But Wen Dunsi Zhong didn’t feel afraid. He looked at Yan Hongliang slowly and without fear.
"The old minister served the emperors and ministers of the four Dynasties and asked himself that he had made some contributions to the country. It’s not a vegetarian meal. In that case, even if he dies now, what is there to fear?"
Then he just lowered his head and closed his eyes and waited for Yan Hongliang to kill him.
Yan Hongliang didn’t expect this old thing to be so hard and courageous.
It’s not the kui is a veteran of the four dynasties who fought all the way with akuta …
Yan Hongliang is really helpless with him.
Kill, kill, fight, fight, smelly and hard old things. It’s the most embarrassing thing.
Silent for a long time Yan hong Liang angrily threw the knife in his hand.
Although the facts can’t help him, Yan Hongliang doesn’t want his ministers to think that he lost.
"Since ancient times, emperors have spent a day together, and then they can be orthodox. Today, there are Song and Xi in the south, Xia and Dong in Korea. Although the country is strong, it can be said that it is the overlord. Is it true that everyone in the day recognizes Daikin as orthodox?
It is not true orthodoxy if there is still a big country, Jin Guo. I am not a real emperor, and I have never read it. This truth may be understandable, but you can ask your son if it is like this! "
Wen Dunsi loyalty is a sneer.
"In those days, the old minister followed the emperor Mao to fight the roots of heaven, and even the people didn’t even have words. So he didn’t read and so he destroyed Liao and defeated Song. Now that the old minister is over 70 years old, he is busy and wet behind the ears. What is there to ask? "
This refers to cursing at mulberry trees!
Who are you cursing, old thing!
Yan hong Liang dengyuan’s eyes stared at Wen dun si zhong, gnashing his teeth and breathing heavily. all the ministers were worried that Yan hong Liang could not control himself and really killed Wen dun si zhong
This is a veteran of the four dynasties. You can’t kill him!
Chapter 259 Conscription of the Khitans
Yan Hongliang stands with a knife and looks fierce. If there is a disagreement, he will wield a knife to kill people.
The ministers were so frightened that they dared not take a bite and watched the situation in great panic.
However, Wen Dunsi Zhong, the center of the storm, was not affected at all. He closed his eyes and looked calm in front of him, as if waiting for the fate judgment.
After all, Yan Hongliang had no choice but to take the elder Wen Dunsi Zhong.
Can it really be killed in class?
Then he, the emperor, really shouldn’t do it
So he left angrily, and it is said that he killed two waiters who had been waiting on him for a long time that night.
It seems that it is really angry.
Although Wendun Sizhong’s face is hard, he is just a veteran of the four dynasties, and his ministers will not admit that they can have the same treatment as Wendun Sizhong.
If you really want to learn, Tian is a corpse.
Faced with the death warrant of Yan Hongliang, they dare not refute the command that still pushes Yan Hongliang.
First, mobilize the military forces from all walks of life in northern Hebei to gather in the middle, while the military forces are ready to mobilize and wait for further orders.
The second requirement is that the military forces on Hedong North Road and Hedong South Road should be careful to prevent the Guangfu Army from attacking the west, and they are not allowed to attack and defend themselves until they are ordered.
Third, make great efforts to build weapons, raw materials for warships, and craftsmen work hard in Zhongdu to save enough ordnance materials.
The fourth-phase builders need to bypass Hebei and go to Kaifeng to help Kong Yanzhou, who is left behind in Nanjing, build Kaifeng Palace.
Because Kong Yanzhou, who stayed in Nanjing, told Wan Yanliang that he supported Wan Yanliang’s southern expedition to the Song Dynasty, Wan Yanliang gave Kong Yanzhou a lot of things with great joy.
And make Kong Yanzhou mobilize and lead the whole Nanjing Road, Meng ‘an, and seek the military forces to sign a contract, so as to ensure that Nanjing Road does not lose.
Kong Yanzhou, a Han Chinese, had a disgraceful experience as a rebel in the Southern Song Dynasty. This command aroused the opposition of many jurchen courtiers.
However, Yan Hong insisted on giving this power to Kong Yanzhou and reprimanded the ministers for not knowing what kind of person Kong Yanzhou was, but he knew Kong Yanzhou best.
No one knows Kong Yanzhou better than me!
Kong Yanzhou was very moved to learn about this matter and decided to do his best to repay Yan Hong Liangxin.
He stayed in Nanjing as a mobilization order and then prepared to win a beautiful victory in response to Yan Hong Liangxin.
Cao Zhou and Danzhou, which were under the jurisdiction of Nanjing Road, were taken away from the logistics channel guarantee by the Guangfu Army during the Western Expedition. At that time, Kong Yanzhou didn’t even know about this matter, and he always wanted to take back these two places after he knew it.
Before the lack of troops and the dispatch of military forces, he was not convenient to fight without the order of the Privy Council
Now that he has everything, it’s really sorry that Yan Yanliang trusted him so much without winning a battle.
So Kong Yanzhou made great efforts to prepare for a counterattack against Cao Zhou and Shanzhou and stabbed the Guangfu Army to see what they could do.
He found out through intelligence that the Guangfu Army had besieged Nanle County for almost three months before finally breaking through. He believed that the Guangfu Army was not strong, and he was sure that he could compete with the Guangfu Army.
This can also curb the footsteps of the Guangfu army to the north and relieve the pressure on Wan Yanliang, right?
In the Southern Song Dynasty …
He sent a lot of spies to the Southern Song Dynasty to find out information. According to the poor secrecy ability of the Southern Song Dynasty, if it is possible to be north, he will certainly know it soon.
At present, there is no sign of trouble, and it is almost known that the Southern Song Dynasty has no plans to go north in the short term
In this way, he can safely deploy troops to attack Cao Zhou and Danzhou, which threatens to force the Guangfu Army to stop the North Road to relieve the pressure on Yan Yanliang.
Kong Yanzhou is ready to go out.
After entering the new year, the whole Central Plains is in a turbulent situation, and the whole situation is developing in an uncontrollable direction.
However, the only person who has the opportunity to control the situation during this period is Yan Hongliang. Subjectively, he doesn’t want to make the situation more eroded, but what he has objectively caused this result.
For example, he ordered two months to complete the mobilization and four months to realize the great army south.
However, the Privy Council said that it was difficult to complete the mobilization in two months. In some remote areas, it took more than two months to complete the mobilization in six months according to Wan Yanliang’s request.
Yan Hongliang was very angry and dissatisfied with this, and attracted the servants of Shi Lieliang to scatter and suddenly scold them.
I dare not say anything about the scattered servants, but I am very strong.
He said that if he can’t do it, he can’t do it. Some things are not done by Yan Hongliang. If he must achieve this goal, he should simply dismiss him and choose another talent station to do it.
Yan Hongliang was so angry that he couldn’t find a reason to blame him. He also knew that some things could not be solved by insisting blindly, and that being forced too hard would have the opposite effect, so he could sulk for the time being.
But in anger, he thought of a solution to the problem.
Conscription of the Khitans
If the jurchen is not enough or the distance is too far, then the Khitans will take the place of recruiting the Khitans in front of the mountains and behind the mountains to join the army. One jurchen will be treated, and none of the able-bodied men will be left with the army to fight!
When the news came out, there was a lot of discussion in the civil and military circles of the Manchu Dynasty, especially those Qidan officials with strange expressions.
But the biggest reaction was Wen Dunsi Zhong, who came to see Wan Yanliang on crutches in person, intending to dissuade him from fooling around.
"I hope you don’t try your best to find a strong man. If the strong man department is transferred away, what should you do in case of thieves and small-scale rebellion?"
"The Khitan ministries can’t be deployed, especially the ministries behind the mountain are close to the grassland and the Mongolian ministries. Once they are deployed too much, they will inevitably make their forces fight against the grassland cavalry, which will make panic not conducive to the stability of the Khitan ministries!"
Yan Hongliang was very dissatisfied with Wen Dunsi’s rapid-fire accountability.
"You worry too much. I’ve gathered in the great army with great power, and I dare not mess with the Khitans. They have already given them ten courage and dare not rebel!"
Wen Dunsi Zhong is very unhappy about this kind of confidence.