.
Turn eyes some gloomily swept just Xuanyuan winds dripping liquid corners of the mouth.
The official curtain was busy and then the sleeves wiped the carpet. "I’ll come, I’ll come. Don’t take it amiss. It’s probably that Alin is too tired from being busy with the victims recently. He didn’t mean to."
Emperor Feng said at night, "Can you wake him up? I want to talk to General Xuanyuan because of this."
So the official curtain pulled the hair, pulled the nose and tickled the Xuanyuan winds.
Xuanyuan winds got up very heavily and gave the official curtain a punch. The original temper of the official curtain was to jump up and beat him to death. But in his cousin’s aggressive momentum, he really didn’t dare to secretly swallow his anger and imagine that when the time comes, he would go back and set sacks for this guy named Xuanyuan and beat him to death.
Xuanyuan winds uncomfortable to stare at the emperor phoenix night way "call the ye do"
Emperor Feng night without getting angry is a faint tunnel "I woke you up because I wanted donations from the victims."
Xuanyuan winds the fundus a bright instant get up a charge.
Official curtain ""
Lying in the trough, this is too different.
Xuanyuan winds instantly smiled to reveal Sen’s white teeth and made a sound toward the emperor’s phoenix night. "The emperor wants to donate too little, but it can’t be a disgrace to your emperor’s reputation. You know, after the donation is big, you have to engrave a monument and praise it forever."
Emperor Phoenix said "100,000" at night.
Xuanyuan winds just wanted to say that the Wangfu donated two hundred and two thousand silver. As a result, he heard the "golden" tunnel in the night of Emperor Phoenix.
Wocao always hates local tyrants
Xuanyuan winds a grind "I will write the emperor’s name in the first one".
Emperor Fengye shook his head. "Write the name of my father as a little filial piety."
Xuanyuan winds gritted his teeth and nodded his head, and denounced the flatterer in his heart. Jun Ye never kowtowed to my master like this.
"However," Difeng’s beautiful eyebrows wrinkled up at night. "I once promised to copy a Prajna scripture for every one or two gold."
Say that finish the emperor phoenix night look at the ink ink smile happily tunnel "all of us in the imperial house together can probably complete ninety thousand"
Emperor Feng looked at Xuanyuan winds at night and saw his heart tremble. Xuanyuan winds replied, "Leave it to me."
Mo smiled even more brilliantly. "That’s very kind of you, General Xuanyuan. You really are a good man of benevolence and righteousness, but are you sure you can finish it? Can you finish copying it in three days? The emperor wants to send money to the victims early."
Xuanyuan winds estimated that each of the soldiers in his hand was more than enough.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
163 Chapter 163 Buy slaves
So he patted his chest and said, "Will the military master default on his word?"
Emperor Feng night nodded, "If it’s so good, please come earlier on that day."
"What" Xuanyuan is still dumbfounded. Why should he go to the imperial palace to copy? What about his soldiers? They are absolutely afraid to enter the imperial palace, otherwise it won’t be like rebellion
Imagine that a thousand soldiers surrounded the imperial palace. Xuanyuan winds suddenly felt cold and cold.
Ink so surprised tunnel "you don’t know, my emperor is wishing for the golden lotus pond in the palace.
The place where the scriptures are copied cannot be near the golden lotus pond. "
"That this" Xuanyuan winds suddenly have a feeling that they have been set up. I was so angry that I couldn’t wait to beat the emperor at night. In fact, he also beat several other emperors before.
However, this emperor seems to be angry with Jun Ye without beating him.
Xuanyuan winds good crustily skin of head, "the army ye narain will naturally go"
After that, I can’t wait to tear my mouth off so that you can be brave and faint when you see words. How can you copy a thousand Prajna scriptures? It took three days.
No, I want to hit the emperor again
Fortunately, at this time, the emperor phoenix night carriage stopped to Xuanyuan winds to see how Yi came to the population market. Did the emperor phoenix night want to buy slaves?
Thinking that many slaves here are refugees, they can’t live, either selling their children or selling themselves. Xuanyuan’s expression is not very good.
Ya, these poor people spell and copy. If it’s a big deal, they will also pull the little fox to write together. Hehe, anyway, their brother is casual
Thought of here Xuanyuan winds giggled all the way.
Hey, he saw that Miss Liu, although wearing a hood, the whole exquisite body was hidden in gauze, but you can know that it was Liu Xixi’s night by looking at the stupid appearance of Emperor Feng’s night.
Hum, catching your pigtail also ruined your reputation.
So Xuanyuan winds followed the emperor phoenix night like a bull no matter how the official curtain pulled.