"Is it really Lan Yunpeng’s younger sister?" Marilyn believed it, and 90% didn’t find it herself. I don’t know when I was interested in LanYunPeng.
Although this teenager is of certain value, her attention has gone far beyond the general level. When facing Lan Yunpeng with personal factors, it is difficult for Miss Marilyn to be as calm as usual. Now she doesn’t realize that it is too late when she really falls into it, but maybe that means first love!
Back to the hotel room, Lan Yunpeng was lying in bed only to find that Alice, a crazy girl, had gone to Molly’s room. Two girls with similar fragrance met each other late, and when their minds were hot, they were going to have a candlelight talk. It is estimated that they were just short of a Taoyuan three-sworn. Unfortunately, the mainland of Sderot did not have this concept
There is a melodious music in the room, which is a magic communication stone. Feel a beautiful face and the magic communication stone will emerge.
"hey! Yu Lin hasn’t rested so late? "
There is no sound in the silent receiver.
"I guess I accidentally met it!" Lan Yunpeng seems to be very experienced and whispers, but I don’t know that the magic communication stone must be induced by spirit, and it’s not a past life. The mobile phone accidentally went back and touched the button.
"Don’t you dare to hang up!" There is a little anger and injustice in the rain’s voice. Not long ago, that experience made her like this guy. Girls, no matter big stars, strong women or first love, always bring something to be understood, but someone doesn’t know.
Anyway, it’s always the most painful to be separated. Although it’s only been a few days, it’s raining hard. The most exasperating thing is that this smelly guy doesn’t even have words. No girl wants to be reserved and reserved. She wanted to wait for Lan Yunpeng to take the initiative, but that guy didn’t move at all.
It’s the fourth day in a blink of an eye, and Yu Lin has no interest in working. He finally couldn’t help but quietly dial his magic communication stone when he was lying in bed that night.
Lan Yunpeng felt very wronged. If there was a signal a few days ago, he would have asked for help, but he didn’t tell Yu Lin about these things, otherwise Alice’s origin wouldn’t be asking for trouble. Besides, it was really his fault. Lan Yunpeng recognized his mistake, that is, there was no signal to connect with Yu Lin at the first time.
Women in love are trying to coax the gas to come and go quickly. Although two people have not yet settled on it, they are also very close friends. Naturally, they will not be stingy with sweet words. After twenty minutes of porridge, Yu Lin will be satisfied and hang up tonight. You can have a good sleep.
Yu Lin’s talk about Lan Yunpeng reminds me of something. Although the brain-dead man left despondently because of Molly Kui, this kind of brother Wan Ku won’t let it go.
Bold Lan Yunpeng has always been not afraid, but the ghost of the other party is also very troublesome, and it is very troublesome to see that his family is rich and powerful. If you buy a killer to find yourself, it will be a headache to solve things once and for all. It is best for Lan Yunpeng to be able to see the future, but he doesn’t want to be in a hurry again. The rain reminds him of a person, Julianne
Being the Holy Alliance, the three leaders of the military, the beautiful head of the military, has an unimaginable position. Although it is not deliberately understood, Lan Yunpeng has heard about the federal territory and heard that no one wants to offend this tianjiao woman. She represents the beauty. Many people believe that she will become a powerful holy order in the near future.
And I have a little-known relationship with this beautiful woman, which is of course very pure.
Lan Yunpeng Magic Communication Stone to Julianne.
"hello?" It’s hard to imagine that such a super beauty will have the strength of a peerless strong person.
"Beauty Sister" doesn’t know what’s going on. Facing Julianne, even if she just listens to her voice, Lan Yunpeng will become stupid like a fool.
"Lan Yunpeng?" The other party was very happy and recognized his voice at once.
"I’m sorry, beautiful sister. Did you disturb your rest so late?"
"It’s okay. My sister’s work has been finished. It’s the first time you’ve called me."
The simple words of "knowing that beautiful women have too much work" make Lan Yunpeng feel as if there is a warmth flowing in his heart. Who said that Julianne is inaccessible? Where does he know that Julianne is special to him? Saving lives is not the reason. Julianne was also saved by his comrades in the former battlefield. After all, no matter how hard it is, there will be mistakes.
57 congenial
The only explanation is that she appreciated Lan Yunpeng’s sense of justice when she hit it off for the first time, and then she sucked the blood toxin of the ogre. His faint smile and more mature eyes than her peers were the reasons why she regarded Lan Yunpeng with special respect.
Two people continue to have nothing to chat, but this time it is LanYunPeng head.
"By the way, beautiful sister, I have one thing to ask you this time." Lan Yunpeng finally remembered the business.
"Oh, really? What’s the matter? Let’s hear it from my sister." Julianne also became interested. Although she got along with him soon, she knew that Lan Yunpeng was a gentleman with strong self-esteem. He would certainly do things himself. So he was in trouble beyond his ability.
Lan Yunpeng simply told Julianne everything that happened after today’s banquet, including the origin of Alice’s identity. Lan Yunpeng in Julianne has a strange letter.
Julianne was silent. It was indeed a person with unusual experience who should meet such a thing and do the three leaders of the holy alliance military. Is her experience Lan Yunpeng more than that Alice is no ordinary mermaid?
"Beauty elder sister let you difficult? If it’s difficult, forget it. "There’s no sound for a long time, and LanYunPeng can’t help misunderstanding.
"No," Julianne just woke up with a smile and said, "Nothing happened. My sister just thought of something."
"Oh!" Lan Yunpeng hesitated without asking. "It really won’t make it difficult for you?"
Listening to the heart, Julianne’s heart is also warm with judo. "Don’t worry, don’t talk about that dude, even if you hit the holy alliance emperor, my sister can protect you."
The residence of the Chief Civil Officer of Saint Grace City
"Adult alliance military dispatch"
"Oh?" In the room, I was enjoying the rain forest song and dance performance, the magic shadow stone video, and the middle-aged man looked up. He was about fifty years old and smelled like a person. It was hard to imagine that he was the idiot brain-dead male father. Maybe every successful father always had such a brain-dead brigade at home.
Took the secret and handed it to me. The official letter showed that the magistrate frowned and his face was quite strange.
"My Lord, what happened?" The secret is also very curious, but it’s so late in peacetime. How can the Alliance Army send someone to send an official letter? Is there any emergency?
"Take the young master back and keep him under strict supervision. Don’t make trouble again."
"Yes, my Lord" secretly retired.
The magistrate sat back in his chair and something happened to him. He already knew who the LanYunPeng was who could actually please Julianne.
You know, the head of the beautiful Griffin Legion often doesn’t even give the emperor a face to think about it. After a while, he took out the magic communication stone and joined the head of the Cheetah Legion, Eden Reyes.
In the morning, the beautiful and glorious city was bathed in a layer of light fog, and it was very quiet all around, only trees and birds sang softly.
After coming out of Hong Kong, I am about to return to the college. However, the teachers and students of Bauhinia College are in a bad mood. It is really embarrassing to lose this exchange competition.
Like everyone else, Lan Yunpeng is dejected and despondent, but the reason is different. Because he didn’t come back to participate in the competition, his scholarship was ruined and he didn’t know what to do in the new year.
Soon the strange, elegant and generous school gate of Bauhinia College appeared in front of us. The students who participated in the exchange competition were surprised and rubbed their eyes to make sure they were not mistaken. How could it be that the campus gate was full of so many flowers and colorful flags to welcome them back? It was only to welcome the winners that they arrived. Don’t you know the results of the exchange competition? How is that possible?
Including the president of Bauhinia College, members of the board of directors, and most of the students came. The unexpected huge scene made everyone feel at a loss. On both sides of the road, there were beautifully dressed senior sisters and junior sisters who enthusiastically offered flowers as if they were heroes who had returned home.
The whole welcoming process lasted about ten minutes, and finally the Dean gave a concluding speech.
"Dear students, the results of the exchange competition between the two colleges are believed to be very clear to everyone."
All the crows and birds are filled with a sad atmosphere. Bauhinia College is known as the three highest institutions of learning in the human world on the mainland of Sderot. In the past 20 years, it has never lost the exchange competition, and it is even more blushing to be a representative student and leader tutor. It is because they have discredited the glorious school history.
"But I am responsible for telling everyone that it doesn’t count!" Dean cadence continued, "There was no Bauhinia College in the mainland of Sderot 3,000 years ago, and the name of Bauhinia College 1,000 years ago was also known by a few people. An accident caused heavy casualties in the college 500 years ago. We have not experienced setbacks. Failure is not terrible when people fail, even if you lose confidence, you will live like a walking corpse."
The dean’s short speech was really inspiring. "Well, we lost to Daffodil College this time, and we will definitely get it back twice. Will the students of Bauhinia College be less skilled than others?"
Looking at the students around you, it’s like getting up the strength. It’s like just playing chicken blood. Lan Yunpeng couldn’t help but leave the pie mouth. Dean’s adult is really a wave talent if he doesn’t go to be bard. Maybe Lucy’s crazy bitch can arrange a good position for him by the Bard Performing Arts Association.
Then there are several school managers and tutors who talk very wordily, and they are similar to the principal. Someone directly thinks about it.
However, the school’s handling attitude of the accidental miss in this exchange competition has stimulated the students’ enthusiasm for learning. Every subject is diligent and diligent. When the mist has not cleared, you can hear Lang Lang reading everywhere. It is a liberal arts class, and this time they lost the worst, but they didn’t win. Of course, they have to catch up head-on, so quarrelling and magic training scenes can be seen everywhere in the training ground.
Hard work is a good thing, but if it is too much, it will also bring negative effects, especially quarrelling and magic actual combat training, which will be dangerous and easy to get hurt without the guidance of a mentor.
According to the gossip, a swordsman and his favorite magician sister, you Nong and I Nong, often practice in actual combat without the guidance of a mentor. The swordsman accidentally broke through the magic defense of the magician’s sister and beat people into the doctor’s office for the last time. This situation cannot happen if there is a mentor.
The increase in the number of injured people has also attracted the attention of the school, affirming everyone’s efforts. At the same time, we must pay attention to the prohibition of private actual combat practice. If necessary, we can apply after class, and the school will send tutors to give additional guidance.
However, how should Lan Yunpeng live all this or how should he go back and forth to work in the teaching building and dormitory every day?
Alice also officially entered the school for magic. For the school, there is such a stunning beauty with a mysterious origin but comparable to the three beauties. Everyone is very interested in the headline of the school newspaper, and even the top secret news that broke the news has been made specially. Most of them belong to the middle school and have entertainment. It’s just such a nonsense.
There are also many boys who want to chase, but they all hit the wall. After the failure, there are also some unscrupulous people who want to take some extreme measures and die even worse.
According to the curtain news, this Miss Alice is a close friend of Princess Molybdenum of the Moya Empire. As soon as this news comes out, all malicious people are cold-blooded and cold-blooded. It’s impossible to use unfair means, but it’s another matter if you can get the beauty’s attention in a fair way. Although the losers don’t count, some people have racked their brains to pay attention to it. What is the difficulty of holding the beauty back?
Study hard and pursue beauty. The whole atmosphere of this guy’s college is active, but Lan Yunpeng didn’t spend most of his time in the library except working in class.
To be a sacred union institution of higher learning, the natural library has been richly decorated, and the marble floor is as flat as a mirror, and all kinds of decorations also have a strong humanistic atmosphere. People come and go in the library but it is very quiet, and everyone is doing their own things.
"Students, please show me your library card on the second floor." A beautiful girl at the entrance of the Tibetan room on the second floor held out her hand and stopped Lan Yunpeng with a cordial smile on her face.
"Do you need a library card on the second floor?" Lan Yunpeng scratched his head and returned to school. Students can go in and out at will.
"There is nothing to do." The girl is still smiling. "Ten gold coins are needed."
"What? How many gold coins? " LanYunPeng zheng there is something wrong with his ears.
"Ten. Isn’t the instructions for entering the library clearly written?"