Mourning the black notes rushed to the white clouds, and the black notes touched the red light of the protector in the white clouds, and the red light of the protector immediately collapsed.
In the white clouds, the red light of the square object was immediately filled with red light, which reflected the villa courtyard with blood red.
The big red light made the black notes instantly fragmented, mourning that the black flute broke and mourning that the body was bounced off the array.
Ghost owl can’t take care of him for a while, and Dan Tai Li Xie Yiming and I will work together to deal with the white clouds again
Grasping the square object in the white clouds, and shooting out from the square object, full of ghostly black paint gas against me and Dan Tai Li Xie Yiming.
Dan Tai Li, Xie Yiming and I are at loggerheads with the white clouds.
Dan Tai Lili’s bloody whip attacks Baiyun, although it can weaken the protective red light in Baiyun every time, but it can’t defeat the protective red light.
Xie Yiming’s long black rope suddenly became longer, and surrounded the white clouds. The red light of the protector couldn’t stop hovering, and it tightened as the red light of the protector in the white clouds weakened and widened as the red light soared.
Small dance winding black long rope surface spirit force and black long rope spirit force meet together, and the figure changes with the change of black long rope.
Since the latent power of the body was aroused, I focused on stimulating more latent power and didn’t benefit that power.
Tonight is the first time that the body has been aroused.
I’m sad to find that the strength of my body has been left after being stimulated twice.
Attack all the remaining forces in the body into the white clouds, and I will benefit from the streamer to attack the middle of the white clouds, and I will look for the opportunity of enchantment.
The sudden flash in the villa in the white clouds doesn’t give me a chance to be trapped by the array and the enchantment.
This situation makes me feel uneasy. At this moment, we have no chance to kill Baiyun until the ghost owl comes to help us.
At different times of confrontation, I clearly felt that the latent power would appear automatically in my abdomen, but it was that the latent power appeared continuously.
At this time, I was always in a small village in Zi Shan, but my grandmother and I were invisible. The paper men actually saw my heart missing my father.
At this moment, I am always looking forward to my father’s return. I can’t tell you the taste in my heart.
Force against the white clouds, I stare at me through the invisible paper man, and I always return to my father
Dad was lonely in the courtyard, and his ghostly attendants lowered their hands to stand beside him. Dad’s temples were already white and his eyes were full of emotions.
"Does the master leave now?" The ghostly attendants glanced at the location of the invisible paper man and asked Dad.
Dad glanced at the ghostly attendants and nodded slowly. The ghostly attendants knelt down. Dad stepped on the ghostly attendants and immediately left the hospital.
Standing on the back of his father’s body like a benchmark, the ghostly attendants didn’t waver half a minute because of the speed at which they flashed away.
Watching my father disappear from the sight of the invisible paper man, I was busy fighting against the white clouds and urging the invisible paper man to follow my father.
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-nine Against the ghost owl
Dad, where are you going? Are you coming to fz city to face the white clouds? I’m frowning.
In less than a minute, the ghost owl suddenly lashed its wings.
With the instigation of the wings, something congenial bursts out from the wings, and the strong wind is directly lifted. All the strong winds slip on the ground, and the center of the ground rushes around.
Ghost owl this reaction will all disposal beast lift down one side.
The array method was immediately seriously injured by the broken array spirit Feng Erdan, and the beasts in the array were also injured to varying degrees.
Ghost owl rushed at me again after breaking the array.
I immediately shed light to protect my body and shed light. I jumped up and attacked the owl while avoiding the owl’s attack
I led the ghost owl villa courtyard circle Xie Yiming and Dan Tai glass against the white clouds.
White fox standing on my shoulder woke up at this time, and I immediately closed my ears.
I closed my ears while avoiding the attack of the ghost owl. I shouted at Dan Tai Glass and Xie Yiming, who had agreed to close their ears before playing the gesture.
When I saw that the shape of the ghost owl chasing me suddenly stopped, I immediately came out of the enchantment and brought the ghost owl into the enchantment, and I burst into the utmost ShaQi, which went straight to the ghost owl.
After ShaQi rushed out, I immediately tried to squeeze the ghost owl with enchantment force, but it was the ghost owl that was shaken by ShaQi, and then it was shot out of the body again.
As the demon owl moves and the enchantment breaks, the demon owl rushes to me again.
Another round of chasing after me, I am already at a disadvantage, and I am frequently attacked by the ghost owl.
Every time I’m attacked by a ghost owl, I feel physical pain, and I can’t resist the feeling that my throat is fishy and sweet. I won’t let myself spray blood, which will affect the match against Dan Tai Li and Xie Yiming in Baiyun.
Beasts, I force them to form again soon.
Seriously wounded Feng Er-dan’s method of re-arranging the spirit to sit in the battle array, there were beasts in bursts, and Fafu’s achievements were destroyed by the ghost owl who had already broken the battle array.
Repeated several times, those beasts have no ability to deploy again, and they are all dying.
However, all those beasts tried their best to insert my carved wood carvings into the ground according to my previous instructions before losing their disposal ability.
The experience of breaking the array gained by inserting the woodcarving into the ground is invalid. The ghost owl is furious when it is attacked immediately by the array method and can easily break the array method.