Chapter 1125 Meteor shower
"I got the tree heart!"
When I heard this, the sun suddenly looked in the direction of the river bend, and I saw kurotsuchi nemu rushing out of the dense fog, clutching a mass of branches surging. Those creeping branches were a mass of condensed gray fog, which strongly encouraged those gray fog to flow obviously but did not overflow the outer branches like a heart.
Kurotsuchi nemu suddenly threw the tree heart toward the sun, and Tianyang caught it in one hand and then threw it into a backpack that was ready to complete the recycling.
Tianyang picked up his backpack and threw it behind him, releasing a strong idea to Xingluo to let her come and join him.
After the release of the "solar storm", Starbuck’s breath was obscure. She took on the golden bow and set off like a sniper position and approached Tianyang and others at a high speed.
After the’ solar storm’ ravaged the valley, it was like being plowed through a river by gunfire and diverted. The ground was blackened and a number of sludge decomposed by black people flowed.
Surviving a storm, there was the Tree Commander, whose body popped up several branches from time to time. Their commander’s head intertwined and woven a plant barrier to stop the explosion just now.
The barrier is now torn apart and blown to pieces, and the branches are hurtling away, but the commander of the tree people did not suffer much damage. When he saw the tree people decomposing the dense fog in the distance, he issued an angry roar from his mouth.
When the dense fog tree people died, there was a lot of fog in this valley, so kurotsuchi nemu and his wife also saw the existing two-meter tall tree people blocking their way.
Two silver-crowned knights threw themselves at "Thunder", carrying an endless stream of "Night Rain in the Small Building", and went to the water silk Ye Xiao and kurotsuchi nemu at the same time.
The Shuren commander yelled at his head and cracked it, spraying a khaki light from the inside, which instantly flooded the black flower above his head.
The commander’s giant sword lit up in the crack of those branches, and the sweeping of Huang Guang’s giant sword swept kurotsuchi nemu’s water silk into a mist and bounced Ye Xiaoguang back, driving two silver knights back.
At this time, one golden beam after another came head-on, trying to chase the Shuren commander. He could raise his left hand, and the circular shield on his arm, which was circled by branches and leaves, blocked the beams.
In the golden flame, the Shuren commander was forced to retreat several steps. After it stopped, it suddenly raised its giant sword and roared, splitting it on the ground.
The starting point of the tip of the sword suddenly turned yellow like a flash along the ground, flashing and spreading instantaneously. After kurotsuchi nemu’s feet, he came to Tianyang and Xingluo.
For a moment, vines with eyes and mouths suddenly rushed up from this yellow flash, and they wrapped around the people like bones.
Kurotsuchi nemu’s figure flashed continuously, which made those weird vines catch a fish.
Ye Xiao doesn’t forget to take out his sword and chop off the entangled things on the spot when he jumps to hide from these vines with a rolling belt.
Behind them, Tianyang’s "blood drink" is always drawn and choked, and pieces of rusty red mottled knife light appear around Tianyang, and those vines become pieces in the knife light and fall off.
Cut off these vines. Tianyang suddenly looked up and looked at the tree commander.
Silver light flashed at the corner of his eyes, and the stars emerged from the celestial body like silver flames. His body performance outlined a pair of folded wings.
Tianyang’s body swayed out of three identical figures.
For a moment, the Shuren commander suddenly realized that four identical "Tianyang" appeared in four different directions in front of him.
Four people have silver wings flashing’ Tianyang’ and raise their weapons towards the Shuren commander.
The light is flashing!
Commander Shuren’s vision was immediately torn by the light passing by!
It smelled a strong smell of death, and it broke out and raised its sword to do something.
But then it heard a click sound from its body, and it saw that it was holding a huge sword, and that arm jumped half out of its body.
Its vision appeared faint ghosting and distortion, and then it fell apart. In the vision, it saw that it was also divided into more than a dozen bodies.
That’s its body!
Commander Shuren’s body was divided into more than a dozen sections by four interlaced lights, and then a series of rusty red and silvery white interlaced knife lights broke out from each section of his body and twisted Commander Shuren’s body into pieces.
Then the knife light burst into pieces and exploded, and several jets interwoven to form a cloud of fire that quickly rose and spread around.
A strong airflow spread to form a strong wind, which made kurotsuchi nemu almost suffocate.
After this gale passed, where was the commander in the valley? It skipped the process of decomposing into sludge and was directly killed into dust by Tianyang’ Phantom kill array’.
Kurotsuchi nemu and Ye Xiao exchanged glances, and the two men looked at each other. In their hearts, they exchanged positions with the Shuren commander, only to find that they couldn’t think of any good way to save their lives.
After reasoning, they got almost the same answer.
That is to say, before the’ Phantom kill array’ appeared, it was necessary to escape from the scene quickly and far with the help of abilities or things, or it was necessary to carry it with greater strength. Besides, it was a better way.
In other words, Tianyang’s secret skill rank 7 sublimation roots can’t be carried.
When the thrill of two people looked at Tianyang again, their eyes became a little complicated.
It is no exaggeration to say that Tianyang has established the fact that his rank is 7 enemies with this type of secret skill!
Tianyang pushed the "blood drink" back to the scabbard and greeted kurotsuchi nemu. One or more people quickly left the valley while the black people in the forest did not arrive and withdrew from the foggy forest along the route.
It took another day to return to Li town, and after Ye Xiao returned the rented magnetic energy car, they crossed Kraft Gate and returned to Mars Castle.
Coming out of Clough Gate, the light of the transit platform lit up Tianyang’s eyes. It was already late, and the sun was tight. I was about to return to the hotel when I saw that almost everyone around me stopped and looked up at the night.
What’s at night?
Tianyang followed curiously looked up and counted the moments across the night, and the bright time reflected Tianyang’s eyes.
Deep night after night, the silver-white Guanghua canopy passed away, and those flashes of brilliance were short-lived, but there was a shocking beauty
They come and go, they cut through the night, and they are gorgeous but unforgettable.
"This is … what?" It took a while for Tianyang to return to absolute being.
"meteor shower"
Kurotsuchi nemu whispered, "It’s beautiful, isn’t it? This astronomical phenomenon is rare, and it’s the first time I’ve seen it with my own eyes."
"Meteor shower …"
Tianyang looked up at the rare astronomical phenomenon at night, and at that time he was crazy.
It is also this night.
I don’t know if there is a rare meteor shower in the den of God of War, which is 100 kilometers away. Tonight, the den of God of God is more violent than usual.
Usually, it is rare to see the fringe area of evil activities. Tonight, more than one monitoring instrument has found signs of evil activities.
Because of this, the original was ready to go back to the dormitory to rest, and Lin Ke was called back by the head.
At this time, he took his team members to the base car and came to a passage in the nest area.
The car door hit Lin Ke and jumped up with his rifle and shouted, "Cheer up and show me the highlights. If you find anything unusual, report it."
"Remember not to act without authorization. We are not a combat group. If we find that evil spirits appear and report them to the base combat group, we need to be responsible for monitoring and keeping an eye on their movements. Do you understand me?"
The soldiers responded "clearly"
Lin Ke made a sign and took the team into the passages, which were either naturally formed or dug up by the gods. Sometimes free from worry was narrow.
Because there has been no evil activity in the security area for many years, there are many cave plants in the passage, and they like wet moss and lichens. There are many lichens in this passage that will emit yellow light slightly.
When someone passes by, the lichen light will dim and disappear, and it will take a while to regain its brightness.
Walking Lin Ke made a sign and the team stopped.
He squatted down and saw a piece of lichen next to him with tear marks and clear claw marks.
Lin Ke immediately said to the vice captain next to him, "Record and then notify the headquarters."
At this moment, some strange sounds suddenly sounded from the front passage.
Ho ho ho-