"This is not"
"This is not"
"This is still not"
Kids come and go and keep looking at all kinds of fonts.
But suddenly I saw a little ghost in the distance saying, "Big king, big king, here."
"Come quickly" black and white are always happy.
Presenting the book of life and death to the front of two enlightenment only to see that the two enlightenment are still unable to see the clues through continuous reading.
At this time, the ape’s eyes flashed with a divine light, and the book of life and death was torn and raised all over the sky. "My monkey belongs to the jurisdiction of Huaguoshan, but it is not limited to the nether world. Today, I tore up the book of life and death and gave everyone a freedom."
"Grandpa Great Sage can’t do anything."
The black and white often shouted at the top of their lungs and kept catching the falling snowflakes back and forth. Their faces were full of despair, and all the kids also wailed.
"This monkey is really the wrong person." The ghost Lord in the nether world snorted coldly.
"Fortunately, it’s a fake book of life and death. If it’s true, it’s in trouble. This monkey may have robbed the book of life and death and ran away. It’s really a legal day." The nether world is too grim. "My nether world strength is still too weak, or the wild Buddhist dares to bully me like this."
"I don’t know the truth. It’s possible to see whether these two demon monkeys are true or false?" A soap road in the netherworld
The nether world shook her head too. "You can’t see that the explosive ape is detached from life and death. It’s already a strong life and death book. There is no record of the name. If you look at it, it’s just a bunch of fake life and death books to coax children to play."
If the two Great Sages tore up all the books of life and death, and then drove the streamer in order to break the barrier between the underworld and the world of Yang and leave for the world of Yang.
"Finally gone"
In the nether world, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, but the words didn’t finish, but they saw the virtual vibration of the world. Pieces of blood fell across the nether world, and the blood and rain rolled up. Everything in the place was dirty, and the ghosts changed instantly, or they were eroded or turned into hideous ugly things, and they kept biting and killing the ghosts around them.
The world is full of stars, a river of blood runs across the stars, and the whole world is restless and contaminated with a blood-red divine light, and a terrible majesty rises from the deepest part of the nether world and instantly breaks through the barrier of yin and yang and spreads to the world.
"What happened?"
The days can be exclaimed in unison.
"Bad The Hunger’s testimony is really a miscalculation. I should have thought that The Hunger this fellow should be hidden in the sea of blood. This time, it’s in trouble." Yang Shitai’s easy-to-teach ancestor was holding a chaotic turtle shell in his hand, and his eyes were ugly, and he looked at the nether world instantly.
This sudden change in the nether world shocked several nether world strong people, such as the ghost Lord, and all the strong people got up and left for a sea of blood.
"I didn’t expect The Hunger to prove that this fellow has finally achieved a positive result at this time. It’s rare, rare and rare." Looking at the sky with a bright eye, I instantly got up and looked at the blood sea. "Let’s go to the nether world to watch the fun. Now The Hunger’s nether world is equal to digging the ghost master’s lair and fearing that the ghost master is on pins and needles."
"Give The Hunger a strong momentum. At least we are friends. We can’t watch The Hunger being bullied." We burst into laughter and descended into a sea of blood with the opening of the nether world.
Yangshi Tongtian Road Jade Duxiu slowly twisted the rosary and looked at the blood river in the stars, and the corners of the mouth were covered with a little sneer. "The Hunger finally said that he has been waiting for this day for too long. The ghost Lord will take it. Then he will occupy the nether world, control the nether world, launch a catastrophe and destroy several sentient beings to help me prove."
After that, I saw Yu Duxiu slowly close his eyes. "The drama gong is about to see if the Yuan Tu A Bi Wei Power is really as strong as I imagined. I, Zhonghua Bao, will finally let you know the orthodox power in this world."
Amitabha’s eyes suddenly lit up in the pure land of Lingshan, praising "It’s time for me to fight back and show you my Buddhist methods."
Chapter 155 Wolf cry heaven and earth.
People’s teachings are all fairy sounds, Miao Miao, coming to heaven to scatter flowers and auspicious things, and all sentient beings will be benefited, but The Hunger, this fellow, is good at preaching. When he speaks, the wolf cries and the ghost cries, not only in the nether world, but also in the yangshi world. Blood and rain splash everywhere, and several sentient beings become ferocious. Asura keeps killing and devouring blood.
"This is really a magic way. It is this kind of vision that the evil spirit’s heterodox sword goes sideways." However, Amitabha’s face twitched at Zhongda Leiyin Temple in Lingshan, and then the barrier in Yangshi’s netherworld disappeared in an instant.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, has become a blood nerve, and it has been bred successfully. Wait for my innate mantra. These two Excalibur blessings make the finishing touch and complete the final step of transformation. The innate treasure is fused with my blood sea avenue, and the avenue has been achieved." The Hunger’s mouth is full of joy for a moment, but the blood nerve breeds the mantra and is spit out and instantly absorbed by the two Excalibur. These two Excalibur have undergone a qualitative change, and the red sword body is instantly transformed at this time, and the black sword body is suddenly ringing, and the world is shaking and the vision is soaring.
The two Excalibur, as if they were like milk swallows returning to their nests, were generally held in The Hunger’s arms, but they saw that The Hunger’s whole body had several blood shadows flying instantly.
"Swallowing the blood sea will sacrifice 400 million blood gods to completely turn the blood sea into a body." The Hunger laughed wildly at the blood sea, and at this time, he brazenly rolled up bursts of wind and waves, which made all beings taboo.
In the realm of the strong, although the physical body is not important, it can’t be said that the physical body is not good or bad. Naturally, the physical body is as good as possible. No one rejects that the physical body will be too good. The Hunger’s ambition is too great to make heaven and earth filthy, and his body will never die from now on.
400 million blood gods devoured the sea of blood crazily. At this time, The Hunger proved that the ghost master and the four strong netherworld had arrived at the shore of the sea of blood, and looked at the waves of the sea of blood and frowned.
"Millions of blood seas are calm and peaceful. I didn’t expect that there would be evil spirits today. It’s really a sin to say this plainly to disturb the nether world." A strong nether world was livid.
The ghost master and others decided to stop the surrounding storm and didn’t dive into the sea of blood rashly. They looked at the ghost master on the shore and said, "The Hunger knows all the worlds here, and only you, The Hunger, are not afraid of the filth of this sea of blood. I didn’t expect that you and I were lucky in the netherworld. Shouldn’t you give us an explanation?"
"explain? What do you want to explain, you old bastard? The bodhi old zu, I can prove that I am in charge of the filth war between heaven and earth, which has great merits in heaven and earth. It’s just that you are lucky in the nether world and you don’t thank me. You still want to blame me. Can’t your head be kicked by a donkey? "The Hunger’s blood-red robe is full of fragrance, holding two cold, dark swords in his arms, looking at the ghost’s main face.
After listening to The Hunger, the ghost Lord was livid. "It’s really cheap that you didn’t suppress you to death and told you to dodge a bullet."
"The Hunger, I didn’t expect you to be an unreliable guy." When I saw the ghost master being inspired by the divine wind, I saw a passage forming and the duo came out to play around in the sky. At this time, the sky was full of jokes followed by the silent Tai Su ancestor.
"Ha, ha, ha, you have all proved that I can’t lag behind for too long. Is it too late to prove that I don’t want to wait for a moment?" The Hunger’s words were full of enthusiasm and then he smiled and sighed gently. "It’s a pity that the wonderful show is not."
Just then, I saw a figure burst out of the middle-sized Buddha’s light on the other side of the nether world and stood in the field. "The Hunger didn’t expect you to preach."
"Hum, your testimony proves that it has stirred up a bloody storm and polluted the world, causing several sentient beings to lose their minds and pollute the soul. Knowing that killing is really outrageous," Taiyi’s ancestor landed in a gloomy and empty space.
"It’s too easy for you to accuse me of being the bodhi old zu. I can do whatever I want. You can control the ancient times when you dared to plot against the bodhi old zu. Now I am the bodhi old zu. Let’s slowly calculate this account." The Hunger squinted at the words of the bodhi old zu who was too easy to do.
"The Hunger, the world is chaotic enough now, so don’t stir up the bloody rain." The soft words of Fox God sounded in vain.
"Hum fox god, you are wrong. Now it’s not that I want to start work, but that someone wants me to start work." Looking at the strong The Hunger who came one after another, he slowly stroked two long swords in his arms, and a cold feeling made his heart more quiet and profound.
"Nonsense, this nether world is a site. You ran to the nether world without authorization, and I was assigned to the nether world. Can I spare you? Today, I will take advantage of your unstable state to knock you down, deprive you of your destiny and return it to my nether world so that you know that my nether world territory is inviolable. "The ghost Lord is talking, and a black hole is instantly formed with both hands and suppressed towards The Hunger.
The ghost master is really unambiguous, and he will never drag his feet when he says he will do it. It seems that the interweaving of the reincarnation of the world with both hands can erase everything.
If you start early, you can take advantage of one more point. The later you start, the The Hunger boundary will be loose and unstable.
Amitabha in the distance sneered, "Hum, you’re afraid you have the wrong number. Pay attention to The Hunger’s unusual way of proving a magic weapon. It’s only after forging the magic weapon in vitro that you can prove that Xiandao is not an ordinary fairy’s magic weapon while slowly condensing it."