"Do you want to interview me or want to interview the wedding dress? If you interview me, you can always accompany me to interview the wedding dress. I’m sorry if you go directly to my husband. The wedding dress photo has been found on his mobile phone and rejected, "said Meng Xin calmly.
"I thought that you and the wedding dress were one. I said Meng Xin, when you saw the wedding dress being made for so long, didn’t you ever want to worship it and then take more photos to miss it?" Lin Mei was a little depressed and thought that they could get a glimpse of Meng Xin’s friends. As a result, it seems that they can only see them on the wedding day, just like others. They are nothing special.
"I can take it back and hang it in my closet. Of course, if you like it, I can lend it to you when you get married." To be honest, a generation wears a wedding dress once and spends so much money to buy it back. She really feels good.
If you come to Lin Mei to get married, Lele to get married and Ellie to get married, if they don’t dislike each other, it will be worth the money.
"Fuck you, how dare you wear a wedding dress for us?" Lin Mei spat at her and didn’t know it was heartless.
"Don’t you go to the studio to rent a wedding dress and others wear it? Maybe there are many people passing through. "This is true, Meng Xin thought.
"… say it’s also your turtle hair man will agree?" Lin Mei’s pie mouth refused to show them the wedding dress before. Can she still lend the wedding dress for her wife to others?
"…" Meng Xin beg to differ. How did her man become a turtle hair man?
"Come to your class, I won’t bother you." Lin Mei hung up.
It didn’t take long for Li Ziyu to call and ask Meng Xin something. Meng Xin didn’t say anything to her friends, that is, it was nothing to ask if she didn’t see it.
"You’re not angry, are you, wife?" Li Ziyu means that he didn’t send photos to her good friends.
"If you don’t give it a better look, you will be bored to death by them." Meng Xin comforted Li Ziyu’s heart. This is actually true. I didn’t see them at best, but I complained that if they saw it, they didn’t know how much trouble they caused.
"Well, I think so, too. It’s okay if I come over to have dinner with you at noon and it’s my best man." Liziyu asked
"Well, no" Meng Xin shook his head. Now, after Gaoxiang didn’t mean to target her, she also felt that this person was not as annoying as before.
"Well, we’ll see you at noon. Those bridesmaids will also go with us to take wedding photos. Tell them before you go." Liziyu was awake.
"Oh, I’ll tell them later." Meng Xin nodded. Anyway, it would be nice to listen to him.
"Okay, then hang up first."
Section 1
Li Ziyu hung up Meng Xin’s talent, and he was waved for an hour by these words.
Noon passed quickly. At noon, Min Mengjie took the stairs with Gaoxiang and heard from Gaoxiang that Li Ziyu was coming to invite them to dinner. She naturally wanted to go with her, so maybe she could see the photos in Li Ziyu’s mobile phone.
When Wang Yang called, Min Mengjie invited her husband together.
Liziyu was waiting at the door for them to see the uninvited Min Mengjie and Wang Yang didn’t say much. A line of five people walked towards a restaurant near the hospital together.
Liziyu booked a box and ordered a table of dishes. In fact, there is nothing to explain. It can also be done in the words, but he drove over to have dinner with Meng Xin just to miss his wife.
Gaoxiang naturally doesn’t want to be a light bulb alone, so he called Min Mengjie. Who knows that there are three light bulbs in Wang Yang, so he won’t be embarrassed.
"I said Shirley always I don’t have many days left to enter the delivery room. Can you cash a red envelope before? You won’t really wait until I have a baby before you give me a red envelope. What will it be like to have a red envelope for you then? You, a businessman, can really calculate, but you can’t count on our friends, can you? "
Min Mengjie sat down and said that such a lot of topics are asking for red envelopes.
In a few days, she knows that Lele, Lin Mei and Ellie will accompany Meng Xin to take wedding photos, and then they may get the bridesmaid red envelope. It is better to pity her that she is pregnant without a bridesmaid red envelope than to have a red envelope to comfort.
"Ok, you give me your account number and I’ll transfer it to you." Li Ziyu is very frank, or ask him for photos and anything.
Min Mengjie suddenly agreed to give a red envelope without being so frank?
"What’s the matter? I’m going to get a red envelope. Don’t you dare?" Meng Xin also seldom jokes about this greedy guy.
Wang Yang chuckled lightly.
"Who said I remembered my account number?" Min Mengjie quickly reported his bank card number.
"Well, it should be available the day after tomorrow." Liziyu nodded and put the account on the mobile phone.
"By the way, can Li always show me the photos you took yesterday?" Min Mengjie saw Liziyu in a good mood, licking his face and asking.
"No, what’s your hurry? You saw it on the wedding day." Liziyu put away her mobile phone.
Min Mengjie’s flat mouth is hard to stick to.
Meng Xin ate the food in the dining table. Wang Yang also helped Min Mengjie with food in the bowl. Li Ziyu and Gao Xiang were arranging the trip. Looking for a photo studio was also recommended by Gao Xiang. Gao Xiang was familiar with the owner of the photo studio. Everything was best for Li Ziyu.
Meng Xin, on the other hand, looks like she doesn’t care about herself. Anyway, everyone is helping this wedding. She is probably the only bride-to-be who is the most relaxed in the world.
I’m sorry, dear friends, but I have to have a physical examination today. In fact, I feel short of breath and chest tightness when I have dinner every afternoon in the first half of this month. I don’t know if it’s lack of oxygen. I didn’t eat dinner yesterday, so I ate some fruit and then I didn’t recover until nine o’clock. Some of them couldn’t hold on. I made an appointment with a doctor for a physical examination today. If nothing happens, I’ll prepare for the second watch for you later, and the update will be delayed. If it’s not the second watch, there will probably be no
I’m really sorry. I’ll make it up to you when Greg’s physical condition is better.
☆ 169 wedding photography
There are three people in Meng Xin’s bridesmaid group, Lele Aili and Lin Mei Li Ziyu’s groomsman group originally planned five people, and finally two were reduced to cooperate with Meng Xin’s three-person bridesmaid group.
There must be more than three bridesmaids and groomsmen on the wedding day. After all, there are many things to be done that day, and the manpower needed is quite sufficient.
A group of people bought three cars and joined the studio workers. After that, the five cars sailed to their destination in an orderly way.
Hengheng lived in his grandparents’ house for three days. The day before Meng Xin left, Hengheng repeatedly promised that he would eat and sleep on time. Meng Xin was relieved to leave.
In fact, she doesn’t need Hengheng’s guarantee to know that Hengheng will be very good, because Hengheng has been obedient since she was a child, but only since she had a father have some children been naughty and stubborn.
Of course, Meng Xin is still delighted with these changes.
Meng Xin This car Li Ziyu car Meng Xin sits in the co-pilot and three bridesmaids sit in the back seat. Li Ziyu’s ear is full of women chattering, and the other two cars are rotated by three groomsmen.
"Actually, I think the three of you should take the back car." After the women were a little quieter, Li Ziyu wanted to know that he wanted to talk to Meng Xin about three cars.
As a result, all three women had the cheek to run to their car and feel at ease not to let them enjoy the world between them. Li Ziyu was very depressed and was still chattering and arguing at the moment.
"What do you want to sit in the back? We’ll sit with Meng Xin. Besides, who told you not to show us Meng Xin’s wedding dress is to have a good diaphragm?" Lele blurted out that she didn’t see the wedding dress and they were also diaphragm.
Now it is time to respond to the groom-to-be.
"…" Liziyu stopped talking. Anyway, he won’t let them see it until the wedding day.
Today, Zhao Xing and Jin Zhongliang, the best man, are present. Li Ziyu is a little laid down his life to accompany you and put his hands on it to accompany you for three days.
Meng Xin is not very familiar with Jin Zhongliang. When Jin Zhongliang looked at her just now, he looked very carefully. The main reason was that Jin Zhongliang wanted to have a good look at what kind of big beauty could fascinate Li Ziyu so much.
Although it is not as beautiful as Jin Feifei, Meng Xin has her unique charm. Of course, he can’t keep staring at Meng Xin. Li Ziyu will be furious.
Jin Zhongliang still knows this.
Gaoxiang took a car with Jin Zhongliang. Gaoxiang took the first car and Zhao Xing followed the last car alone.
"I heard that this Meng Xin was the nurse who let Ayu get up and stay with him all the time?" Jin Zhongliang asked Gaoxiang Liziyu about the car accident at that time. They had heard that every time they went to see Liziyu at Li’s house, they didn’t know if they didn’t see Meng Xin or if Meng Xin was too young at that time, which made people have no impression.
If Meng Xin was too green to let them notice, it can be said that time is not a cruel knife for everyone. Today Meng Xin makes him feel amazing.
It’s not that kind of beauty that makes people shine at the moment, but that there is a unique charm that makes people feel her well slowly.
"Well, that’s her." Gaoxiang nodded.
"So it’s no wonder that Ah Yu is really different from this Meng Xin. This woman is really cute. At that time, she was pregnant with Ah Yu’s child and could divorce Ah Yu. Not all women have this courage." Jin Zhongliang nodded
You know, once this woman knows Li Ziyu’s identity, let alone pregnant with his child, even if she gets his approval and becomes his girlfriend, that woman must be holding him back and refusing to let go.