It’s a pity that these magic weapons burst into pieces after touching Xiao Yu’s palm.
Xiao Yu’s palm is irresistible, and the road is peerless, and the fierce Yan Junshen will scream and scream on the spot.
A Yuan Shen’s light soared into the sky and frightened him. He quickly fled to the distance and shouted, "Ghost Saint, don’t you dare to ruin my flesh. Lord Yuan Sheng will not let you go. You will wait and see."
Xiao Yu raised his hand and grabbed the Taoist divine light in his hand. Yan Jun was so scared that he quickly cried, "Master Ghost, please forgive the dog!"
Xiao Yuli grabbed his Yuan Shen and crushed him easily and casually, like crushing an ant. "Who else has a problem?"
When they came, they also wanted to follow the blind booing, but when they saw this scene, they all swallowed their words and fell into a dull mood again.
Everyone has a feeling of being cold all over, like falling into an ice cave.
For the first time, they remembered the concept of the word "ghost saint" and what can be made into a ghost saint? That’s because several monks have been slaughtered.
Suddenly Xiao Yu looked at the people behind Lieyanjun and said, "Did you scold me just now?"
That a few people immediately face a fall back.
"No, we didn’t scold you!"
"What do you mean, Ghost Saint? When have we ever scolded you?"
Xiao Yu calmly said, "Yelling in front of me is an insult to me. You insult me, that is, you scold me!" "
"You “`"
A few people still want to say something, but the ghosting in front of them flashed, and a bloody finger hole appeared between several people’s eyebrows at the same time, and Yuan Shen was killed.
Xiao Yu figure again in situ big sleeve fluttering like never moved.
Plop, plop ““.
Bodies fell to the ground, eyes wide open, face full of fear and unwillingness.
The scene was more silent, and there was no sound. At this moment, everyone seemed to have stopped breathing, turned pale and stared at the body on the ground.
"Any other comments?"
Xiao Yu asked
They shook their heads and dared not say anything.
Xiao Yu insipid way
The brain some short circuit doesn’t seem to be with Xiao Yu this jumping thinking.
Xiao Yu eyes flashing a pull in front of a monk poof a ripped his whole shoulder blood gushing out pain that person immediately screamed up tore heart crack lung.
"Didn’t I hear anything?"
Xiao Yu voice a cold.
Plop, plop, plop.
At the scene, there was a burst of kneeling sound. Everyone knelt down, trembling and frightened. Even Leng Yanjun was chills in his heart and quickly knelt down. For the first time, they were completely frightened by the ghost saint.
In fact, they also have grudges against each other, and they are often sarcastic. Many people have conspired against Yan Jun for being too cold to beat the forces of the ghost master layer by layer without leaving any face, but even so, I have never seen the ghost master personally come forward.
Today, the ghost saint played the wrong string and went here to kill. Doesn’t he know that the fierce Yan Jun is a master of Yuan?
Xiao Yu said softly, "From today on, Leng Yanjun owes you all gambling accounts. Do you have any opinions?"
Everyone, look at me. I don’t think anyone dares to speak.
"Since you have no opinion, dispose of all these bodies."
Xiao Yumai started and turned away.
At this moment, suddenly, a horrible and unpredictable breath came over my face, and I was squeezed toward Xiao Yu’s body, and the magic gas rolled and brought up a monstrous murderous look, and there was a cold sound that said, "Ghost Saint, you are so awesome!"
Hundreds of heady chains are broken, but the cold, dense, cold light is harsh and piercing Xiao Yu’s body. It is necessary to directly check out his yuan God and separate his form from his spirit.
Xiao Yu eyebrows a wrinkly hurriedly falls back, but the hundreds of heady chains closely follow quickly than almost instantly came to his front.
Xiao Yu’s body disappeared in an instant, and the hundreds of heady chains pierced the rear column and made a clanking noise to smash the huge column directly.
These chains, as if they were spiritual, immediately hooked up with each other when they missed a blow, and they circled around and forced Xiao Yu’s body out of the void.