Liu Qiang and Han Baocheng immediately found her coming in three steps and two steps.
On the skill of Xiao Fei is much higher than that of Ma Chao. Ma Chao is born with quick hand and quick eye, and his speed is better, especially when he points that gun at which country he hits. He is also a famous sharpshooter.
Han Baocheng, a water kungfu player, was born by the sea, and it is said that he learned to swim before he learned to walk.
Liu Qiang is good at logistics protection. He has a strong comprehensive ability and is the first in the field team.
The ship flew from the waterfall, and the original four people could land safely with the ship. Suddenly Long Xiaofei was eager to protect Qiu Tong, and almost finished giving him diving equipment. He lacked protection for himself, so he and Qiu Tong were thrown out by inertia and hit a stone. Now they can’t fall.
Ma Chao has always been at the bow. It is reasonable to say that he was the first to find the waterfall, and he was fully prepared at that moment. He thought to himself that his comrades behind him hoped that they could protect the people behind him in front. At that moment, when the boat flew out of the bow, there was no place for the bow to borrow. He fell to the farthest place like being launched
Li Ying’s lack of stress response in the face of unexpected events was also thrown out of the hull.
Liu Qiang and Han Baocheng first landed the boat. The new material hull was really powerful and even unscathed. However, due to the hull vibration and parabola flying out of the boat, a box of mineral water and two boxes of ham disappeared. They hurriedly tied the boat and then began to look for the lost partner along the river. First, they found Qiu Tong and then Ma Chao on the water not far away, but Li Ying and Long Xiaofei could not find it.
"It’s all my fault that nothing happened. If it weren’t for my longge, I wouldn’t have hit the stone. He must have been knocked unconscious and sank to the bottom of the water." Qiu Tong cried.
Han Baocheng pointed to the protruding stones in the water and said, "Let’s swim there and have a look."
Ma Chao and Han Baocheng swam to the rocks in the water together. They saw a pool of blood on the rocks and touched the bottom of the river around the rocks, but they didn’t find Long Xiao Feiying.
When they got back to the shore, they comforted them for a fall. During this period, everyone survived the storm. This minor injury will not threaten Long Xiaofei’s life.
The remaining four people rested for a while and decided to go downstream, but they could not find two people, most likely washed away by the river.
Chapter 16 Encountering cannibals
After the break, the four of them started the boat and continued to move forward. Because they were still worried about the accident just now, they still had to look for the missing Li Ying and Long Xiao spacecraft, and the line slowed down even more. Except Han Baocheng, who was still at the helm, others were staring at the water looking for two people to fall.
The river course is still difficult, and there are reefs and eddies everywhere. It took a long time to get out of this dangerous beach, and a fire loomed in front of it.
"Is it Brother Lung and Brother Shadow?" Qiu Tong pointed to the place where the fire flashed.
"Go and see" Han Baocheng wants to speed up the boat.
Ma Chao shook his head to stop "turn off the motor and paddle gently and lean over. We have to remember so many strange things all the way."
Han Baocheng nodded, and the boat gently inserted into the shore like a black sword in the dark.
The fire came from a piece of flat land not far from the shore. People near the flat land were dim and pointed to those figures and said, "There are people in Mark. Let’s ask them. Maybe they have seen Brother Long."
Qiu Tong was about to step forward, and Ma Chao’s hand was quick to pull it back. Qiu Tong frowned and was about to shout that Liu Qiang put his forefinger on his lips and hissed. Qiu Tong blinked and looked back carefully at the people walking around the mouth of the cave. She was immediately startled at this sight.
Those people are wearing a piece of animal skin with a thick waist and muscular limbs. Look closely at those people’s noses with bowls and thick nose rings. They have a string of bones hanging from their necks to make necklaces. Especially when they are holding guys in their hands, they look particularly like human thigh bones.
The fire came from a burning bonfire with a heavy trunk tied with some animals, which was roasted and oily, and a strange smell floated around.
"Is it a cannibal?" Ma Chao rubbed his eyes. What does he think of that barbecue? It’s full of people.
Autumn with immediately hid behind d gently pulled his skirt.
Ma Chao lowered his voice and said, "Liu Qiang, you and Qiu Tong stay in the boat to protect Qiu Tong and are ready to meet us. Han Baocheng and I used to look at it." Then he waved an arm at Han Baocheng and two people disappeared in tandem in Qiu Tong’s sight.
On weekdays, in addition to Long Xiaofei’s strongest analysis, judgment and action, it belongs to Ma Chao. Team members are used to Long Xiaofei’s command. Ma Chao is calm like a vice captain.
Ma Chao and Han Baocheng came to the crowd with the cover of stones. This time, they watched carefully. It turned out that the fire was roasting and it was a human body. Those people around the skins gathered at once and mumbled something. They were so excited that they lifted the roasted meat and tore it into many pieces. Everyone picked up a piece and ate it around the fire.
After eating for a while, they let go of the meat fire not far away, flapping their bellies and dancing for a while, and then went back to the fire and took a piece of meat with them, no matter who left saliva on this side, and continued to eat.
It’s a happy scene to eat and jump like this. It’s to look at the human body Ma Chao and Han Baocheng, whose flesh has been torn off and the dense bones are exposed.
"Roar …" I don’t know what these people stopped eating meat, got up and shouted, and their eyes were fixed on D and Han Baocheng’s hiding place, dancing and gesticulating.
Was it discovered? Ma Chao and Han Baocheng looked at each other and took out their guns from their waists. When they almost rushed out, they came to the next step. It turned out that a group of people came along, and Ma Han and his men held down their bodies.
"Boss …" Ma Chao Han Baocheng said in his ear that Han Baocheng had also seen clearly that the first one who was tied to those people was Long Xiaofei, and the second one was Li Ying. There were actually three people, a woman and two men behind Ma Chao, who didn’t know them and didn’t know how Long Xiaofei could be taken with them.
Those who ate human flesh immediately pulled up five people tied to each other like welcoming the war, and one of them tied up a stump. It looked like a leader and walked around with a knife. It seemed that a fat man was in the middle. He patted the face and everyone didn’t react. The sharp knife had been inserted into the fat heart, which made Ma Chao feel a little annoyed. There were too many people in his heart. He never dared to make a move, fearing that he could not save Long Xiaofei. The problem is that if he didn’t make a move, I’m afraid he would put himself in, which would ruin everyone’s chance.
As soon as the demon leader’s blade turned fat, his heart was dug out. The heart was bloody and didn’t stop beating. The leader shouted a "roar …" Everyone else bowed down and shouted in his mouth. The air was filled with blood.
The leader gave his heart to a tall and strong man as a reward. The strong man nervously picked up the heart and opened his mouth and began to eat. His hands and face were stained with blood. Ma Chao and Han Baocheng struggled for a few times in their stomachs before spitting it out.
Obviously, the tied woman couldn’t stand this horrible scene, screaming wildly, but she broke free from the rope that bound her.
Finally, I understand this scene, which may be because the leader is happy that he has won so many people. He is now rewarding meritorious people with his heart, but the leader seems to prefer being fat. He naturally targeted Li Yingshen. When he came to Li Ying with a knife, Ma Chao’s gun had been aimed at the leader’s head. Let’s take this down first.
Poor Li Ying may be scared to death, and his face turned pale. When the leader walked up to Li Ying, Long Xiaofei suddenly flew up and kicked the leader’s penis. The leader was caught off guard and was kicked by a howl. I didn’t expect Li Ying to look like a hero at this time, but he didn’t give up his resistance. He even kicked a strong man around the leader and went belly-up.
At this time, if you don’t make moves, it’s better to wait. Ma Chao fired six shots in the middle of those cannibals’ skulls. Han Baocheng was not idle. Ma Chao’s cover has bypassed a stone forest and rushed to a place less than ten meters away from the fire.
Han Baocheng’s hit rate is higher at this close range. Compared with Li Ying, several people have been put down recently. Long Xiaofei doesn’t know how to break the rope tied to him. They quickly untied Li Ying’s rope. They helped another man and a woman to be saved. The four of them quickly retreated to the river. Those strong men who ate human flesh didn’t react until now. It was really some daredevil guys who rushed over without fear, despite constant people.
Chapter 17 knife escape
Those strong men who eat human flesh are really some daredevil guys. Although people keep coming, they still rush in without fear.
Liu Qiang, the ship, heard the gun and rushed over to protect Long Xiaofei and three other talents from high-pressure fire.
Qiu Tong had already untied the ship’s cable and motor, and the last one came back. Han Baocheng rushed out like a left arrow and looked back at the shore. Those guys who were as strong as cows kept clamoring and waving their glistening thighs in their hands.
"Thank you. Without you, we would have been roasted alive by those animals just like our eldest brother." The woman thanked Ma Chao with tears in her eyes.
This woman is about the same age as Lin Xueyan, with a delicate face and a pair of slender cheng eyes. Kurome’s eyes are soft and unpredictable. She is wearing a blue jacket and a pair of military hook shoes. She should have been carrying a backpack, but it has obviously been taken away by cannibals.
Another man with stubble, thick eyebrows and big eyes, a black jacket and a pair of canvas shoes, holding his right arm in his left hand, may have been injured when fighting with cannibals.
Ma Chao was not in the mood to accept her at this time, thanking him for pulling Long Xiaofei’s arm and saying, "Boss, are you okay?"
Long Xiaofei pointed to the left arm where the clothes were scratched, and there was a bloody inside. "It was scratched by a stone falling from a waterfall." Liu Qiang immediately brought a medical bag to bind Long Xiaofei and then bandaged a wound to save the man.
At this time, Li Ying’s face was still pale, and he kept panting in the boat for a long time before he slowed down and stared at Liu Qiang and said, "It’s good to hang on. Ma Chao, if you are late again, you won’t have a chance to listen to my teachings."
Liu smiled sloped. "You must have been scared to pee just now."
Ma Chao didn’t agree with Liu Qiang’s words. He picked his thumb at Li Ying. "The shadow has made a promise and didn’t embarrass our team just now."
The shadow is right, and the body is filled with circumstances. "That’s my shadow …" Then I suddenly thought of something and said in some dismay, "Mom seems to be dying if she doesn’t reduce it. People who eat human flesh prefer to be fat and like to eat lean meat dipped in meat oil. What kind of world is this?"
"Brother Long, how did you get caught by them?" Autumn with half a day didn’t say anything at the moment just fine voice asked 1.
"The shadow was washed here by the water just as soon as it landed, and it was discovered by those guys that the gun was captured alive without carrying it." Long Xiaofei dumped her head and turned to the lucky men and women. "You are …"
"We are a scientific research team. My name is Liu Yu, and his name is Xiang. At that time, we found a cave in the deep mountain and explored the cave. We came to the underground river here. Our oldest member was injured by a fall. At ordinary times, we all called him Big Brother. He was seriously injured and had to be treated. We saw that there was a fire here and people lived there, so we asked for help. I didn’t know that they were cannibals. But when he was injured and couldn’t run, let’s leave him alone. We didn’t escape long before we were caught back …" At
Liuyu thought of eldest brother’s tragic death, and her throat choked with tears in her eyes, but obviously the girl was strong and stubborn and forced her tears back forcefully.
They can see clearly the horrible roast Long Xiaofei and Ma Chao. They can’t help sighing. In their eyes, Qiu Tong holds out a soft hand and pulls Liuyu. "Sister, don’t be sad. It’s all over."
Although it’s a little inconvenient to take these two people, it’s better to throw them in this environment than in from ruin. They are all expedition captains. They don’t need Long Xiaofei to give too much attention. Long Xiaofei and Ma Chao discussed it and decided to take two people to continue to find the place where the river flows back. However, he and Liu Yu and Xiang made an agreement that they would ask about all the actions of the team and listen to the arrangement of the team. Liu Yu happily agreed to Xiang and nodded reluctantly, but Long Xiaofei saw a trace of unhappiness in his eyes.
Long Xiaofei and Ma Chao studied the azimuth instrument. According to the position pointed out by the instrument, they seem to have crossed the border. This road has been traveling through the darkness for a long time. It won’t be long before the ship will lose all its power and modern equipment and travel back to ancient times.
"The boss accidentally crossed the line and won’t be punished. If the river returns to the ground, won’t we step on foreign land? Also with a gun won’t cause any dispute, "d don’t worry.
Long Xiaofei is not sure. If we return at this time, we can avoid unnecessary trouble, but this is another half-way journey, which is almost a waste of effort.
"Didn’t I see this section of the river has been to? We have reached the stratum for hundreds of meters. Are there any national boundaries at this depth? " Liuyu lightly to 1.
Liu Yu’s words don’t make sense. Long Xiaofei looked at the locator, and it was already 260 meters underground. There will never be someone digging holes in other countries’ underground to catch him. Throw caution to the wind and chase the flying red moths.
At present, the river is running at this time, but it doesn’t mean to stop. Soon after, Long Xiaofei and they met a new problem. The river bifurcated and divided into two equally. The members of the team stopped and didn’t know which side to go.
Facing the hesitation of the team members, Liuyu calmly said, "Maybe we will meet again in the end. It’s okay which side to take at this time."
Didn’t Liu Yu’s words make Long Xiaofei frown? Didn’t he say that he occasionally found a cave to get here? But it seems that Liu Yu has done some research on this river, and this research is not a day or two.
I chose a river on the left side, where the river was slowly castrated, and along the river, I experienced three or four small waterfalls. Because of the previous experience and the small gap between these waterfalls, I passed smoothly. At this time, I don’t know what has been dark, and it is getting brighter and brighter with the deepening of the ship. Even the LED lights don’t have to be turned on, which makes everyone confused. It seems that they are close to the ground and will rush out of this river.
Chapter 1 Spirit Cave God Beast
It is speculated that this light turned out to be a dead end when it arrived. A huge stone wall stands in front of it because the surface of this huge stone is extremely flat and the river forms a natural barrier to block the ship’s way.
Although the ship is blocked, the river is still flowing from the stone wall. It seems that there must be a waterway in the stone wall, but this ship is not a submarine. How can it dive?
"Chief, look at that. It looks like a red moths." Ma Chao pointed to a protruding stone on the left side of the stone wall.
Sure enough, the stone stands with a winged face monster, such as a delicate beauty holding out her chest and standing on her chest. The waves are rough and bare, but for the fine light gray fluff, a pair of wings more than two meters high behind her and a long tail of meat swinging from side to side, people will be surprised to see a statue of goddess. The red moths look cold and arrogant and jokingly look at a group of people.
"I have another one over there!" Li Ying pointed to the right of the stone wall.