Two 100-degree sword lights are connected together, and the attack range covers 360 degrees around!
A series of metal fractures sounded sharply, and all the weapons in the hands of bandits and thieves broke!
Where the sword light passes, there is a shock wave blasting forward, and the shock wave is extremely sharp and striking!
All the bandits and thieves around were shot at the back by the firm but gentle, and the blood shot at the place where the firm but gentle hit went deep into the bone.
The thief who was hit by a firm but gentle sword died directly, and the thief who was not hit by a firm but gentle sword was also badly hurt, and it was difficult to survive after a long period of bleeding.
The bandits in the wall of Zhaimen were killed or hit hard by Han Chen and Chen Ziyi’s swordsmanship, except for those who escaped from the peak of the previous condensate gas environment, which made all the bandits in Zhaimen gasp in air.
These two young Luo Paidi are not only handsome in appearance, but also terrible in strength, and they are still so young that they must be the most outstanding external brothers of Luo Pai.
Even these outstanding brothers have come to eradicate Tianxiong Gang, saying that Tianxiong Gang has been stared at by Luo Pai and paid more attention to it.
Luo Pai is one of the seven schools in Xuanluo Prefecture. It is a monster, Tianxiong Gang. Even in its heyday, Luo Pai is very weak. An elite disciple of Luo Pai can destroy Tianxiong Gang!
At present, the strength of Tianxiong gang is greatly damaged, even the elite outside brothers are a great threat.
See two people teamed up with fencing, let alone a condensate gas peak. I’m afraid three or five condensate gas peaks are not rivals!
The Tianxiong gang has only three people left at the peak of condensate gas condition. Just now, they were injured. Facing Han Chen and Chen Ziyi, the situation is not good!
"Tianxiong gang bandits, you will die in the end!"
Han Chen drank a lot and Chen Ziyi both jumped from the city wall and entered the village.
Yun Fan, on the side of the mountain, notes that this battle armor has the aid of visual enhancement, and even Yun Fan can see it clearly from a long distance.
Yun Fan can see that Han Chen and Chen Ziyi’s swordsmanship cooperate with each other very tacitly by scanning the mecha’s eyesight to enhance the line of sight. Obviously, they have been practicing together for a long time, and their double swords are perfect.
Tianxiong gang bandits and thieves are no match for each other. Even if they join forces to besiege Han Chen and Chen Ziyi, they can attack and defend the double swords and win the battle.
Seeing that Han Chen and Chen Ziyi are so powerful, Yun Fan is not going to show up.
Yun Fan’s judgment is right. Han Chen and Chen Ziyi’s fencing converging attack is terrible. There is no dead angle in attack and defense. There are many bandits fighting in the village together, and there is a feeling of being a tiger in the flock.
Han Chen and Chen Ziyi’s swordsmanship came into full play, and the sword was full of light and firm but gentle waves swept ten feet in all directions. Bandits and thieves fell to the ground one after another, either dead or hit hard!
Even the bandits who stepped into the condensate gas environment are not Han Chen and Chen Ziyi’s sword enemies!
The genius brothers of the big sects and the small gangs help the bandits and thieves to cultivate the same realm, but the strength of practicing martial arts and achievement methods is very different, and the strength of the former is far superior.
Today, Yun Fan finally saw the terrible genius brothers of the big sects, Han Chen and Chen Ziyi, all of whom are the peak of condensate gas, and the weapons in their hands are far more powerful than those that Yun Fan once met Li Feiyang and Liao Qingyuan!
Seeing that Tianxiong gang bandits died one by one in Han Chen and Chen Ziyi Jian Yun Fan’s heart, it seems that there is no need to show up. It is enough to destroy Tianxiong gang with Han Chen and Chen Ziyi!
Yun Fan heart just rose this idea suddenly a powerful breath broke out!
Seeing the peak of a condensate gas environment, the bandits’ momentum is rising steadily, revealing that the breath instantly exceeds the condensate gas environment!
Han Chen and Chen Ziyi, who are reaping the lives of thieves from the Tianxiong gang, changed their faces and exclaimed at the same time, "Guiyuan fighters?"
The bandit thief with rising momentum laughed and shouted, "It’s good to always return to the Yuan territory to avoid Fuyuan and help kill old Dong Yinghao. He broke through the Yuan territory and didn’t dare to show it, so he wanted to be a little puss-head and live a safe life."
I didn’t expect Fuyuan gang not to hunt down our Tianxiong gang, but to kill your brother. Now that you are staring at it, you can’t stay here!
But before the old man can leave here, you two beautiful young village girls are tired of playing. Hey, hey … I haven’t played with a beautiful big brother like you yet. Today is just the day! "
Chen Ziyi angrily denounced "shame!"
Dong Yinghao has exposed that Xiu has decided to withdraw from here and flee incognito, so he is afraid of the nature of the Luo Sect and looks a little crazy.
He smiled, licked his lips and said, "Little girl, I’ll let you know what shame is. This little girl always enjoys it and continues to enjoy it for you!"
"Good …!"
"Oh, oh …!"
The bandits and thieves screamed with excitement!
They didn’t know that Dong Yinghao had broken through the territory of Guiyuan, but this doubt was something to be happy about. The fear caused by the death of his companion was immediately dispersed and his eyes were staring at Chen Ziyi.
Han Chen thundered, "Chen Shimei, let’s go out and go back to the sect and invite stronger experts!"
Dong Yinghao sneered and waved his hand and shouted, "Surround them to death and don’t let them escape. Let’s see how the old man kills the big brothers!"
Dong Yinghao’s breath has been very stable and surging, which is much stronger than condensate gas environment!
Dong Yinghao stepped out of the body and instantly drew more than ten feet. The fast phase is shocking for condensate fighters!
In the extremely fast movement, Dong Yinghao punched out a virtual explosion, and the powerful qi condensed into a huge fist and slammed away at Han Chen.
Whew! Whew!
Han Chen and Chen Ziyi simultaneously attacked the double swords and closed the wall, hitting the huge fist like a rainbow.
Bang! Bang!
Two explosive Han Chen, Chen Ziyi body a shock in the hands of a sword play fibrillation body immediately to the rear repeatedly recede.
Condensed gas practitioners condensed the true qi!
Guiyuan practitioners can gather the body qi in one click, which greatly improves the luck of the qi.
The strength of the two realms is huge, just like the difference between F-class mecha and E-class mecha!
Han Chen and Chen Ziyi are among the best in condensate gas field, especially it is easy to kill the peak of condensate gas field with double swords, but they are still very inferior in front of Dong Yinghao.
Mountain View Yun Fan stood up and went to Tianxiong to help the shanzhai. Han Chen and Chen Ziyi are not Dong Yinghao’s rivals. Yun Fan can go out in person!
If Han Chen and Chen Ziyi are the kind of people who look arrogant and despise him, Yun Fan will naturally not rescue Dong Yinghao until they die.
But judging from what Tianxiong said to him at the foot of the mountain, these two people have a good humanity. Anyway, they are going to save them naturally!
Chapter 42 One foot trampled to death and returned to Yuan Jing!
Dong Yinghao continued to make moves against Han Chen and Chen Ziyi.
He blew out the true qi with one punch and condensed it into a washbasin. It was amazing!
The "true qi" of the fighters in the condensed gas environment is in a physical state after being separated from the body, and it is in a physical state after being separated from the body!
Power cannot be mentioned in the same breath.
The light of two swords flashed like a rainbow, and they crossed and smashed the washbasin.
Feng Rui firm but gentle can break gold and iron, but can’t break the fist. Instead, it is scattered with a bang.