The fist clenched tightly.
"The strongest team in China wants you to win for me!"
Chapter five hundred and sixty-five The first collision
It’s clear what they think about Guomengyou or Netease boss Ding Sanshi, including how to blame him on the shoulders of the strongest team in their country at the moment.
He really can’t afford to lose this game.
Whether it’s to give an explanation to those in the team who live with themselves day and night, or to complete the country, these dream friends have no reason and are not qualified to lose!
It is also very clear that opponents are getting closer to the strongest team in their country.
Facing this situation, he has no good way.
No matter in the game or in reality, the team department of Piao Ni Ma showed a slack in the game, and this slack is also the most deadly.
Because Fang Xiang didn’t know what Han Tianhao was good at and what he was good at during the past six months, some Fang Xiang departments all knew it.
There is no way to take precautions against opponents. What we can do is to widen the gap with Piao Ni Ma’s team in this battle!
"The arhat Piao Ni Ma team that method regardless of him I pull a death call, spell defense, fear of bushshineka prajnaparamita others like this …"
After finishing the third round of command exercises, I thought that fine sweat had begun to appear on my forehead.
The situation of Han Tianhao on the other side of the Piao Ni Ma team is similar.
Although the gap between Fang Xiang and the strongest team in China has been continuously narrowed, Han Tianhao found that everything he did was like knowing before. This kind of anticipation ability is really terrible and amazing!
Through this, Han Tianhao is also white
When my side keeps moving forward, I don’t want to be idle there.
Before taking part in this 3s hegemony, Han Tianhao once thought about who is better now or half a year ago, but after a long analysis, he found that if he is now facing half a year ago, the outcome is still unknown!
At this moment, I miss Han Tianhao face to face for half a year, but I find myself desperately trying to get closer to Fang Xiang, but this distance has not really shortened with time. When I keep improving, Fang Xiang keeps improving.
The gap may be shortened, but it is still!
"Party want to …"
Han Tianhao took a deep breath after arranging the third round of exercises and turned his eyes in the direction of Fang Xiang.
At this time, Fang Xiang just arranged the third round of protection, and the two eyes met again.
"Fang thought I would never lose again this time."
Han Tianhao eyes full of fighting spirit.
And want to here is plain corners of the mouth slightly raised a.
The most feared thing in the first commander pk is mood fluctuation, which is enough to make a top commander make a judgment mistake. Although he is nervous here, he wants to be able to adjust his state well, but Han Tianhao’s situation there is not much better than his own.
It’s easier to think of these ideas.
The third round
Piao Ni Ma’s team still launched a wave of death call pursuit on the strongest team method in China, namely Han Xuanxuan Dragon Palace.
However, luck doesn’t seem to bless the Piao Ni Ma team. Adding the first round twice and four consecutive death summonses failed to set up the Xuanxuan Dragon Palace in China and South Korea.
On the contrary, the strongest team in China
Fang Xiang found one in hell and then carried out a small death drill on Putuo Mountain in Piao Ni Ma’s team.
Small death hit successfully.
Followed by the end of the second round, the second round broke the serum and summoned the beast bb, which also launched a wave of total annihilation against the Piao Ni Ma team Putuo Mountain
However, the ending output did not reflect the protective effect of the magic weapon twice after the close protection of the two Putuo teammates of the Piao Ni Ma team.
Success is crippled.
Although the blood crisis is burning, the state of residual blood is not terrible. If you can hold your heel, the state of small death in your body is not so terrible.
On the other hand, the strongest team in China regained some advantages in the third round, but the real situation was not the case.
Piao Ni Ma’s team suppressed the strongest team in the country. This method made Han Xuanxuan Dragon Palace fail to make a successful shot in two rounds, and because each player failed to make his hands free, Han Xuanxuan’s side was also a residual blood state field.
"Four deaths were missed, and the five and six times should have been won."
Han Tianhao slightly narrowing her eyes light said 1.
When I heard Han Tianhao’s words, others in the Piao Ni Ma team also understood what Han Tianhao was thinking.
Is to insist on playing before, that is, to gank Han Xuanxuan!
After all, he has almost analyzed the output over there.
Should be a breakthrough of 42 damage …
But now the actual killing in pk is not the most terrible thing. The most terrible thing is the facial injury. The so-called facial injury is a large-scale injury. This kind of injury is also commonly known as suppressing blood volume, just like Han Xuanxuan’s previous shots.
Han Xuanxuan took one round in seconds. What if he took three rounds in seconds?
Then all the Piao Ni Ma team members are afraid that the best result is that they have about one-half of their blood.
And once all the players’ blood volume is in crisis, the danger will follow.
This situation is also to absolutely put an end to this, which is why high-grade arhat admirals are so expensive!
It is also the end of the third round. There is still no one here who pours blood. At least Han Xuanxuan’s Dragon Palace is flying three times in summoning bb, while the summoning bb on the other side of Piao Ni Ma team is the last time to pull up the Dragon Palace and Putuo Mountain’s residual blood is flying two times in summoning bb.
At this time, all dream friends also know that the real first collision between the two sides is about to begin!
Chapter five hundred and sixty-six Trap
"Then we’ll let Brother Xuanxuan out to ensure Brother Xuanxuan’s hand."
There’s not much to say about the fourth round. The commander wants to say such a simple sentence.