It seems that not all the supernumerary members are lucky to be alive this time.
Enter the auditorium
There is a fire in the auditorium.
The flame leaps in a brazier, and the light shines with a streamer’s face. The sponsor of this meeting smiles and bows gracefully with his hands on his chest.
"Welcome to see you again. I’m very happy."
Stand upright again and look around with a faint regret. "It seems that not all the members are alive. Ms. Black Rose, the self-restraint person and several other comrades have obviously left us forever."
"I propose that everyone observe a minute of silence."
No one objected, but the iron lion didn’t intend to observe a moment of silence. As soon as he inserted the rough kopis into the ground, he sat down with his back against the blade and looked at the time with his big face in one hand.
End of silence
The iron lion asked, "It’s not right to call us here to mourn for those unlucky people, is it?"
"Of course not"
The streamer smiles strongly, but it makes the atmosphere in the auditorium cold.
"I have received news that some of us are outsiders who don’t belong to the organization." "In short, someone has mixed in."
Tianyang eyelid jumped gently.
He didn’t turn his head, but he glanced at Kurome not far away.
A ghost mask shields the teenager from being discovered.
See Kurome or a face of confused cringe looked not guilty.
Tianyang hasn’t been in contact with her recently, and I don’t know if the night star has finished parasitizing.
It is not clear whether Kurome has leaked his situation to Liuguang.
But he has prepared for the worst.
Worst case scenario
Is to kill everyone in the auditorium
He had been equipped with enough leftovers before he came.
Wearing a "white bone crown", the right hand is "ice sorrow", the left hand is "painful hand" and wearing a "midnight cloak".
With so many relic, Tianyang believes that no one here can leave that auditorium if he want to.
Including the iron lion!
The iron lion immediately looked up at Chaoyang. "Oh, someone mixed in? That’s really interesting. You should be the easiest disguise among us. "
"Ghost face!"
"get that damn mask on your face!"
The sun did not move, but it stopped condensing the fog. When I raised my hand again, I already had a long and narrow combat knife.
The combat knives point to the iron lion boy and keep a’ ghost face’ silence. People can emit aura but it is very obvious.
Ask me for a knife before you take off your mask!’
The iron lion understood the subtext. He scratched his head without thick steel hair and got up, holding kopis’s long grip.
"Want to play a game? I will accompany you! "
"Wait a minute"
I don’t know when there will be a smile around the iron lion, but still gently press kopis’s long handle to stop the iron lion from moving around.
Iron lion squinting slightly "what do you mean, am I wrong? This spooky guy among us has always refused to show his true face. He is the most suspicious! "
Liuguang shook his head. "Whether it’s Mr. Ghost Face or not, even if it’s really him, I hope to give this outsider a chance to admit it."
"We don’t attach so much importance to membership. We attach importance to membership ability."
"it doesn’t matter if you really get involved. You come out and confess your purpose and swear that loyalty to the organization will let bygones be bygones."
The streamer stepped back two steps and said encouragingly, "Then please come out, Mr. or Ms. Outsider?"
He smiled and swept around, and the line of sight crossed the road.
Chi chi yi
A dark gray short blade was inserted into the streamer shoulder, and then the short blade became illusory and then disappeared.
There was a light ring in the crowd
They looked that the disappearing short blade fell to the ground, but a figure suddenly appeared around the streamer …
Chapter 65 Shadow ambition
There was a streamer with a man of medium height, ordinary appearance, wearing close-fitting light armor and unique tattoos on his arms and cheeks.
He holds a short blade in his hand. This weapon is now put aside. It seems that some force has caused a shallow mouth in the streamer neck.
The iron lion called out and pointed kopis at the tattooed man to "let him go"
Other shadow members also respond separately, but including Tianyang, they are alert and tend to defend themselves.
It can be seen that most people are not too concerned about life and death.
Liuguang also raised his hands to show the tattooed man that he had no desire to attack and said in a gentle tone, "Relax. I remember that you are Beihe, although I don’t know if it is your pseudonym or your real name."
"But if you are against so many of us, don’t you think it’s a better decision to let everyone talk about it?"
The tattooed man named Beihe drinks "Shut up, I don’t believe you"
"You are a group of demons. Everywhere you go, you will turn it into a battlefield purgatory!"
"My hometown was destroyed by you!"
Well, it seems that Tianyang, an avenger, analyzed it in his heart.
Liu Hehe laughed. "There must be some misunderstanding. I shouldn’t have ruined your hometown. I don’t remember doing anything like this."
"What’s the difference!"
Beihe sounded angry. "It’s all your shadow people! It’s a coincidence that your shadow also participated in the exploration of the secret land. "