"Can I borrow a boat? I hope to find the body of an adult. "
"Don’t say that we are willing to borrow it, even if we want it." When two people walked out of the middle school, everyone knew that it was this person who went to Zhizhou that day.
The two boats sailed all the way west and soon found the stone wall marked "Brother Lin is not dead"
"The crow’s mouth is blessed and deadly, not to mention that even if it is ten times or a hundred times more explosive, it will be fine." At the moment when I saw the stone wall mark, everyone was relieved
Within half an hour, they came to windson and stayed on the beach. The boulder was filled with two people "adults and ErNian".
"My Lord"
The boatman shouted in unison as the boat sped up, and Lin Fengfei flew from the boulder, and Yan followed the crowd and approached, so it was unnatural to restore the original cold expression again. Most of them were worried that they would be seen to change and guess what!
"Brother Lin scared Tang Niu to death."
"Your brothers are worried that Lin Feng’s life has not been killed and just play big."
"How to do it, brothers, just wait for a word."
"Removing the trough to help clean up the people’s harm"
Two boatmen suddenly flashed their eyes. "Lord Lin saved us water men if that’s the case."
"What can we do, Lord Lin?"
"Find the groove to help those people" Windson said eyes rested on two boatmen. These boatmen must be clear that they dare not say anything because of the other forces.
"All right, Lord Lin’s kindness to us this time."
Another boatman sighed, "Even if we are willing to help, it depends on God’s will whether we can find out the true position of the trench gang!"
"This is?"
"Dahe said yes, every time the Trough Gang came to us, and the other party allowed our boat to walk in this area, so we could find it all the way through experience according to the direction of the place. It was heard that there was a Trough Gang stronghold in Sunjia Village, and we should be able to find out some news when we got there."
"Go to Sunjia Village first"
Sunjia Village built a high stone at the entrance of the village, so you can clearly see the ships passing by here. This is probably the reason. The trough has set up a stronghold here to be responsible for the contact, that is, Sun Er Gou, who cheated Kongdong Sword in acting that day.
Sun Ergou was lying with his legs crossed at the entrance to the village. An old man walked out from the inside and took a look. He couldn’t help sighing and hesitated. He turned around and went back. Sun Ergou was not academic and had been excluded by the villagers. He didn’t know what method and groove to help people pull. Since then, Sun Jiacun has no rest day. This is not the other day. Two people died on weekdays, and Sun Ergou was not right to pay for the boat, but when he was brought back, he died. Some people said that Sun Ergou was secretly playing tricks to help people kill him.
People don’t stop when they are dead, forcing people to buy coffins and do what those people say. I have long hated it and can avoid it as much as possible.
Sun Ergou was lying with a proud face and a blade of grass in his mouth. He heard a woman laugh a loud gurgling from a big stone and squinted his eyes and looked down the low trees in front of the village.
Several village women came back from the water’s edge with washed clothes in their hands, with thick black hair and shawls, especially when they were walking. The man smiled, and Sun Er-gou couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. Which man didn’t like beautiful women to hit this woman behind her back? For a while, it was a pity that his kiss was directly thrown out.
"Sister went to do laundry."
Sun Ergou suddenly jumped out and scared several women into a scream. An older woman took one look at Sun Ergou’s "Good dog is out of the way, two dog let".
"Auntie, look at what you say. It’s also a family."
"We can’t afford the highs." The woman took a white look and didn’t want to say it was too ugly. Sun Ergou is a typical Lai He.
"Brother Cherie helps you."
In Sun Ergou’s mind, the tall woman came to the crowd in two steps to grab the wooden basin in the woman’s hand, and the left hand and the right hand took the opportunity to touch the woman’s chest
The woman looked disgusted and quickly avoided taking a few steps. The road ahead was still blocked by a look like Sun Ergou. "After the tank gang Wang said, the boat in this area will be owned by my Sun Ergou, and I will ensure that you eat well and wear well."
"Let me or I’ll shout."
"If you shout, shout Sun Ergou, strip your clothes and touch your milk to see which man dares to want you."
"Sun Ergou, you are still not human."
A few women can’t see a big man saying such shameless things to an unmarried girl. A few days ago, they separated the two and looked at the woman blushing and trying to escape from one side with a wooden basin.
"Get out! Believe it or not, I’ll touch you."
"Touch, let you touch, wait for your uncle to come back, and don’t skin you." Previously, the woman’s back was quite plump, and her chest was in front of her grandson.
"Damn it, it’s boring to wait to be my grandson’s second dog woman sooner or later." Sun Ergou knew that he couldn’t get cheap, so he angered the men in the village and it was not good to end up. He simply retreated aside and built several wooden houses along the path not far from the village entrance. Two boats docked on the shore, which was the stronghold of the trough gang
"Let’s go and go around when we come out."
Sun Ergou staggered from the surface and smelled a smell of meat far away. It was worthy of the title of two dog. The corners of his mouth smiled and ran a few steps. The fire boiled broth, and oil flowers floated on the water, and the meat fragrance kept rolling from the inside.
"I knew it was your little Wang who rewarded you with a little wine."
Sun Ergou, though not a Trough Gang, has done a lot of bad things for Trough Gang in recent years, especially this time, the design tricked the Kongdong sword into making great contributions, and the dragon in the water told them to stay in the stronghold. These people naturally have to give their feet.
"Thank you, brother."
Sun Ergou jumped over and put a big piece in his mouth and bit into the slot to help his younger brother mostly lie down and enjoy the sunshine and bring comfort.
"Didn’t two dog say yesterday that he needed our brother’s help?"
Sun Ergou wiped his mouth. "I dare not bother with a little thing."
"After the help of the Lord, we don’t need to beat around the bush."
Sun Ergou listened and let go of the meat. "Thank you brothers first. I see a girl in Nakamura."
"Oh, this is a good thing."
"A good thing is a good thing, but it’s a pity that there are bad brothers in it." Sun Ergou made a wink and several people sat up from the ground, mostly hearing women coming to the fun.
"Teach the personnel that our brothers can’t do anything bad after he’s done, and don’t taste the incense and forget our brothers."